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Vanderbilt's Religion And Char

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The late Commodore Vam'ierbii. ways evinced great reveren.v Bible. He spoke of Chrisl M ' Savior," and, although never i of any church, ho frequent!-, „tj(' rcligious services. Hift favorito i wdP. " There is Eest ior th W was casily affected by solemo tlietic passages iu a hymnrj' nd on Buch nn oec8iii nevejjS!! filatters, bnt wiped the teara a Jiis hand) likO au old Captmi ? hurrieane deck with alt in ing,' Profauity was a habitvith hun, J iu the days wheu oaths were (ne89s,'Si elemnt in the steamboat bnjíuesi an instance of tbis, he was telling s abont bis motllei - and he aIwMjïï to talk about her- and said that't ,! prised her one day, when he mu proud owuer of his tirst steamboa r taking her on board and showineL'l mígniücent feast which had beensprJI i in the cabin. The Commodore's l't were: "Mother said, 'Cornci the d- 1 did you getjthat diuner '"7 astonished listener broke in : "% your mother didn't say any Bnch t ! but the Commodore again plaoedl& oath in his mother'a montb, ad I uoticed theinterpellation after hisjfcn. tion had been directly callcd to it. At one time the first Mrs. Vaitdö%, pastor endeavored to inflnence het W band 's charaotertodeedsof benerofel Mr. Vanderbilt manifestad someifc tience, and finally handed his f ree ticket by a steamer to tiieWnnl dies. Aud that was the end of ü, , subscnpUon paper alwuja ïuflaaeJij ire. He gave eight acre of landtot, old Moravian Ctrarch on Staten fe where his pareiite had wornhip&j, also made a freegift of the Mercería Ctaurch, worth $50,000, to ]t. Claj, F. Deerns, on whom fee settlaj t property for liie. The prinoipalua, iciinificence which have marked hi career were the gift of the sieaaÈ Vauderbilt to the OovernmeBt di?the war, and the aiillion whicb heiitj to the ondowment fund of theVaai. bilt University at Nashville, Tem, (5 of tlie conditions npon which tliis was made -was that Bishop Mciyette,;: tho Methodist Episcopal ChnrohSii siiould become President of the èl of Trustees. A plot of serait;.s, acres was bought, the corner-itotnl laid in the spring of 1874, and os (ijl 4, 1875, the mstitution was opmat : has over 300 students. Tnifc : free in all departmente to thosewbou preparing for the ministry. Thigisiveteran fuiancier's greatest momme


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