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Scarlet Fever

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At a meeting of the physicians of Chicago, a few (laya since, to tako measures to stay tho ravages of scarlet fover, the following rules for tho care of tlie disease were recornmcnded : 1. Tho sick person and the nceessary attendants should not come in contaot, or raiugle with hcalthy porsons. 2. All woolen articles, whether of clothinjr, fwrniture, or decoration, such as carpets, ctirtaini, etc., -which may be retontive of disease-gormn, should be removed from tho sick chamber. 3. Flat dishes contaiuiug carbolic acid in eolution shou'd be placed under the bed and in other paris of the sickroom, and tho lloor should be sprinhled tvro or thrce times a day with tho same solütlonj A baein or cup partly fllled with a sohition oí carbolic acid, or comaiuing chloride or carbolate of lime should also be constantly on the bed for the patiënt to spit into. This should bo emptied, cleanscd, and recharged two or three times a day. 4. Ah bedding or clothing when removed from the contact of tho patiënt, should be at once placed in a tub or other large vessel containing a solution of carbolic acid prior to being washed. 5. Iustead of pocket-handkorchiefs, small pieces of rags should bo used for wiping the mouth aad nose, so that afterward they may bo at once burned. 0. The dresees of nurses should be of linen or other smooth material that can be readily washed. And nurses should be careful to wash their hands in a woak solution of carbolic acid immediately after they have been soilod by tho excreta of the patiënt. 7. The gla8sts, cupp, spoons, etc, used by tho patiënt should be carefully cleansed before bcing nsod by others. 8. The dissharges from the bowels and bladder should be receivcd on their very issuo from the body into vessels charged with disinfectants. 9. So aoon as tho skin commonces to desquamato, the minnte partidos should be prevenied from flying olías impalpable powder by thorouglily annointiug the skin (the sealp ineluded) with olive oil or lnrd. This should be done as early as the fonrth or lifth day. When tne patiënt becomea able to tike a warni bath the wholo persop shoukl be well scrubbed, free use b-ing made of carbolic acid soap. Three or fonr such bnths should be given at intervals of two days. 10. When tho patiënt has leí t the chamber, tho lattsr shoiiid be thoronghly dusted, aud the Üoors, bodstead and vvoodwork washed with the carbolic acid solution. The walls should also be freshly lime-washed ; or, if they are covered with paper, this lattor should bo removed aud recovored.


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