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SüiPHtm fob Shekp. - Flower of suiphur alono is not generally givon to ahecp. Ah a laxativo it is given in combination with ISpsom salts. Dose, one _ to two ouiices. Flowcr of sulphur is also sometimes used as ui esternal application for scab in the form of an ointment, with lard. Nasas Glekt .- The following medicines may be used once or twico daiiy : Powdere'd sulpliate of copper, 1 dram ; powdered gentian root, ' drams ; powdered ginger, 1 dram ; mix. The norse should not be exposed to the influence of wet and stormy weattier, and the steble should be comfortable. Wokms tn Houses. - Take powdered Bulphate of iron, 2 drams ; arsenio, 12 grains ; and powdered cantharides, 5 grains ; mix, and give auch a dose daily for six days, and the seventh day administer 6 drams of aloes. After a week's intermission this course of treatment may bo rcpeatcd i f neceseary. Bheümatism in Horses.- Rhemnatism in animáis, a3 well as in man, 18 diffioult to get lid of. As a general thing, in spite of all treatment, it "will return sooner or later again. Work will not make it worae, but the animal should be bl.anketed and kept comfortable, and not be used iu wet andstormy weather. Produoing Sex at Wiiiii. - l'ne qnestion of producing sex at will, in animáis, seems to be pretty weil settled. lt appoarg that scienoe has at last, with analytical research and sorutiniziDg care, unlocked the door to these mysteries, and laid bare the simple rneans by wliich these ends may be acoomplished. Prof. Thury, of Geneva, has shown how males and females may be produced in accordance with our wishes. He says : " Tf you wish to produce females give the male at the ürst signs of heat ; if vou wish males, give him at the end of ;he heat." The truth of this law has jeen sustained in practice. Sheej? Eaisins.- The St. Loiüs JR&publican, in an article ou sheep-keepug, gives the following elementary suggestion to beginners, and in the hope that sorne good may come of it we reproduce it : 1. If you do not know how to teil ihe age of sheep, employ some one who does. The age is ouly to be Jadged of by the teeth, juat as the age of a colt is. A 1-year-old nheep will have lost its two front " milk teeth," and they will be replaced by those of the second or manent growth. üut to niane everything certain the new beginner shou'd empioy the assistance of a competent judge. 2. Piek the largest and heaviestbodied ewes. See that they are well wooled on the bellies, lega and heads. 3. Examine their feet carefuUy for svidenoes of foot-rot. Squeeze the hoof in thö hand with a gradually tightenicg pressure to see if any soreness exista. 4. Examine the pelt oareftüly for evidences of scab, rejecting all aheep that have anyappearance of scrofula or rash in the skin. 5. In order to insure lamba to come at the right time, tüe bucks should be kept away from the ewes until December, and then applied with system and care. 6. When lambiüg-time arrivés the ewes should be watched and holped through any trouble likeiy to occur. Tor cure of scab in sheep a solution oí arsenic is recommended as infallible. A bout the House. To Renkw Om Bjüack Alpaca. - Strain black coffee nntil it is entirely free from grounds. Sponge the goods well, and press on the wrong side. Have a piece of black cambric to press it on. Vinegar or beer are very good but coffee is the best. To Cube Stiff Nbck. - Apply over the place affected a piece of black oilcloth with the right side to the skin, kercluef. In a shórt'timettiepWrwiïi grow moist, and, by leaving it thus twelve hours, the pain will be romoved. Viktues of Pbppek. - A tablespoonftü of black pepper will prevent gray or buff linen from spotting if stirred into the first water in which they are washed. It will also prevent the colors from running, when washing black or colored cambrics or muslins ; and the water is net iujured by it, but is just as soit as before the pepper was put in. Smeaekase Pie.- X Germán lady givts a receipt for making this pie : For onepie, one pint of cott;.ge cheese; sugar to s weeten ; a little cinnanion ; tvro eggs ; one-half cup creara, sweet or sour ; one tablespoon of flour ; the rind of lemon, if desired ; mix all together ; pie crust of raised dough, without covering the pie. Scarlet FtTEB.- An eminent physician of Boston roba scarlet fever of many of its terrors, by prescribing for the patiënt warm. lemonade, witk a little nmcilage, as often as desired, and the application of warmth to the stomach. He directa that a sheet should be wrung out of hot water and laid on the stomach, renewing it as often as it cools. Nothing but lemonade is to be given. To Test Kjebosene Oil. - Take ghallow basin that will hold half a pint, and iuto it pour the oil to be tested deep enoueh to cover the bulb of a thermometer ; set the whole into a pan of water, with the thermometer fastened so as to indícate tho tempe ratuie oí tne üil ; placa the pan in tho stove. When the thermometer índicates 110 ilegree move a lightod match over the oil. II the oil is tiusafe a gas will be generated that will iüflamo at that degree. The temperatura of the oil may bo raieed to the degree when the gas is generated, and that will be the degree of fire test. Oil anemia ataúd a [est of at leaRt 110 degrecs, and it is far better íf ít will stand a test of from 125 to 140 degrees.


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