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Crane, one oí the teachers in the ürammar School of this city, who has had charge of the School Library of this city or district for several ysars, furnishes us the followinf? items which may interest our local readers. Number of volumes in hbrary a few more than 600 ; ot these at least 250 are never taken by auyone. The library has baeu open regularly once a week during the school session, except wheu necessarily closed to cali in the books precedmg the summer and holiday vacations. This takes two weeks each time, so that the library has really been open for giviug out books but 36 times during the school year. üuring the year 1876, 1,751 books were giren out, a weekly average of 48.6. The number drawn the last week of 1876 was 92. After the addition of books made last year the number drawn was nearly doublad. Tlie entire edition of Soott, Dickens, and Hawthorne are out ueariy all the time, and were the sets duplioated the volumes would nearly all be out. Essays are always in deinand, also Travels. Books of Biography and Histary are taken principally for raierence. We may add to these statistics, the statement that no moneys have been raised by tax for the library or appropriated out of the general funds voted or raised for school purposes. The slight annual increaae in the number of volumes has been made from the small quotaj of fine or recoguizance moneys coming to the district through the County Treasurer, and either the county is a law-abid'ng one, or the courts do not impose, oollect, and pay over fines as in other counties. It would be a good investment of moueys, if at the disposal oï the board in charge, could the library be largely increased, kept in a more central location, and opeued to those entitled to draw books oue full afternoon and evening evory week in the year.


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