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Metal Productions Of The West

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Nevada, the silver State, is pouring out daily $125,000 in silver, $75,000 in gold, $8,000 in lead, and $2,000 in other metáis, makii'ga vield of $210,000 daily, or 03,000,000 per anmira. California is producing daily about $40,000 in gold, $10,C0O insilver, $6.000 in quicksilver, $5,000 in lead and copper, $7,000 in coal, and fully $5,000 in iron, antimouy, zinc and other minerols. lts total yield is thereiore $75,000, corresponding to an annnal product f rom its mines of $23,500,000. Colorado is prodncing $15,000 in uilver every twenly-four hours, $10,000 in gold, and $4,000 in other tninerals, or $26,000 daily, eqnal to $7,000,000 yearly. Utah is creditedvith a daily out put of $12,000 ia silver, $9,000 in lead and $2,000 in other minerals ; $23,000 per day, or $7,900,000. ïdaho. Montana, Oregon, and New Mexico together are turning out oach day $20,000 in gold, $17,000 in silver, and $1,500 in base metal, giving a total of $38,000 eaeh day, or $1 1,550,000 annually. Hbnby G. Shaw ("Josli Billings") said to a St. Louis reporter that Le had been told by Ossiau E. Do.?ge of a fact in Artemus Ward's caieer in contradiction of tho acorpted liistory of that humorist. Mr. Dodge was travling in the Western States with a show, consistiug o!' a mueioal machine and voonlism. He mot youug Browne, likod his wit and sprightliueas, and empioyed him as au ! agent. While thus engaged Itrowne j wrotü tho quaint letters about tho "enuis j and wax figgors " that iniroduceJ him to I the public as "Arttmus JCard, moril showman." Thebe aro 1,622 newspaperd nd periodical pubücatioua ju the Geraian j empire. '


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