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favor investigation into the Umversity affairs by a oommittee of the Legislature. _______ Geokge Bliss, soinetimes known as " Deooy Bliss," steps down and out, and Gen. Stewart L. Woodford suoceeds him as district attorney at New York. The first bilí of the session paued both the Senate and House on Friday last : a bilí makiiig a special appropriation (120,0000 for heating apparatus) for the State House of Correotion at Ionia. SOME wag of a Washington newigatherer starts the story that Ferry (our Ferry) propoees to resign as President pro tempore of the Senate, provided the two Houses do not agree upon gome plan of oonnting the electoral votes. Ferry is no suoh man, and that is not what he has been re-eleoted for. Ne-ws from "Washington yesterday claimed that the joint oomniittee on the eleotoral count, Senator Morton alone excopting, have agreed upon a plan, whioh provides a board of reference to oonsist of five Senators, five members of the House, and üve Associato Justices of the Supreme Court. Petitions are pouring into the Legislature asking a restoration of the County Superintendenoy system, the change to Township Superintendents having been proved detrimental to school interest as well as a oostly experiment. The Argus predioted as much two years ago. Hon. N. A. Hamilton, of Berrien, has been elected Speaker pro tem. of the House. The Speaker pro tem. of the Senate is to be elected to-day. Senator Ailikir, of Wayne is anaounoed as the Democratie candidato. Several Republioan Senators have ambition for the honor, but Senator Nelson is the ooming man. In the Legislature on Tuesday the Senate and House voted for United States Senator separately, pursuant to the requirements of law, as follows : Senate : For Thomas W. Ferry, 23 ; for Chas. S. May, 9. House : For Ferry, 71 ; for May, 23 ; absentees, 6. In joint oonvention, held at noon on Wednesday, the two houso8 having agreed in their nomination, Senator Ferry was declared elected for a term of sis years from the 4th of Maroh next. That was a pretty little scheme of Pólice Commissioner Murtagb, of Washington, to ruin Oongressman Whitthorne and save Secretary Robeson. The inatructions were to " uhadow" the Congressman, track him into a house of ill-fttme if possible, and if not a willing visitor, to entice him in under some pretext, have bim arrested, and then public exposure made in Murtagh's journal, - the National Republican. Safe robberies, oonspiraoies, and crimes of all kinds are resorted to to cover up the peoulations and villainy of cabinet officers The Republican journals of the State are in oonsiderable of a worry because the Democratie minority in the Legislature saw fit to nomínate and vote for Hon. Chas. S. May for Senator, instead of Mr. Lathrop, Mr. Webber, or some other old Democratie " wheel horse." They imagine that if there had been any hope of an election Mr. May would not have won the honor of oandidacy so easily. These Republicans have more impertinence than is necessary, it being absolutely none of their business, they having neither the right to díctate to the Demócrata nor question their motives. We incline to the opinión that regular weekly adjournments of the Legislature from Friday to Monday evening or Tuesday morning will not promete either economical or intelligent legislation. Committees will do very little (if any) work during thuse short recesses, and mombers generally will losti track of pending mensures. The legislation of the last and the first of each week will be done after the oarpetbaggers have made haste to depart homeward (with their soiled linen), or bofore their return, and with bare quorums present in either House. Continuous, systematio, conscientious work will both secure better results and lessen the expenses of the Bession. The oeficial report of Col. Henry I. Hunt, U. S. Army, who was in oommand of the troops at Charleston, S. C. at the time of the recent election, olearly proves two things. 1. That peace and quiot prevailed on the day of election at the several polls where hia detachments were stationed, and that there wero no indications of intimidation exoept of negros who TOted the Democratie ticket. 2. That he (Col Hunt) was relieved of his oommand becanse he would not play into the hands of Gov. Chainberlain and the Mayor of Charleston, after the election, and aid in creating a disturbance for the purpose of making oapital against the Demócrata. It was found that Hunt would not do to rely upon to aid iu organizing the Legislature. A CONTRACT BROKER : that is what Orvillo L. Grant, Presidential brother has been, not alone in post-traderships Vmt in governmont buildings. This he now openly and shamelessly confesses, by bringing suit for his oommission against one P. W. Schneider, of 8t. Louis, for whom he obtained a contract to furnish granito for the St. Louis custom house. $5,000 a year (nominal salary as superintendent) and " 10 per cent of the profits on this and other contracts plaintiff might be instrumental in procuring." That was the stipulated price of Orville's inñuence with the powers that be, an innuence which depended solely on his relation to and indorseruent by the President. Vorily, Presidential brothers and brothers-inlaw, and cousins (to an indefinito degree) are a great institutiou. I ' Thk Híñate (IL S.) wrestled on Monday with a new rule regulating absenteeism. Coinpulsory atteudanoe, iu case of no quorum, was proposed, also "a oonstitutional aaiendment to allow thu States to appoiut substituto Senators to sel ve during the absence of regular Senators and draw the pay." Better a oonstitutional amendment stopping the pay of absentees for any other cause than sickaess, certified or sworn to, and also vacating the office in case of continued absence for any other cause than sickness. No man has a moral right, and ought not longer have a legal right, to accept a seat in either the Senate or House unless he proposeB to give, and honestly does give, his attention and time to the discharge of the duties imposed upon him. We don't care wheth er his name be Barnum or Sharon, or what State he hails from. An amendment requiring a majority vote of all the members eleot to pass any bill, and and a record of the vote on each evry bill by yeas and nays, would go a long way toward curing absenteeism, aud would also iinprove legislation. Under the prevent system numsrous bilis are passed at each session of Congress whioh oould not get through either Heuse if the yens and nays wero required. At the 8E83I0N of 1873 an act was passed by the Legislature (No. 27) which provided "That all official bonds of county officers which are now required by law to be approved by the judge of the cirouit court, shall hereafter be approved by the board of supervisors of the county in which said officers are eleoted." The Auditor General of the State has construed this act as regulating the bonds of the register in chancery, whose bond sec 5041 of the compiled laws requires to be approved by the cirouit judge and deposited in the Auditor's office. Now we tane it that the register in chancery is not a county offioer either within the meaning of the statute of 1873, or in any other sense, He is an independent officer of the oourt, and the merefact that the county clerk is ex offisio register in chanoery can no more inake the register a county officer than if the office was held by a distinot person. It uiay be of no importance that the register's bond be approved, the register and his bondsmen may be holden without such approval; but if approval is of importanoe the Auditor General should revise his decisión, send out a new lot of blank bonds, and have thein executed anew and properly approved by the oirouit judges. The Adrián Prest may and may not be correct wben it says that the salary of the librarían uf the ITniversity was $300 too high before the recent iucrease from $1,500 to $1,800, but it certainly displays its ignorance of the qualifications of an University librarian, or of the librarian in charge of any large public library, when it says : "It requires no particular tact or talent to to be a librarían - simply ordinary clerical capacity." " Clerical oapacity" is in fact the least and last qualification in the librarian of a large institution of learning. He should be familiar with both ancient._and_niordern_ langyjaggg,; tents ; he should be able, if not from thorough reading of individual books, by a general knowledge of their contents, to direot students who are looking up speoial subjeots just where to make their researches ; and to advise in the selection of books. A boy or a girl may do the mere clerioal work, but any library would prove a deluoion and a swindle with nothing but " clerical capacity" at its head. If the librarian of the Michigan University is competent to hold the position, and disoharges its duties intelligently and faithfully, he can earn $1,800. We are disinclined to indorse the recommendation of Gov. Bagley in favor of a constitutional amendment turning the State epecifio taxes, after the extinguishment of the State debt, into the general fund instead of into the primary school fund. There is no difficulty in procuring the necessary legislation at each successive session of the Legislature to meet and provide for every need of the State government Legislaturt'B will always make appropriations and order tax levies for that purpose, and the tax-payers will oheerfully regpond to all leasonable demands. Besides, if taxation be relied upon to meet the yearly ourrent expenses of the ' State, the appropriations and expenditures will be subjected to oloser i tiny, ana every departnient of the government will be more eoonomically administered than witli an abundant inpouring of specific taxes. Our primary sohool f and, now but 50 cents on the acholar, neods inoreasing, and the fathers were wise in directing the speoifio taxes into that channel. Wo hope that there will be do diversión. Several days after the recent election in Louisiana one O. H. Brewster, a Republican candidate for Fresidential Elector, discovered that he was ineligible by roason of holding an office of trust and profit under the United States. He therefore telegraphed a resignation of his office to headquarters at Washington, stating his dilemma, and instant relief was guaranteed by accepting the resignation as of Nov. 4, three days before election and ten days before it was tendered. A fellow feeling makes a Washington 8ecretay wondroug kind, and enables him to turn back the whool of time in the interest of Hayes aud Wheeler and the great Republican party. That's one way of putting it. Another would be to say, " for ways that are dark and tricks that are vain," etc. In the Senate CState) the coinmittee in charge reports Senator Bnrleigh entitled to draw pay fot KiO miles travel or $16. The House committee cuts off Representativo Sawyer with 152 miles, or $15.20. The committees couldn't have uged the same almanac or railruad guide. The travel of Mr. Allen is figured at 166 miles, aud that of Mr. Morris at 220 uiiles. Ezra must have made his way to Lansing by some ram's-horu routs.


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