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Death Of Rev. C. T. Torrey

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Mr. Tourey is ! He died in the State Prison at Bnltimorc, on the 9tli ofMay. A correspondent in Bahimore wrotetoa gentleman in New York on t'iat day : Odr beloved Tokrey dcparted ibis Ufe at 3 o'clook this aflernoon. Mr. S. was absent from the City, and I have therefore lenrned none of the pnrticu larsofhis death. Ele visited him twice yesterday, and found him peaceful anc happy. There is nmv no more that his enemies can dü. Happy de]iverance!'] Another correspondent wrhing to the same the day before, says: 'I have just come from the bedside of ttur friend Torrey : he 'is almost gone. He had a bemmorrhnge last night, and threw up half a gilí of blood. He is very vveak now hut knew me, and spoke of his de.-uh in view with faith and resignation. He spoke also of the kindness of Jesus, in making "sick and in prison" the climax of his speciiications when he noticec the positions in which his disciples migh administer to his wants. ':He may have thought oí 7?ie," said he." Mr. Torrey was personally somewha predisposed to consumption, and severa near relations had died of that disease. - His death therefore, cannot be uttribute( directly to his mprisonment, as ho migh have dicd at an age quite as earlv hac he been in full possession of his lioarty Yet he was truly a martyr to the caus of Human Frccdom, inasmuch as hi: death carne upon him among thieves anc felons, in the tvalls oí a prison, to whicl he had been condemned for his practica advocacy of the right of every humar being to the pDssessionof Liberfy. In the cyes of those who placed him there, this was his crime : and for this he sufierec aflliction.s,and died in prisen. In answer to the inquiry, 'Whal evil hath he done?1 nothing else is alledged. His characler asa citizen, a Christian, n minister, and an honest man, was abovo all reproach. His sole offence was that ho helped men, unjustly deprived of libert)', For this act he has been sneered at by professed patriots, by a mercennry press, by servile demagogues, and by timeservng and corrupt preachers. Had the samo act boen done to white men in other situalions, it would have been remembered and eulogized by his counlrymeryis one of llie noblest acts of humauity. Had Torrcy assisted La Fayctte to escape tVom the dungeon of Olmuntz, and been condemned to six years imprisonment by the Austrian govnment, how wannly would the American press and clergy have invoked blessings on his head, and held up his conduct .is an example oí virtuc a.'id true heroism ! Yet the persons whum Xoi'i'ey helped to their freedom were suffering apder wrongs, infliclcd by an American republ c, grealer than those o which La Fnyette waa subjected by the Austrian despol : but ala for Torrey! ithey were not noblemen, but slaves : nol generáis, but thestihjecls of the whip and the clmin : thoy were noi rich, but the poore!l uf GoJ's poor : not descended of Kuropeans, but Africans: not resoued from Anslrian deüpotism, bul from republican cruUy ! These oirctunuHnnce makc all tbe difteroucr. Tbe net, in itsell' is tbc samo, but Uipsc cireuinstfmces mnkethe actor to bu now regnrded asa criminal, who would otherwise have been h ai led as a boro. But,'ipart f rom all disiinc.Hönfl of rank, wealtb, or birtb, had Torrey died in prison in Algiers lor Überating from Al geriiiR Slavery tbree while American sailors once held there inservltude - albeit tbpy aiighi be the poörest and most degraded ,that ever embaí kud on the ocean- bis nanio -would havo come tip before Corrgres.- Aviib honor, nn nniple jrovision would havo. been made from tbe tiational treasury fur bis. (fesiitule family, and the cilizéns of Bn 11 more ivould have been proud iliat so noble a spirit had ever resided in tbeir ci!y. Hut Torrey acted against American instead of Algerine slavery : and for this act he was despised and derided by lbc Chief Priests, Scribes and Píiariseeí, of tb is genei ation, and died the death of a felón. But let no one suppose that Torrey therefore livedor died in vain. He livcd and died asserting the great principie of man 's right to Liberty ; and lie who consécralas bis whole being to such a cí use, will nccomplish something in its behalf. We know that posterilv will do hi:n justice, and will applaud lm acts and principies. But we need not look far down through future years to find bis exnmple and influence powerfully at work for the overthrow of Slavory. Their immediate eflects will be vcry consi lerable. While a brref paragraph in the newspapers announcing bis death il 1 p.xcile in the minds of servile and hardened jioliticians no other feeling than that of pity thal a giñed and accoinplisbed n-an sbould have ibrowii away bis life and abililies,i licro is ar.othcr class who willread the unnounccmenl with far difierent emotions. Tens of ihousands of the ingonuous and unsoplisticated youlh ofthis nation, who are just entering upon manbood, will read with avidity the memorials of the man ; and while they ponder on bis fate,and the nature of that heil begotten institulion to whose vengeance he was sacrificed, they will take the oalh of Eternal IIatued to Slavery !