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Poetry: "she's Nothing But A Country Girl."

Poetry: "she's Nothing But A Country Girl." image
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A yon ng lady, dnughtor of nn ngriculturalist, aflcr hoving been introduced to a cmnpiiny ol profcsscd lalies n a neeliloring city, licard one of ilicm rcmnrk to the othera in n low tone, occompanied with a scornful amile, "she'e nothing but a country girl." Üpon Iier rclum homo, ho sent the scornful Miss a ñute, which containud soiucthing like tlic followirig lincs : I know that I' ín a country girl, And moro llian tlns, I know That sucli íar rather I w.mld be, Than hcr J'm wriiing to - Forpride of haart, ond scornful in'en, Detesled are, wherever seen. A country LÍrI ! nnd wliat s therc So droudfu1 n ihe name ? Tlio' "yerdant," yei I'vo too much sense For tlmt lo blúsb iov t.lirnic ; For it will over sound us vrell To me, ad that of city bolle. I would not chnnje my country homo, Whero naturo's secnes o'órpread, For ono where eartli can acaree be cen, Or blue sky overheard ; For all the wealth and splendid din, Your "languid beauties" revel in. What tliink you of mothor, Who dwelt n Eden fair ? No luxurios svhich gold procures, Or daintíep nice were there - And ís ibero werc no ciiirs thon, A country girl she must have been ! 1 hope for thií you'll not deny Your ancicnt porentage: U iilosB yoursclf from all our raco, You wÍ6h to disengage - If so, I pray let oíd nnd ycung Eo now infornied from vvhenco ou spuing. But il, as 8till I npprehend, You are a girl of sonse, And that it is from pride of hcart, You niako such vain pretonco; Picase know, humility of heart, Oiivs o our sex ncw channs impart. Wiien tíost tn sotnc disdainfü! niood, To say you nro irulined, "'.'ití'i nothirig but a country girl!" This couplet bear in mind - Tha: scornful lips and haiiglii air Nc'er.mado a homcly face more lair.