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"THE WORLD FOR 1877. Thk Nkw Vork World for 1877, Daily, SemiWeekly, and Weekly, will be found tobethu cheapeat and best newspaper publ inhed in the TJuited States, It will fou printed iu au improved fortu with ncwtyiie upon tho best paper, and no exIonsp or lalior will ]v. -.jarwl to maiutain it in every department at the highest posible standard, imd to commond it in all respecta to the coufidenee and approval nf the tcsi classes in thecomniunity without regard to politica! opinión or religión s (litH'lirllCOS. It will lny befOM Itfl readers: THE NKW8 Oï the Dai of all kinds and from all quarters, bv mal] and tclcfíraph, oarefully condeas ed Eind lucfdly itmnged, special attentiou being fflvedtoaU Coonuerew. Legal, Financial, Social, Ortailnal and [Vlitical Trausactions in the City of New York and in the United Staten. li ij. EtHPOKTS, Reeitlñg and Illustratinir all Congre9l9Da] and LcKislativoproceedingsat Washington a ad Albany; uil meetings of importance Beligious, Uterary, KdueatiouaL Scientific and Politica] ; all social evento, gay and grave, and Personal Information of interest to the public. COBBHSPONDBNCJC, exprEssly prepared for this journal by an accomplished staíf of resident writers at all centros of interest throughout the world. Litkkary Nkws and Rkvikws, by whirh our readers wül be kept advised ol everything worthy of attentiOD in the current Litcrature of Europe and América. ('kitkisms of all notable works and notícea of all notablu eventi in conuection with Music, the Drama, Puinting, Sculpture and all other branches Of Art. Editorial Authlks upon every subject of pres ent iutorestor Impórtenos. For ihc principia by which Thk Woklu will be governed in Lts diaouMtoa and treatment of all public quettiont, it will suttice to say that Thk woui.i), frhlle couervative in politie, decires the coiiuiirvatiuu of only what is good and wie in our jiulilic in.stiLutionsaud our political systera ; liberal in spirit, itadmits no liinitatioua upon the righUoi' private jndiiinont and the aspirations of Reform, save which are imposcd by piudence, decorum and a national respect for vested rights and tor the honest opinions of all classes and secta of men. While it ha labored for the principien and hails the triumphsof the Democratie party as af ford Ing us a practical promise of Reform ín ou puMie iidniinistratious, city, state and national, Í will aot be blindly devoted to any party or clique It will freely canvas the public conduct, while i will treal with respect, the private righta of publi men, and it will examine fearlesaly into the work inga of our national, state aud municipal govern ui mts. It will incúlcale a steadfast reliance upon th nlgUial principies of our politial system an the on ly sound basis of all ueeded iuiprovemcnts therein an unfaKering devotiou to the Constitution an the Union, a acrupulous fidelity to the spirit as wel as theietter of our laws, and a slccpless vigilance il Miüintjiining all the great safeguards of Civil an BbltgiouB Liberty. -It will seek to mitígate and no to aggravate tli btüb inseparable from Party Gov cnnmiit in a Free ('ountry ; to promotc good an not ill-fccling among our fellow citizens of al creed and colors, all ections ;ind all sects ; and to bott) ly its precepts and by its example th reign t" reasen and iaw over prejudice and pMakn in all our pulttic actions and in the discussiou o our public affaire. It will dujtjsiiri' always to the best of its abftity to all raeD and Ut all classes of uien ; it will reeog nizt' no ttDODÜea but the enemiea of good moráis publlo taêQt and the Iaw. U will endeavor, Ín i wnril, to mafce its cnlumusa terror to evil-doer aiul a pmise to thcin that do well. Nor will it Ios4' si'Iit meanwhile of the ercat an( legitímate demand of the reading public for enter taiMinent. Thk World will keep its readers in lorfised of all thut is niomentoiiR in the moveiuent of society, and will spare neither trouble nor ex jim.-m1 to provide thein with a varii'd, animat-ed ;nn accurate picture of the times in which we live. TKUMS-l'()STA(iK I'HEPAID. Daily and Sundays, oneyear, 99 50; six months 8-5; thieemontiiia 50, Daily without 8undays, one year, 8 ; six months $4 26; thri'o months, si 2-5; less than tnree months -?1 a inniiiii. Thk Kkmi-Wkkkly World (Tuesdays and Fri days) - Two dollars a year. To ('lub Agenta - Au extra copy for club of ten ; the Daily for club o tweuty-tive. Thk WokLD (Wedueadays) One Dollar a yoar To Club Agent - An extra copy for club of tn ; th Stiiii-wet'kly for club of twenty ; the Daily fo club of fifty. Specimen number sent on application. T(;rms - (jash, iuvariably in ad vanee. All Communications should be addressed to THE WORLD, Corner Iark Row and Beekman street, New York theTsün. 1S77. NEW VORK. 1877 The different editionn of the mis during' the nex year will be the name aa during the year that hu juöt patiaod. The daily edition will on wnok day be ft tiheet f four pages, and on HunJays be heet of ei i;ht pages, or 6 broad columns; while tbe weekly edition will be a sheet of eight pages o the ame dimensión and character that are airea dy familiar to our friendo. The Sun will continue to be the strenuous advo cate of reform and retrenchment, and of the sub stitutionol' slatesinanship, wisdom aud integrit or hollow pretense, imbecihty, and fraud in th adrainistraiion of public affaire. It wül conten for the governnient of the people hy the peopl and lor the peopl, as oppoed to governnient oy fraudfl Ín the ballot-box and in the counting o votes, enforced by military violence. It will en deavor to aupply its readers - a body not far from ainillionol wouls- with the most careful, complete and trustworthy accounts of current events and will employ for this purpose a numeroua and carefully selected statf of reporters and correspondente. Xtt reporta from Washington, especiaily, will be full, accurate, and fearless ; and it will doubt lens continue to deserveand enjoy the hatred of thosu who thrive by plundering the treasury or by usurping what the Iaw doe not give them, while it will endeavor to merit the contidence of the; public by deiending the rights of the people against the encroachments of uojustiöed power. Tbe prine of the daily Sun wili be 55 cents a month or Stí.óO a year, post pttid, or with the Suuduy edition $77O a year. The Sunday editiou ulone, eiehtpagCH, $1-20 a year, poet paid. The Wkekly Sun. eight page of 66 broad coluIiuds, will be lurnished during the year 1877 at the rate oí % 1 a year, post paid. The benefit ol this larffe reduction from the previouj? rato tor the Wekkly can be enjoyed by individual subscribers without the necessity of makïnupclubs At the same time if any of our frieiicU df.-iiri' to aid in extendinj our oirculation, we ahull be gratef ui to t licin, and eyery such person wlni send us ten or more subneribera from one place will be cntitled to one copy of our r for himsrlt without charge. At one dollar a year, postag-epaid, the expenses of paper and printinj are barely prepaid; and, considering the size o tbe shet and the quality of its contentn, we ar contident the people will conslder the Wïkkly Hun the cheapest newspaper published in th World, and we trust also one of the very beat. Addxves, THE SUN, New York City, Y. TÏÏE OLD RELIABLE Fire Insurance A-O-. OF C. H. IYIILLEN. HOME OF NEW YORK, Capitel imd Surplus, $ti,000,000. CONTINENTAL OF N. Y., Capital and Surplus, $3,000,000. NIA.CÁ.TLÁ. OF IT. Y., Cash Assets, $1,500,000. GIRARD OF Phil adclphia., Cash Assets, OniENT of Hartford Cash Assels, $800,000. Policies Í8sued at as low rateB as in any respousible Corupany. C. H. 31ILLEN, No. 4 Sonth Mam Street, Ann Arbor. THE ENËmVÓF dTSEASE ! THE FOE OF PAIN TO MAN AND BEAST. Is tbe Grand Old MUSTANG LINIMENT Which hue stond the test of forty yean. There ia no Sore it will not heal, no Lamunees it will not cure, no Ache, no Pain that atüiott the Iuman lïody, or the Body of a Horse or other doi.--: ] animal, that does not yield to its magie touch. A bottle üostinff 2öc.t 50c, or $1.00, haa ot en mived thu lifn of u human Ikmiijj , and reatorfei 0 life and usefulnest ma&y u valuahlti bon. IF YOU WANT A GOOD OVERCOAT AND WANT TO BUY IT CHEAP, ÜO TO WM. WAGMR'S For He is Selling Overcoats at Cosí. IP YOUR BOY WANTS A BOX OF C3LIAHS 8END IIIM TO WM. WAGNER'S FOR THKRE HK CAN UET THE BEST l'OR THE LKA8T MONEY. IP YOU WANT AGOODSUTT MADE TO ORDEK, go to WM. WAGNER'S 1 South Main 8t. Ann Arbor. A DOLLAR SAVED IS A DOLLAK EARNED ! o NEW GOODS! And prices I.OWER THAN EVKK. I lmve piirchased in New York, for ensh, and I m now diiily receivins one ofthe lurgost nd most uclect stocks uf Groceriu in Washleuaw County, cousisting oí a full and well selected LINE OF TEAS, All of the new erop - including Guupowdcn, Iinporiuls. Vounir 11 - SO11K, Ilj-SOIIM, Jll])UUH, Oi.loii-s, ('or masan, Cong-ou, honN, aul Twankayi, Together with a full line ofCOFFF.ES, coneietidï of th foUoiving hr.tiKia: MOCHA, OLD QOV'T JAVA, MAKACAIUO. LAGUAYKE.SANTOS nd RIO, both ronsted nnd ground ; a full anti well elected tock of SUCARS, SYRUPS AND MOLASSES, Topether with everything in the line cf Pure SpiOM,Cnnad firuits, and Vegetables. We have a full aud complete Uno uf BOOTS & SHOES, HATS, CAPS, GLOVES And Hoaiery. Alao. choice nssortment of T,dieV audOentlemon's (Jndi-rwcnr ('iill nnd examine Ooods and l'iiuea iind we will insure .satüfactluu. EDWARD DUFFY. Maynard'a Block," cor.Mnin flnd Ann streeta Ann Arbor, Mich. K?"HigheBt cutth pric puit] for uil faviu produce, a RAILROADS. HlCHItJAiN CENTRAL RAU& NÖV. 0, 1876. OOIHO WIBT. ==========s ' . a f?; s BTAT1OH8. 3 lêièffli I. t. A.M r u Detroit, leave, 7 00 9 10 4 m ."■i G.T.Junction, 1 T 15; 9 25 4 ÍV J 0 . Wiiyns JuucliüU 7 4j 9 50 1 i :-"] Ypsilunti, 8 15 10 17 SM!?f"t Aon Albor, 8 35 10 34 f, 12 1 " II 1 Delhi, 8 50' ' est 8MHE Dexter, 00 I 6 Sí i "7- ! ühelnea, 9 18, ' 5r 5 S2 -- OUh, 9 47 ?! {SJaokson.Lv., 10 20 12 00, 8 00 o , ui Albion, 1104 12 45 ,: ",'.1( Marshall, 11 0. 1 80 „ ' 1 V.K. 1 m! i Battle Creek, fií 20 1 57 ?■? „ , üalesburg, 12 S5 1 j A. X "■ Kalamazoo, 1 15' 2 38 4 oó ;' Lawton, 166 441 ,!?! Dccatut, 2 15 & 00 iSDowaKiac, 2 41 i 5 26 Í " - Kiles, 3 II 4 07 6 in i?-. Uuchanan, 3 25 6 26 Í, Three Oaks i 3 56 4 43 : 04 7 - New Buffalo, : 4 13 H 56 r 31 ?'"; Michigan City, 4 (o ,1 Su ; n I . lLake, 5 23 5 59 8 35 ZU Kennington, 6 20: 6 40j 9 40 ! S II Chicago, arrive, 7 06' T 2510 asl ■ ■ ■ . - , H. li, OOIMO KAST. - a.m. !a. h.Ip. m.I Í7T'Chicago, leave, 6 00 8 301 S 50' ■ s ii ' " Kensington, I 6 45 9 12 4 35Í ï]'9 Lake. B 40' 9 54 5 S3 5US Michijrnn City, 7 32 10 40 6 'J5 New Buffalo, ; 05 11 uo u ji J" ï Three Oaka, . 8 09 11 13 7 Osj 811l: Buchanan, ! 8 4l' '' 7 50 - Nilen, 9 01 H 55 8 201 TïïrDowagiac, '927' 848 ._il Decatur, 9 52 1 9 15 ; Í Lawton, 10 10 p. m. 9 J5' ! '' Kulamazoo, 1(150 1 1510 10; in T" (ialeaburf?, 11 12 I . rj t Battle Creek, 11 47' 1 7 ..g h 1, Z p.K. ;S Ki - Marshall, 12 45 2 40 i? HmT Albion, ! 1 lo : ijl' ; j Jackson, Lv., 2 15 S 45 7 2 íi ,, örae Lake, 2 45' 7 53 Cbelse.i, 3 10; ' ' 8 20 -1_ Dexter, 3 25 : 8 37 .',', Delhi, 337: 1 ,8 50 ' Alm Arbor, 3 52 4 561 8 (l{ Ypnilanti. ' 4 1Í 5 10' 9 2; Wayne June, ' 4 43 5 29 ! 1( mi G.T. June, I 5 80 6 OOI 11) 4S Detroit, Ar., I 5 46 6 15 11 m S 5 i Sundays exoepted. ISaturday and SuniUt,, oepted. tDaily. H.B. LEDYABD,Oen'18upt.,Detrtt j H. C. Westworth. (jen. Pana. Agt., Chioj. Corner Main and HuronStoj, DETROIT, HILLSUALE&ÏM]. ANA EAILROAD To take effect December 31st, 1876. aomo mi. uoisoun. BTATIONB. Fr'ght. Maii. btationb. Mail (a A. M. P. M. Ypsilantl.... 7:00 6:00 . M. "line 7:67 6:3t Bankers M X, BndKewater.. 8:30 6:65 Hillsdale 61 ."' Manchester. 9:10 7:18 Manchesicr Hiltadale 12:35 9:17 fialine jSS Bankera 12:55 9:30 Ypsïlanti.... Wtí Traína run by Chicago time. To take efieot , Dec. 31, 1876. W. F. PARKER, Snp't, YpniteL Sewing Machines TUS SZ1TGEH, 1TE"W DOMESTIC, And th.e HOWE, And severa! good Second-Hand Macliines si tbi : 8EWIMG MACHINE OFFICE, Ai.u .1. Needies for all Macliiiii1 The rory best tliat are made, snd kttaebn parts tor nearly all inmliiu.s. S1NGER Iffll Kspaired better therc than anvwhere elsf ii ; America. If your machine don't'wurk vt, ini' ; t for onv that does, or have il repaireii. All a1 I chines sold on easy payments at the office. Second door east of l'osl Office, An Arbor, llich. il55i I 1, L. (HI.M:M., Atfrnl. ETIST A [ INSURANCE CÜMPAM. Capital, - - $3.000,OW Assets Jan 1, 1870, $6,792,649.98. Loases Paid in 55 Years, $44,760,391.71. Surplus over all Liabilities, incladins Ke-Insuranco Reserve, $4,735,092.86Not Surplus over Liabilities, inclndi? Ke-Insurance and Capital Stook, $1,735,092.86. C. MACK, Agent, Ann Art "-1E0RGE W. CEOPSEY, Late of the firmof Clark A Cropseï, v& h Kkaksky, late of Texas, under the firmo'111 KEAKNEY & CROPSEÏ Have established themstlves at No. 33 ' Jliiln St., A nn Arbor, aud propose I " general Crocery Business Thcy will also keep CROCKERY, GLAS ! f WoiiDKN WARK, andafull line of DOMM'; and FOREIGN FKUITS. They have i "' fitrnlahed A First-class Eating Dep"' ment, Where Mels can be had at all hour, or W" the week. Canta pulA tor Hutu-r. EgT8, ,ndH,i!! Country produce. Uoods pronipt'y .f ered iu any part of the city. Reinember mP' 33 South Main Street. KEARJfEV &CBOPSEÏ; Ann Albor, April 26, 1876. TREES! TREES!1 FRUIT AND OKNAMENTAl' R. O. SMITH, t his Nursery. Westtj ai reet, is redy to tiike and 1111 orders for f"111 ornamental trees, incluüing V i]lcs, Pears, Peaciies l'liiiiis, ('hcrrii's. , Quinces, Eyergreeun, Horsc ChestuuWt KUniaruock Wlllows, (jrapes, Suiall Fiuits, Roses, ft Oruameiital Shrrib"fci-Uuy of resident dealers, and don'tb1' es fcd hy unknown Uuvelinff agente. Hrice to Mlit the Time. B. U. SMIT"; Ann Arbor, Deo. 20, 1876. lilj SEND 25c. toö.P, ROWBLL CO., Ne '„i for painphlet of loo page, oontamiog ' ((. 3KX) newspapem, ad tuuteii ibowioK ■' vtjrtimng.


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