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Atases. Moody akhankey oponed thoir revival services iu tho BoBtou Tabernacle, on Buuday laat. A iiLOCK of busiuoaa housoa in Haitiord, Conn.. was destroyod by firo laat week. The Iobkíb estimated ati220,000 J. B.Ford &Ck)., Uio publiahers of Honry Ward Boecher's paper, tliü Chrislian 1'nion, havo gone iato bankroptoj the Bcoond timo. 'J'tiey offer thoir ureditoiH 30 cents ou fue dollar. Among tho asseta Ia tlio co:itrtct with Honry Ward Boeohor to writo a lif a of Clirint. It h indoratd " valuo uucertr.iu." THK WB8T. Chicago elevator, aa per official returns, eontain 3 536,733 bu-hela of whoat 2,051.000 buskols of coro ; 611 306 busbela of oata ; 231,J1C buíhola of nv, iml 1 080,498 bushola of bnrlty, niakiiig a grand total of 7,545.471 buabels, aKaiust 4,551,427 bushuls at this pono.l laat year. Detective Jamks Bbooks, of tho Govtrumont Seerot Service, wbo haa boon for somo time diligcntly purauing tbo manufacturera and Bhovers of the quoer in the West, has juat nmdo a noli haul in Cinoinuati. Over 100 fice y-executed platos ñero oaptnred. Among them were platos for the manufacturo of HÓ notea on tbe bauks at Bicbmond, Lafav. tto and Mtmoie, Ind. He aleo rocovered 40.000 5 ) n ut pioce8. These piecee 80 closoly retsombled tbe genuino tbat none but experta couid dbtiaguuh tbe diffarenoe betweon them. Thi; poople of Chicago bave bccome thoro igUly alarmod 6t tbe dreadful ravagea of carlot fever and dipbtheria in that oity, and m?aiurcs aro to bo takon to arrest, if poseible, tho fiuther procrees of thcso dangeroua maladi8. Iue Aoademy of Mneic, at Indianapolis, was destrojed by firo last week. Tho loas is estlraatedat Í10O.0OO A peddler oalled at the liouae of Mr. 8. S. Chalfant, uear Thornville, Olúo, tho other evening, and obtained permisbíou to lodge over night. Dnriug the uigl.t bo cbloroforníed the entiro 'amily, and ranaacxed the honee, carryiug off $900 in monoy and $35,000 iu drsfta By the osploaion of a l:oiler in Goff'a saw-mil), noar Eaton, Ind., a fow daya ago. tl.reo men wero killed and four daLgorously iujurtd. Mus. Mitchiíij,, a Chicago woman, has distinguiöhedhcrBelf by killing a burglar. The vic'.im was Davo Raggio, one of tbo most dangerous deepiiradoea in the city. Ileattempted to rob her qf a gold waich and cliain, and reoeivod a pistol bll in bis anatomy, which gave him his quielna. THK SOUTH. The Supreme Court of South Carolina has rondered a deciftiou in the quo warranto proceedingg against the Hayes cloctoiv, dismissiug tho case on tho gvounda that the proceeding wflro illegally prosontod on tho pajt of the Staie, inatead of the United States Eobert Gibaon, a Dputy Uuited 8rte8 Marshal, wa murdered at Momphis, a few days ago, by Ribert Diury, whose father, a notad counterfeiter, had been arrosted by Oibaon W. C. D. Whipps, propriotor of the Willard llotel, IiOuievillo, Ky., shot and killed lus chief clerk, B. W. Btockton, d uring an alttrcation in the hotel office, a few days ago. A Coi.u.mbia (S. C.) di-ipatch saya : ' Judge Mec'ioy has granttd a preüniinary injunctiru reatiaining State Treasurer Cardozo and Comptro lar General Dunn, respt ct.vely, from drawiug any w rranls or paying out any funda írom the State troaaury under tho Appropriation bill paaaed by tae Maolsey Honse at its late aeesicn, uponthe grouud that that body, whioli preUniodto originato and pass it, waenotthe ÍOt;l House of Represontativee." Circuit Judöe Caupenteb has rendered a decisión at Colnmbia to tho effect that Chamberlain'a lato iuaugnration as Governor of South Carolina was illegal; that Hampton has not beou legally inaugurated, and that Chambsrlain ia therefore lawfully actmg Governor nntil hia succesíor sball boduly qnalified. B. O. Holloway, a Itapublicau trial Ju tice, recently aeuassiiiaitd at ïimmonsvillo, 8. C!. " lheaesauination," so the telegraph informs uh, "üred the blacks, who imuiediately armca, aDd the whites orgamzud a strong pólice forcé. The two partisa came in collision on tho outskirte of the town, and the reBult was tliat two special policemeu were wonnried, whon tho whole force returned to town." POLITICA I,. olectei to auccood Mr. FrolinghuyaeD En the Uuited Statos SenatO from New Jersey. J. W. Lazwell, oue of the Orogou Democratie candidatos for Presidential Eloctora at tho lato electioD, teatiüed befure the Senate Cjniinittee on Privileges and Elections last week. Ho went to t!ie meeting of tho O.-egon Electoral Connmttuo, becauso lio underetood the Ri-publican electois were going to lake the electoral eertificates from Croain by force Witnea3 understood Secretary of State Chadwick to say, as he banded the envelope containing the certiiioateB of tho elector to Cronin : "Gentlemen, here are your certificites." Ho litard the Repubiicsn electora aak Croain for their certificaten, and Cronin replied. "I will aee heil fioezo over beforo I will give Uu m up." Mr. Eaton, of Connecticut, was tho ODly Democratie Senator who votod against the Arbitration bill. The announcement of the fact 'ii the Counocticut Legiskture waa recoived with lusjes from the Democratie eide. The contest for the Uuited States Senaiorship3 from Weat Virginia, has been settled by tho electiou of H. G. Davis for the long term, and Frank Hereford for the short term The Georgia Legislaturo has cbosen Benjamín H. Hili to sucoeed Mr. Norwood in the United States Senato from tbat Stat?. WASHINGTON. The House Judicinry Committeo have unanimously reeolTod that articles of impeaehmont ought to be preferiod against George M. Rubeson, Secretary of tho Navy The House Sergrjant-at-Arrus arri ved at Washington from New OrleaTis last wook, having ju charf;o Caeaanavo and Kenner, memoere oí the Returning Boord. A Washington telegram of tho 24tb saya ' President Graat givoo uoither sido comfort n Louieiana. He again declares that ho to m&ke no final decisión until all the ev dence is beforo him, and until the reporta of tlio Houiheru corcmittíoe Lave been preeentcd to and coneidered bv Congress. He is woary of tho otoruul row.". . . .Gen. Bollmnp, who has been waiting in Washington ten roonths for trial HWi's bis indictmeut, has aJdreaseá a ktkr to tho DktrlCt Attornoy, iuformmg bim that ho shoulu appiy dircctlv to the Court for an immediaio trial , Ihe IIoiiho Iirb i-ra-Mioally decided toact unfavoiably apon all bilis which propose to repoal t&xahon. A bül providing for tho repoal of tno iu per cent. tx on State banks, reporte d advereely from the Banking and Curroncv ComiBittce, bas been tnbled Action wa taken in ihe House tho othor day which wil! probably reemlt iu prevoutiDg the Texas Pacific lUiJroad bül from eeeing daj light again during tho present session. Tüo Liil vm referred to tlio committoo of tho wholo, and a two-thirds voto will Lo necCBSiury to got it before tho Houeo again. Thk öecrotary of tbe Treasury to-day isiced tho thirty-oightli cali for the redemptiou of 10,ü00:000 of 5-20bonds of 18S5, May and November. Tho principal and interest will be paid on and after the 24th of April uext, and interest will ceaee on that day. The following aro the deseriptions of tbo bonds ■ J-onpon bonds, $100, Nos. 21 351 to 25.508, batb ïnchicive ; $500, Non. 26.701 to 31.50, Uut., inclusivo ; 1 000, Nos. 62,401 to 70.550, ■oU, inclusive : total, $2,000 000. Iiegistortd 5?5t8Oi SOI to 400, both inclusive ; 100, Noj, 4,501 to 5,300, both inclusive ; $600 Nob. 3 251 to 3 600, bmh Inoltwive; $1000 Noa. 12,001 to 18,860, both Inclusive ; 5,000 Nes. 4,751 to 5. 100, both inclusivo; $10 000 Nos. 8,201 to !) 300 ; total, -f3,000,000. J. B. DyBKiiitY, tdcgraph operator at Tallchasep, Florida, waa txamined by the Houee O.Jiimiittoo on Privileges last week, and, in replv to the question, "Doyou remember any telegrama passing between Z. Chandler and Go7. Stearofl between tho 8tli and 12th of Novouibor?" answered that the ticst te"o:rai! of which he kneiv was from Z. Obandler toOov. Stcarna. an:l waa in eubatanco sb foUowe: -'We ai-e abio)ut6ly uure of po many electoral voten for Hays- (witae-, did Oot remeoüx r tho mimbor)- and wc iouirt iiave Loidtteoa, South Carolina and Florida, by fair meaos or oiherwiae1' - bo could Lot givetlïe ejt83t langusge of Ohandler. AIko tolegrnphfd Gov. Htcarim in eubst&nce : " Sond cou ior to t'Hch c mnty and secure returns- they muit bo raade to howamsjnrity forHayoa." Z. Chandlor alio telegïaphcd Gov. btcain8 " William B. Cbandlor loaves to-üiglit for Philadelpbia on important bnsinehs. 15otween the tb and 12th of Noemter, Frank R Sherman, eniicgjd wilh Gnv. Stearns, haudod hima telegram for transmifion, Bigncd by tbe latter, ana addreoted to Z Ohndler, in which montion was inade of a train containiug courier eent out ior returns beingKu-Kluied, foliowed by thn rcruark : ' Wo cautot carry the State for llaves unie we have troopi aid monoy imiïiediately." Tlieno wer not the exact worde, but the Bnltftaneé. Htcretary Obnudler dnio tüct ho cvor wrote tbe dispatches in question. Jbdok Davis, eays a Washington diapatoh, was on the Supremo beuoh when he received Uie telegram frora Springfjeld, 111,, JnformiDg I bim of hls oleotion to the United Statos Seuato. " Aíter tho adjoornment of oouit he wo called on by IllinoiB friends, who congrtulated ; him on the resiüt, and inqoireS as to h8 accoptance of tho office, lio (lid not ' say whether he would ae. ept it or not, büt if he fhould oonclude to do bo he will not reign beforo the 4th of March, tho Senatorial term not bezinning nntil thatlinie. He atated Uut lio liaJ not been caiu-ultcd regardmg the uso of bis carne na a candidato, and had uot anthorized it." Tho President has appnintcd Thomas Settlí, of North Carolina. United Stato Uistiict Judgo for Florida, and Ucnj?.min F. Flandera United Btatoo Asatatant Troanurcr at Now OrleanB. Tuu oommissiou appointcd to roport a plan for the reorganization of tho army havo iuformcd tho President that they liave not boen ab!o to givo due coneidoration to the subject, and are not prepared, thoreforo, to reonrani' -ml any pl&iv. ... In an interview, tho othcr day. tho President expressed a vory conndtnt belief tbat the country has roncliod a condition nhieu rondt-r an immrdiato romimption of pocie pnvmente practicable and desirablo, and that the present j gicM could rendor :io moro acceptable and i valuable service to the country tlian to paan the laws neceusary for the tetllZfttton of this denirablo result at once. lie tbinks it would be entirely feaeible to resume on tho t of March, and that t!e tuto of trade and igh favor in which Amtricin ecuritios are leid abroad would irisare the complete buocc83 of tbe effort, if the Executivo ia ' jowerod to maka it. To aix tho appeals of the Packard Govemment lor recjgnition as tlia Inwin' State au tiiority of Ijouisiana tho PreBidoit replieB tbat lie v.ill do nothiug whatevor to foresta1! : tho decmión ïif the Presidential quefitiou, i whioh U so intCTiroven with that of the State eleotion that the settlomont of tho ono will carry witb it the other. Unlosa some ae: of violeuci 8 atteinptod In New Orleau, the existing eitua'ion v:ll bo maintaiued ; and, if an outbroak Bhnuld ccour, martial law UI be pro-clanitd, and the Stato will remain under military administration until the wliolo matter oan be adjuted by the arbitrating commission Tho öupreme Coart hns adjonrned till tho 19. h of Februnry on account of tho impending withdrawal of rive of the JuaticeB to form tho judicial branch of tho tripartito electoral CoininiSMOU. GENKKAL. Judok Davu Davis, whom tho Illinoii L05inlature has solected aa tho eucceeBor of Mr. Logan in tho United States Senate, waa born in Mtuyk1.1l, in 1815, graduated at Konyon College, Btudiod law in Haasachuaett8, and in 1835 removed to Illinois, aettled in Bloomingtou, and was admitted to practice theie. In 1841 be was elected to the State Legialaturo, anti in 1847 to the convention whicb frnraed the 8tste constitution, whicb was the organio law of Illinoia until the adoption of the cons'.itutiou of 1871. Ia 1848 he was elected a Circuit Judge of the State, and filled the position by re-election until eallod to lus present poet, to whicli üe as appointcd in 1862. He was tlie intinuto friend of Mr. Lineóla, rodo the circuit with him for m&ny yeare, and was a delégate at large to tho Chicago Convención of 1860 üon. John McDonald, one of the loading members of the Missouri whisky ring, has been pardoned by President Grant. A movemen't has boen eet on foot by a 'arge number of bauknrs, merchante, aud othor citizons of New York, for arr&nging a sotUement between tbe defaulting Sonthern States and thoir creditors. At a meetiiiK hold tho other day, at wblch William Cuilen Bryant presided, resolutious of Bympathy aud goed will were adoptod, aud a ooinmitteö of arbiters, consistmg of five dislntorested Bank President oí New York, Philadelphia, and Baltiroore, was appointod to conf er with tho au.thorities of the defaulting States and deviso equitablo torms of soitloQiout. A Washinoton diepatch says a number of officors of the late war, both Fcdoral and Confedérate, have deturmined to offer their sor ■ vicos to President Iglesia, of Mexico. Tüey say thoy can easily raisa 10,000 or 15,600 men ui Louitiana and Texae, who will be ab!o to sweep Diaz's forcea bofore tlicm. A hystem of eustoms fraude, thought to be miparallulci in breadth aud iiiKoinüty, bas just been unearthed at Washington. Tho direct moana of dofrauding the revouuo haa been through falee inveices, and the only mcaiis of tbeir cleteclion lay in attacbing guilt to United States Consuls in Europo. Thia has been done by nieans of a Umted States official traveling rucoguito among the crooked confiulutes, who ha reoently returned to Washington, having succeeded in socuring clews that win lead to the convictiou of eome of tho largest imnort.ine u.uij .u „,„ u-aev. nuil M u DO BÜmlDBOOM DJ the D.strict Attoroeyd againut the offendiug merchante, aud tho developnienta promised aro of a startling character. FORE1GN. Eussia, according to a cable dispatoli, i con siderLug the feaeibility of an iuternal loan of 200,000,000 roubles ($160,000,000). Buaia ie but little botter off, finaucially, than Turkey, but on account of the extent and resources of the empire, and the faitkof thepeoploiu their Czar and their batred of tho Tuik, there will probably be no difficnlty in raising the amount, even without the aid of f oroign capitalista A cable disptch reporte that the Turkish Am', bassador hos given Austria assuranceg that tho Porte intenda to make pc ace with Servia a:id Montenegro Auotbcr colliery disaator bas occurred in Euglaud, caueiii; the death of fifteeu or tweuty miners. Austbia declinoe tbe Porte's requeet to modiate between Turkey and Servia and Montenegro, becauso sbo is averse to taking singly such a otop, but advises tho Porto to treat directly with the prinoipalities Advices fronj San Domingo state that President Baez bas sdoptod couciliatory measures, neit'ier c-xecuting. imprisoning. or banishing political antagonista. . . . .Tbe Sultan of Turkoy proposes to import a lot of financiers from Engiand, and intrust to them tho business of recontnicting tho domoralized flscal affairB of bw empire The policy of Servia is still undecided." Tho ultra poaCH party demand an imtnediate etttlement with Turkey. Their opponenta urgo delay. Beforts from Cuba asïert that negotiatinnu between the Spauiards and insurgents havo led to an agreomont whicb will restore peace to tbat longdiBtracted Bland. The accounts aro hickiiift in Bpeciüc details, but tho ealiont point of the bargain appearg to be that some syistem of self-govornment ehall be eetablished. at tbe hoad oï which a Spauish Captain General shall rornain for five yeare. Aftor that tho Cubano will bo allowed to elcct the r own Governor Thn doposod Chief Juetioe of Mixico, and constitutionally Acting Preeideot, Iglesias, has arrived at Han Francisco by Pacific Mail etoamer A Berlín dipatch snys : "It is underdtood that after Ignatitff bas presentpd bis report Itussia will adrJrcss a communicittion to tbe powors explaining hor poeition and appwilini; to their suuso of honor to reaent the affront offerod to all Europo by the Porto, eitlicr by collectivo action or by oDspowcring Ituasia to aot for them. If this effort fails, Itussia will ntxt ap)oal to the alliO'i empiros. Sbould they not make satisfactory responso, thon, it is aiürmed ehe will act alone." Spain is again troubled by turbnlonee in tho Basque proviucss. Mr. Gijldstdse, w!iile disclaiming anv warlike iutentions toward tho Hiniutry of England, bluntly ascrts that the policy of his country in tho Eastern eomplicnüon has been wrong and ruinoua. In a speech at TnuutoD, the other day, tho ex Premier criticii-cl sovorely tbo lOnglioh attitude toward Turkey, claioiing that the British Government i largê)y to blamo for tho Porte's troatreent of tho European powora. The Oriental savage bas won reuown for hi disregard of trcaties,a:id Mr. QladstODO abowed that tho Paris compact bas never been respected by the ff z and tassel. . Tho Itüneiai ambasa(íor, goaticff, took bi deoanuie from Constan' inople on Saturday, ai.d tho Sultan and bis Ministers aro left fr the present to their own ilevicc, for huoIi proparation ns it may be possible to make for the termmaiion of tho armiti:e, and Ihe eyentnallttsa which ro moat likely to follow when lbo soason pormita a resuniption of field oparations by the Bosman and Ilerzegovirjian iusurgeuts aud their aios A Coustantinoplo dispatcb bvs the Porie, in accorda:;ca wilh the friondly advice of Franco and Austria, has requentcd Strvia and Montenegro to seud de'e gates there to arraDge for peauo. It is thouuht tho propetal will be aece4.(d. The basis of tbo peaco propesed by i'nrkey is said to bo moderato aLd couciliatory. A London cHepatch saya the American "api - iïualist," ilado, who was recently seutonced to thrco inonths' conlinemeut at hard labor, has hud bis seutenco quashed on app al on a legal technicahty. . . .A heavy dofalcation in ihe Bdiique do Paris bas just been ei covtie.l. Tho ouiprit is ouo of tho chief clerks of tbe bank. Tho nmouut of the ombezzlemeut is 00,000 francs.


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