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Not Ready To Be Buried

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A few days ago a resident of Backingïain county, named Bnjamin Wintsr, who has an unusual propensity for takmg medicines of various kinds for real or imaginary diseases, swallowed a dose oi opium, mixed with sorae other drugs, and when found by his wife was believed to be dead. Accordiigly, the usual preparations were made for tue burial, but owing to the weather the supposed corpse was kept unburied longer'than is customary. Finally, however, the coffln was followed to the grave by a procetsion of fittend and ntighbors ; and, in obedienoe to an expreased wish of some person present, who desired onoe more to behold the face of the departed, the lid of the coffin was removed. A wond erf ully unexpeoted scène was the result, for as soon as the cold air touched the body the eyes opened, and the BTippoeed oorpse was found to be alive. It is farther stated that Mr. Winter actually walked back home 1 -


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