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A Paper Menagerie

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The exchanges have restocked their menageries, the baridlin.sbegun toplay, and the printer's devil about the nionkoy's cage had better keep nway. A large petrified rattlesnake, with o perfect set of rattles, has been found by a temperauoe man near Rod Bluff, in the f ar West. An absent niinded gentleman, -who reoently omigrated from Fayetteville to Wil'liainton, N. C, has received by express two largo and super - annuated eats of his own sex, whieh his considerato neighbors had boxed up and sent to his address. A panther eight fect long has been shot near Glovorsvillo, N. Y. An epicm-o in Sedalia, Mo., has restrictcd himsolf to thirty quaü in thhty days. Prom iiftecn to twenty 'coous are killed noar Mor ble Hill, Mo. , every dy. Germán scientists have sent an order to a Buffalo agent for fifty specimens of the Monopoma Alleganiensis, or "hell-bender," and the mud banks of Okan county, N. Y., are now beiug ratisacked for these eurioiui little half-alligators. Bears'everywhere; alfio dogs. A lass of 18 was i-ittiug with her lover in the kitehen of her home at Osccola, Mo. , ono evoning, wlien sho noticed that the fiie was low. Ivising to replenisli the fuol her foot struck what she supposod was a pieco of rope, and stoopiug to ii:k it ip she received the venomous fangs of a Blge rutllesnake in her thumb. The girl siraply turned the light up, asked tüe young man to kill the re] t Ie, and seizing alargo case-iiiiife .sevcreil the thuuib from tlio iiand, thus prevenÜDg the poison from gettins; iDto her system. The pnnke measureil iour fcict and two inches in kng'h. All of which ia a ïemiirkuble instauee of prèeïuc! of mind and of - snako. The circuit of the exchaugo menagerie is complete - beginningaud onding with snak es.


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