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The Final Count

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There is great anxüsty to kcCr views of Vico President Ferry upo. "' electoral qnostion, ana particnL learn, if possible, the plan which h ■ deeided "to adopt iu the conntinco electoral vote. Ferry, owingto.'" culinr position, cannot permit aa thoritative statement to he maje L? is confidently believed by thoi v have excellent opportuuities for U, ing. thnt he has adopted one of ttffollowing plans: First, he -vfíU eí-Lconnt all the votes, opening only Z f rom the four contested States whWi considera to bo the rightt'nl ones will announce the. result to the L convention, with the statement tWtu is h8 judgment as to the proper cos but that if the two homes Kmcni arrive at a different conchraon hú obey any instructions which ttei convention, acting cononrrenlly, ; give hiin. Second, he will count at firstotit-, votes from States as to whioh thenir dispute, and will then present the tV-cate sets of reiurns from eachol'' four contcsted StateB to the cicij. vntion , with the annoancementúts to them he awaits some mstractiotlr the two houses, acting cononnentlj cannot bo stated with equilfij ness what his action wonld be L the two houeies not agree npoosc. specific instruction as to the diipai votos. There is good reason, ho?R to believe that, in the event of feit houses declining to give Hm the ■ current instruction he desires, her then consider himself nnder the o:k tution required to declare the rtali cording to his best judgment In e case there oonld be iittledonbttki would count the returns from fe i puted States which the Repnblioa i present consider the orly legal om But of one thing there can be I doubt, namely, that, as to with tho questions connected with s four States in dispute, Mr. Feír first ask a concurrent instruction :; the two houfles. These conclusión:: eeed upon the assnmption tkstprkn the 1-lth of February the two houw! not agree upon such nile or special structions as Mr. Ferry now CM platea asking. Should such au f - ment between the two hoiises be M before that time, the countiag Mii iaration of the vote wouid beet!:?.; ministeriaL Yes, if you would be polite, yen I have to lift your hat to a lady na I same, though old zero gets undeit makes a skating rink of your glan I hair-ekirted pato.


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