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Antislavery And Peace

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Elihu tturritt dues not agree to the scntiments ascribcd to Mr. (.iiddings, that War with Éngland would be dcsiroble ibr the purpose of securing cmancipation to the sluve. He bclicves the Revolutionary and the Last Wars wcre quite unfavorablc to the cause of the slavo in ttiis country, nul looks to the extended progress of kindness, peace and good wil] as the great hope of the c!avc and lus friends. The following extract froin u recent artiele of his, wH íind a response ui the hearts of niany of our readers: "Kvcrvthing, tlien, that conduces to the brotlierhood und pèaèVof mankind, ucakens the fetters on the Ljmbs of the sluve. Cxod s iOVe5 and jove is his Omnipotencc. LHe that dweileth in love, dwelleth in aod and God in him," not only as a source oí" liappiness, but as a source of omnipotencc, of power to overeóme ovil and enemies with good. To this power, communicated from the hcart of God to hearts of loving men, cvery knec shad bow, both of things present and thmgs to come, on this carth. Principalïties and powers shall bow to it. It sliall reach height and depth- the highest monarch and the lowest slave within the ]rccincts ofhumanity, and iill the yawninogulf that divides man and man. This is the only power given fo men to pull down the strong. holds of wrong and oppression; and cvery new act or cmotion of philanthrophy adds to that power.- hvery new heart that is made to beat with kin.iiv syriüpathiös ibr its kind, is a new fountain of moral power, and adds to the capacity of the world to overeóme its evils with good. Every ycar of pcace is swellingthisheart-power by new acquisi tions of strength. Every" song of good will to men; every hymn fjoy that greets the light of Christianity in the far ocean islcs; the iirst stammering prayer of the conertcd Hindoo, Malay, or Polynesian cannibal; cvery new tear of sympathy given to the poor, or sentiment of humanity feit ü)v the oppressed, adds, eacli, to ■ the genend fund of phihmthropy which i.s to sweep slavei-v froin the earth", as by the watersofa delüge."