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The Panic One Man Caused In A Colored Church

The Panic One Man Caused In A Colored Church image
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Mr. Dolde, the giant powder man, ha the reputation of beinga practical joker bnt his last performance ma.y be regard ed as going to extremes too great to place it witMn the pale, even, of allowable waggery. Mr. Dolde is interested in a powder manufactory at Delassus, in St. Francois county, and on last Sunday, while in that place, a bet was made that Dolde dare not enter a chnrch near Farmington, occupied by a eolored congregatiou, dressed in his Boy ton suit, U8cd in swimming, o which he is the owner. Dolde accepted the challenge. He put on his Boy ton suit, inflated it with air as if ready to plunge into tho river, and, placing a fuse in his mouth, he etitered the church. He walked up tke aisle spouting forth fire from his ruonth, and at tho same time exploding his powder tester. Tho congregation werostmck with consternation and imagined tbat tho devil had come upon them this time sure. The pastor caught the ini'ection, and, after breathiiig forth a short ejaculatory prayer, he turned around. kicked out the window in the rear of tlie pulpit with his foot and jumped outnido. Tlio members of the congregation tumblod over each other in their efforts to reach the door, and soon the church was evacuated. The resnlt was that the peipetrator of the wicked joke was arrested by the sheriff of St. Francois county and kept in jail over night, when. on tho interposition of friends,


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