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AccordiDg to Humboldt, the valuó of the silver produced in Mflxico and Peru from 1492 to 1803 was $4, 152, 60,000 ; that of tho iDrodtictof Europoduring the sanio píü-lod boiop; nbout $200,000,000. ïvtnl," 84,352,600,000. Anothnr authority gives $1,244, 380, 79 i as the valuó of the production of Mexico nd South Amorica from 1803 to 1848,and $325,000,000 as that of Europe ; a totnl for both contineats of $1,569,380,794. For tho period betwoen 1848 aiid 1868, Prof. Blnke ostiinatos tho produetion of silvor ns follows Mexico, $380,000,000 ; South America, 200,000,000 ; Europe, $160,380,000 ; United States, $73,000,000 ; Australia, $20,000,000. Total product $813,400,000. üitherto Mexico has held the first placo as the great prodncer of silvor ; but hencoforward sho must be content with the secündi the United Stitoa, in consequence of tho diseovory atid successfui working of the rich Nevada mines, having reached the head of the list, From 1868 to 1875 the value of the product of tho varioue countries was : United States, $163,000,000; Mexico, $140,000,000 ; South America, $56,000,000 ; and the rest of the ivorld, excluding of course, Japan, China and India, $63,000,000, a total of $422,000,000. Hero is a brief synoptieal view of the value of the products of the silver mines of the world ffom tho period of the disco very of America to tho present time : Value. 1192-1803 $,3S2,5U,00O 1803-1848 l,5S0,380.7!4 .1848-1868 813,400,000 1868-1875 422.0011,000 Graud total slnoe dlecovery of America $7,157,430,794 The principal object of the report of Wella, " Fargo & .Co. is to demónstrate the vast importance of tho mining intercsts of the trans-Missouriau región. To impress this tho more doeply, they f urnish a tabular statomeut of tlio valuo. of the metallic produce of tho States and Territorios on the Pacific seaboard for tho six yeais ending with 1876 : Value. of Silver. 1871 $-0,286X08 ]g72 20,627,51.0 1873 28,3S3,H0 1871 30,498,000 879 3I,(I4,91O 1876. 41,600,679 Thus, in tho short space of six years, the value of the silver produccd in the región west of the Missouri reached the énormous sum of $175,214,182, or near ly ñfteen mülions more than Europe produced in the twenty years butween 1848 and 18G8. Tho relative values of silver and gold at. the Euglish mint from 1344 to 1863, according to Prof. Henry C. Baird of Philadelphia, wcre as f ollows : Year Onld. Si'.ccr. 1344... 1 12479 150 1 11.400 1 1600 1 11100 1717 1 16.209 1816 1 15-06 1863 1 15.066 Aiid tho disparity tends to inercase.


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