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American Beef In England

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The importation of fresh rneat froni Americi), writes the Liverpool correspondent of the Lendon Daily .Are-,-,-, is rapidly beccming an important braneh of (rade, and it is expected that in a short time, whon the arrangoraents of the vorioiis steamship lines bet ween New York and Liverpool are completed, the shipments to the English markets ] will be so extensivo as to cause a very sensible snd welcome fall in the prioes. Experieuco showR that the quality of American beef is in no vray inferior to that of beef of homejgrowth, and, as ' gards priee, it eau be sold at a proflt to the impoitcrs it rates varying from 2 ). to 3d. per pouuu (retail) boiow thoso charged for ordinary butchers' meat. With such advantages on its side as excellence of (juality and eheapuess of price, the American beef is fast making its wuy; at present the weekly supply which roaches Liverpool is about 600 tons. The greater portion of this is at ! once dispatched to London, where it is ! taken by tha West-end clubs and other ! lending instihitions. The remainder is ' sent to Birraingham - where the result has been a decrease of 2 J. per pomid in Euglitih beef - Leicoster, Nottinghaio, Shefli-Md, and other towns.


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