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Paucity Of Silver Change

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From every part of the oonnbj,t especially the South, a scarcity okb change is reported. In some oi Eastern cities the,jreniinm on éx.i 1 per cent. , and even that is inenfe to attract an adequate supply. A etemporary saya " there is some rk to believe that the poople of the&é eru States are responuble to sonnet tent for the prcvailing scara'j. il i SoutUern paper states that silvet si [ disappearing from circnlatioa in á part of the country. Bank ie 3 i Southern cities have paid it outSbeil; i bnt Btill it does not appear in gftei I use. The Nashville banks liare paiá:large quantities, and yetthe cliiügf: that viüinity consists almoat eidsrc i of fractionals. The eïplaiiatios oSr:r. i that people hoard it as sooa as tí [ get it, eo as to have a Httle stock of I rency of a kind that cannct be iw: ated. It rnay be assnmed tUatBn::: not all, of thia bowdtog is done te groes. They, more than the fe have a fancy for stowNg awsycéold stookings. "


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