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Texan Frontier Life

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Six men start to go from Fort Griffla to San Antonio. Two of them own the wagon. The other fonr are passengers. A day's journey trom Fort Concho the party encamp. Two of the pnssengers persuade the owners of the team to go out' huuting with them, and they go, leaving the other two men in charge of the camp. The two passengers who went hunting come back without the owners of the wagon, and teil the campwatchers that they have killed the owners in order to have the wagon to themsoïves. The two innocent men take their choice of being killed on the spot or keeping quiet and sharing the proceeds. They acquiesce in the latter alternative, and the four drive on to Concho. Here one of the innocent men interviews the Sheriff, and the two murderers, snufflng danger in the air, hastily gear up and rapidly drive off. The Sheriff sxunmoiis a posse and foilows in pursuit. The Sheriif's force overtakes the wagon at Kickapoo Springs, and captures one of the two murderers before he can use his arms. The other runs to a thicket of hackberry bushes, where he lies down flat on the ground and opeus fire upon the Sheriff and his posse. The Sheriff and his men fire upon the hackberry grove from the open prairie, and flght the ruinan in this way from 10 in the morning until 3 ia the afternoon. One of the Shoriff's party is shot, and he wildly turns upon the prisoner, shoots and kills him in his tracks, and then lies down and dies. The man in the hackberry grove finally ceass firing, and then tne Sheriff and several wonnded men move upon the thicket. They tind the murderer pierced by several balls, and dead.


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