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A Balloon Expedition To The Pole

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An idea is guiniiig ground with aeronauta that the eomtion of the polar problem now rtsts withthein. Oapt. Cheyne, a retired British naval officer, has volunteered to oonduct a balloon party over tb e four hundred miles or thercabouts which have not y et been traversed, and the projeot ünds a warm supporter ia a I Mr. Coxwell, who deerns such an expedition quite feasible. The only trouble in tho inind of the latter seems to be the SUpply of gas in the higher latitudes. This, hovvevev, he thinks, may be gotten over by the use of fire-balloons. He recommends the use of " very largo Montgolfiers," iu which it wou'.d be posaiblo to stow away a ooupie oí slodges with dogs, and " boats fit for contention with a Tolar sea as aforlorn hope." Tour huudred miles at the average rate of atnaospherio speed would not, in his cpiuion, occupy twenty-four hours. Mr. Coxwell's plan ís wel! caloulated to Bt.urtle tiie uninitiated in aerostática.


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