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Sending Portraits By Telegraph

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The Paris correspondent of the London Standard writos : "It has often been aaid that tlie scienco of telegraphy is as yet ouly iu its infauoy. What it will do when it reaches the age of maturity it wonld be dilflcnlt to say certainly, but some idea may be formed j from an extraordinary telegrapkio discovery just made in Paris. It appears that some inventor has found out the means of sending portraite by telegraph. The modus operandi has not yet been disclosed, bnt experimenta have been made, and - if we are to believe the papers - with complete success. The trial was mude by the pólice authoritir s of Paris and Lyous. The portrait of a Lyons official was forwarded from Paris by the new telegraphic apparatus, and at once recognized. In return the j Lyons pólice telegraphed to Paris the portrait, acoompanied with the usnal 1 scription, of a clerk who Uad just absconded with his master's money, and the Paris pólice, tlianks to tlie telegraphic portrait, were enabled to arrest the thief on his nlighting from the train at the Lyons railway station. These facts aro published on the best anthority, and, iucredible as they raay seem, are no doubt anthentic. So far, the ingenious discovery is only being employed for the detection of crimináis, but it is evident that the plice I ities will not be able to monopolizo it, and that it wili be tnrned to account by society at large under the variouu trying i eirciimst&noes of life, and more 1 pecially in the cases of deserted wives ': and hiwbands, missing heirs, i late lovers, and similar interestiug beings."


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