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Something For Inventors To Ponder

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A Georgia planter thinks there is a colossal fortune awaiting the inventor of a cotton-pirker which bhall do for the staple of the South what the reapers do for tho wheat crop of tho Northwest It is not neccBsary, he syn, that the cotton pieker shall do its work cleaniy ; if it can brit gather two thirds or threefonrths of íbe crop, maunal labor will tako care of the remaimier. Tho customary price for picking cotton by hand is 75 ctats per 100 pomada OÍ cotton, the averugo yild of w):icti, ip mnrketable lint, is miity-ihr.H. ponnus. The cost ofh'ind j)iokinr, tlinrefore, is 2i cntsper [)oudi1, :i vt ry largo i;em, wh'ch ought . [) be rediuicJ by appropriaie ;maohinery I by moro thau oue-half . A sucwssfol i. ventor, who should eiact as his l0Vs L only one-eighth of one cent per pïï upon the orop oí the United gS might fairly figure his annual incom more than $3,000,000, o nmworthstó ing for by any mechanic -who hm ji gift of iuvention.


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