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An Important Invcnlion. - A Mr. Phillips, of Lojïdon; has látely inven!'! n ♦Kirc annihilalor for hi-Umtaneously cxtïnguishing lires by a-rated vapor." The prineiples, saya a íbreign journal, are chetnical, and they procecd on facts do duced from considcratiuns of the souroc of all power - chcinical action. Firc in the ordinary aceoptation of the term, is a phcnonicnon which rcsultsfrom the union of oxygen, tho supporter of combustión, Itydrogen, the clement of flame, and carbon the clement of light. Iftho oxygen bè ivithdrawn, the fue ceases. This the lire annihilator accomplishe.s. A jet of a peculiar gaseous vapor, which possesses a greater affinity for the oxygen of tho air than the oxygen has for the hydrogen and the carbon with which it is combined, is in.slantancously generated by the machine, and thrown with extraordinary ra])idity on the lire, which, bcing instantaneously deprived of the "supporter of combustión," at once ceases. The extinction is so sudden that in the case of a strong lire, which Mr. Phillips "put out" on boárd a vessel in tho Thames, the operation did not occupy "one second," and it was compared by the spectator to a "flash of lightning." - Nal. Iní. Going : Gning : Who Bids ? - The Courier & Enquircr is 'up for market.' - lloro is itsadvertisement : To bring this article; alredy too long, to a close, it is now manifest to all, that the principies of Governor Seward's letter, and tho nculcations of the New York Tribune, nviistbe repudiated, or the Whig party must separate. For ourselves we have no. hesitation in saying, that we are rearíy at any moment to form a union tvith the conservative portion of the Democratie party, 10 arrest the Radicnlism and demagoguism of the Journal and Tribnno school of Whigs. Militia Fines. - We find in the Argus, a law wliich repealsall lawsnow in force in this State, by virtue of which any marshal, constablo, or other ofiicer of the law is authorized to take and convcy to the county jail tho body of any person Hablo to military dnty in this State, who may be a delinquent for none payment of militia fines. - N. Y. Paper. Tho Lords of the Admiralty are aboul to auolish flugging n the English Navy, except in oxtremo case. Every oflicer who resorts to it, without showing good cause íor his conduct, is to be shelved fortli with. We hope our naval authorities will do the same. Something has nlready been done, but thore is vet room for reform. One hundred and ninety deaihs occurred, during the same period, in the city of New York.DEBT OF LOUISIANA. Commencing in 1824, the Legislature of Louisiana pnssed Jaws authorizing $22,950,000 of State bonds to be issued on the credit of the State, to be loaned to sundry banking corporations. Of thïs amount, the sum of ninetbbn Kiillions ok dollars was actually issued and loaned to the New Orleaus Banks, and ibrmed the basis of their operations for the last twenty years. This enormousdebt formed no part df the annual statements made by the fisdal oiïicers of the government, and the great masa of the people of that state, had no conception that the labor of themsefves and tlieir children had been mortgaged by their representatives for the next century, unïil the explosión of several of the favored banks, a few years since. - Alh. Atlas. The new Constitution guards against similar acts. The New York HVroid Mys : "Kditora of hereafter wil!, probaMy, bc of more utiliiy in promoting ilie intereslfl and relations of diflerent naiions, than all their ministers, plenipotentinries, or consuls, of all sizes an 1 6orts. A single newspuper, in London or Paris, conducted with skill and talent. on the principios of international cotirtesy, wouhl bc of more value, and of more utillty to the United Siates, and othcr coiintries, tlian boili of our reprcfrenintives, wlio cost the treasury of the Uniteil States some five or thiriy thousand dollurs a ycar. Cholkiia In India.-- Rev. Mr. Meigs, Missionary to Ceylon, in a letter published in the N. Y. Observer, aays: You will be soory to heai that the cholera is still rnging fearfully in this province. It proves moro fatal this year than I luwe ever known it before - whole families are swept oiF in a few days. Probably 6,000 people have died uf it, during the laat three montiis. - Most of the people say it is the "plnv of the Goddess Ammarl," and so nre a f raid to take medicine. Tliey are indeed greatly to be pitied, in their dnrkness and superstition. Most of tho.e who t.'vke proper, medicine in senson, recover, while most of those who do not, die witliin twenty-four hours. All the mission families have thus far been remurkably preserved. Death is, however, all around us in ils most frightl'ul fonns, and the people are siow to learn rigliteousness. CENTRAL RAILROAD. The receipts of this road for the motith of April wore Fur Pnssengers, S9,4ö9 G9 Freight, 16,260 58 Total. 825,720 27 For the corresponding monlh of 1845 the receipts were For Passengere, -S6.076 70 Freight, 4,941 93 U S, 588,40 Total, $11,607 15 Mineral Agencies. - The Detroit Adverliser says ihere are to be four mineral agencies on Loke Superior this year, viz: at the Saull Ste. Marie, Copper Harbor mouth ofthe Ontonagon,andLa Pointe. Lnst year there was one at Copper Harbor wilh a sub ngensy at the Saulf. Gen. Stocklon, it is said, will be agent at the Snuit, Visscher Talcott at Copper flarbor, A. Grey at Ontonpgon, and Mr. McNair at La Pointe. - Pilot. Eaiiorants to tuk Pacific - A compnny of 15 men, 8 women. and 16 children left Springfield, 111., for California, April 1 Tt Ii. They had 9 wagons, and started on their long, toilsome jnurney in good spirits. A company of ltí men and 7 women have slarted this spring for Oregon, from Pulnam county, 111. A Cchicago pnper states that some forty persons will leave Rockford, 111., this spring, for the same destination. Moving to Oregon or California is now ónly about equal to moving from Old to New Conneclicut forty years ago. The road is longer it is lrue, but people progress much faster now. - Cleve. Herald. The Bribery Case. - McCook found guiliy. The case of the Commonwealth of Ponnsylvaniat'í. Daniel McCook, for an attempt to bribo Victor E. Piullef, a member of the Legislnturo and of the committce on banks. by giving jïïm $400 and promising him .S100 moro, for bis vote in favor of the Lehigh County Bank, an investigaron of sundry charges against winch was :hen pending beforo tho committee, pursuant to a rtsolution of the Huu?e, was closed on the 2d, the Court oiQuarterSessionsin Harrisburgh. Tho jury went out about half past 12 o'clock, and at the meeting of the Courl at half past 2, they returned a verdict of guilty. The counsel for the prisoner moved an arrest of judgment with a view to re-arguo the case, of tliö decisión of which notice we have no! heard tho rcsult. Western Silk. - Among the recent clearances at New Orleans was tho ship Elizabeth, with tbree bales of raw silk, from Ohio, designed for tho Lj verpool inarket. One thousand nine hundred and eighty new buildings were erectcd in the city of New York, during the last year. One hundred and twenty-fiv deaths occurred in the city of Philadelphia, during the week onding May 2d. A fellow, calling himself a son of President Polk, at tbc last accounts, w&s ijqecing jhe London shop-keepers,Sad Casulty. - On Thursday last the youiigosison of Dr. Win. Wilson, of Pme Lake, obout five miles from this vil lage, camoto a sudden and melancholy death, while attompting ia conaoction with his brother, a lad some two or three years bis senior, to raise a bucket from a wcil on bis father's premises. In the absence of their parenfs, they procured a large rope, and ihe younger brolher was lowored some 30 fect nto the well, which is about 60 fee! tlccp, when he ened out that he was "choking," and before his broilier could procure ássistance to draw him out, life was exlinct. It is probable that in descending he became envelcfped in the damps from the botlom of tho well, eind wns suffocated almost instantly. Ho was in he 17th year of his age. - Pontiac Jacltsonian Sixty Divorces have beert granted by the Legislature of Pennsylvania during its last session. A Mr. MtCabo wa recently robbed of about $9,000, on the route fromTrenton to Philadelphia. The money was taken from under his pillow, in a steam boat. Trinity Church Clock. - -We gather from a minute description in the New York Morning News of this ponderous piece of work, that t weighs over 7,000 bounds - its frame, of iron, is 10 feet long, with a ball of 200 pounds weight attached, making twenly-four vibrations in a minute. The weights are 1000, 700 and 500 pounds in weight - the hours andquarters to pe chimed. ItS place in the tower is forty feet above the clock-face in the tower, and it is to run eight days, and may be wound up without checking the working. It has cost the make, Mr. Rogers, eleven months to make it, and its cost is over $5,000. - Pilot. they never S.moke ! - No less than 42,416,009 tobaco pipes were used in London lust year - 364,000 .gross - cost .L40,850. The Londoncrs abhor tobaco smoking. American Locomotives Aüroad. - There are twenty-two of Nokri's loco motive engiripslinished and re.idy forthe llailroad in Austrin ; and on the fou roads extending fromBerlin to Frankfort Posdien, &c., there are said lo be twenty six inoporation. This is complimentary to theingenuity andenterprise of Amerienü mechan:c. Tlic following curious statement, by Dr. Gran ville, is tnkun Iroin au Enghsh pnper. Il i drawn from tho regisiered cases of 87ü omen ;m(J is dürived Ironi tlicir answeis to the age a wliicli thry rospectivcly ttianicd. It 8 tlic firs ever constincteil toexliibit to fcmnles tlicir chun cis ol marriagu at vaiioua ngest Oí t?7G icmaïes ihcre marrieil, 3 at 13 llP.nt 20 23 at 27 5 at 2 U al 14 6G at 21 22 at 23 2 at 3 Ifiat 15 Pfat 22 17 at 21) 0 at 3 4! at Ki 5J at 2:i 2 at ÖU 2 al ö 45 at 17 f)d it '21 7 ai 31 0 at 3 GG at 18 3Ü at 25 5 at 32 1 at 3 1 5 ut ra 2-i ai2G 7 at 33 0 al 4 Fruni this cnnous btatisiical table. otir ía i readers niay forin a pretty accurate jutigment o the chances that ihey have of entering in:o thtlioly state of niatrimoiiy, and enjoying the sweet. (we eay nothiug of tho biiters) of wedded love A prisoner was lately brought before the U. S. Circuit Court at St. Louis, Mo. who was ragged and dirty. Judge Catron directed the Marshal to take him anc procure him a suit of new cloths, so tha l)e might bc in a proper condition to appear before the court and jury on his trial and to confer wilh his counsel. ITe was arraigned for murder. - This is a neu thing under the sun. If our judgesshoulc all refuse to try culprits who are raggec and dirLy they woulq have much less work to do, or the State would have a large tailor's and barber's bill to pay. - Pilot. fXThe valuation of Oakland Count shows an aggregate of $2,136,618. The taxes are $16,986. The personal prop erty is 8359,483, or one sixth of tha whole. Comparativo cost of Churches. - Up to the year 1694 - about a century and a half ago, it was estimated that the tota cost of St. Peter's at Rome was ffty-two millions five hundred thousand dollars. It is stated in a late New York paper that ihe whole number of churches ofal denominations in thal city is 172, anc that their total coát, amounts to $5,067,775, which is notone tenth part of the cost of St. Peter's at the time specified. It seems at first hard to realize how one cathedral could have cost so much, but when it is remembered that mere items ofdecoration in that superb edifice cost more than many modern churches, the grossamount for its slructure is readily accounted for. For instance, the canopy over the high altar of St. Peter's cost $114,000, and the gilding of the same $45,000, whilst the total price of twentyn'nc paintings in mosaic (one over each altar) costs $638,000 or $22,000 a piece. Upwards of thirtcen thousand barrels of fluur wereshippcd al Ballimore, for London, during the three first days of the last week in April. Politics. - Some think lhem too dirty to, b$. handled. They are no dirtier than the people who go to the polls, and perhaps net so dirty as some who stay away and complajn of politics being bad, and yet do, nothing to made them good. - Chronofypc.The mercantile lonnage owned by Frnnce, Norway, and Sweeden. Holland, Prussia, Two Sicilies, nnd Austria, amounts, in its sum total, to 1,881,307 tons, on the nuthority of Hunl's Commercial Magazine. Now, mark it well : the tomageofthe boais usedon the canals in the State of New York, last year, amounted to 1,977,565 tons! A correspondent of the Richmond Enquirer, in giving a biographical sketch of Hon. W. T. Colquif, of the United Stales Senate, Georgia, while quite a young man, says : "He reVieWed his brigade in the mornng, for he was a general ; he followed t by a stump speech, for he was a candidate ; and probably it was to maintain he position takert therein, that he fought with a man or twoj who courted a beatng ; he tried and won a case, for he was a lawyer ; and then he married a couple and delivered an edifying dis coursej for he was either a minister or magistrft'e - very likely both - and decidedly under strong religious impressions." The commercial tonnnge of the whole ofEurope, cxcilusiVe of Great Britain. amounts to only 2,514,007 tons; which will be exceeded by the tonnage of the boats on the New York canals, in three years, if it increases as it has done since 1842. The French War Department, pinclpally for Algiers, cosl this year $60,000,000. Costly conques'.. And the most amusing part of the aflfair is, that the French keep 80,000 soldiers to protect 50,000 settlers. Shipwreck. - A Swedish sloop of War recently foundered off Mantanzas, and but one Lieut. and 16 men out of 132 persons were saved: The survivors were picked up, after being a duy and night afloat on pieces of the wrock, by an American ship, and have arrived in Phtladelphia. Patriot Prisoners. - The Syracusr Journal says : - " Gideon Goodrich, an old resident of Salina, and anotherman from Madison Co.,relurned on Monday last, having left Van Dfeman's Land a year ago last January. Mr. G.'s constitution appears to be somewlnt impaired by the hardships of his foreign trip. He was taken at Windmill Point, and had n son taken at ihesame time, who was, after seven mouth's confmcment in Canoda released." An Aged Pedestrjan. - The Rochester American notices the arrival of the boat Neptune, with 112 passengers, among whom was a lady 106 years, 6 months, and 20 days old, accompanied by her son 80 years of age. The slripling was on his way with his mot her froin Michigan, whero she had resided forseveral years, lo Nuw York, lo spend the remainder of her days with her friends. She was in possession of all her facullies, and walked as erect as a person of forty. The Sultan of Turkey has opencd his private library lor the uso of nH strangers visiting Constantinople. The credit of the mensure is said to be due to bis prime minister, Reschild Pacha. Iowa. - A convention was to meet at the sent of Government of Iowa, on Monday of last weck, to form a constitution. There is a democratie majority of cight in the convention. Telegrapiiio Rates. - Wc learn from the Syracuse Slar, that for the present the prices for transmitting messages, &c, by Telegraph, are to bc reduced, as follows : For 15 words or less from Sy rac. to Albany, 25c " " "tilica, 10c " " Alb.loSyrac.2oc 11 " Uticato " 10c Address and signatura not counted. Communications restricted to ihe above number, or charges above that at the same rates. Each figure is counted as ri word. - Pilot. Mani;facti;rers' and Mechanics' Bank of Naxtucket. - The Nantuckct Inquirer, of Wednesday, has a long nrticlc on the affairs of this bank, the gist o, which will bo found in the fojlowing extract : "The sum of the wholc matter is, thaj the cutiré capital stock of the Mnnufacturors' and Mcchanics' Bank is gone, and nobody scenis to know wherc." Connecticut. - The Legislature of this Stato met at New Haven, on the Oth instant. Sanjuel Ingham was electcd president of the Senate, and Cyrus II. Beardsley speaker of the House - both Democrats. The two Houses met the next dny in joint convention for the choice of state officers. Isaac Toucey was Qhosen Governor; Noyes Billings, Lt. Governor; VV. Birgo, treasurer ; C. W. Bradlcy, secretary and M. Cleveand, compt roller - all Democrats. The voie on eacli stood Democrat 124, Whig 116, Abolitioii h A negro lalety died at Cape Island, N. ., nged 110 years.Anothcr bonc for siaveholdcrs. - The ncws comes across the water that Saveholders aro to be Excluded from the Groat Chrislian Union Convcntion, to be held n London some time this summer. The Emancipator gives the following item of news, and the same is confirmed by a foreign correspondent ot the Liberator. The Evangélica! Alliance and World s Convention. - We learn by a letter from Birmingham, dated April 2d, that n numerous meeting of influential supporters of this institution was then in progress in that town, and that aíter a discussion of four hours, the meeting ununimously affírmed a resobtion that no slaceholder should be. nvited to the grent Convenlion, to be held in London in the month of August next. We rejoice greaily in Jiis wholesome conclusión. - Lib. Press. Rhode Island.- The Legislature of this State, on the 6th instant, elected Byron Dinman, Governor, and Klisha Harris, Lt. Governor. Both law and order men. The vote stood for Dinman 61 ; Jackson 39 - mnjority 22. The vote for A. Governor was nearly the same. A clergyman once remarked that he lad found more good in bad people, and Tiore bad in good people, than he ever anticipated.


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