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Rumored Massacre Of A Russian Army

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The Russiar. forces occupying the regious reoently conquered in Central Asia are so remote from bases of supplies and reiuforcements that they must be in constant danger from natives. Their position is not unlike that of the soldiers stationed in Sitting Bixll's countrv, exposed to surprise and mapsacre whenever the aborigines may gather a superior f orce. The fact lends plausibüity to the report which comes from Constantinople to the effect that a large Russian army in Turkestan had suffered the fatc of Custer, being overpowered and exterminated in an uprising of the natives. The latter, like our Hioux, are bom warriors, and hate the invaders of their country with immeasuiable intensity. But if the story is confirmed, the victoricms natives will not long enjoy their victory in peaee. Russia never relinquishes conquered territory, and rueans will be speedily found to regain the lost ground and inflict terrible punÍ8hment upon the rebels.


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