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A correspondent writes to know something about the distribution oí' the foreign population in this country, more especially the Irish and Geiinans. There has been no census since 1870, so that tlie present exact condition of the various nationalities, as to numbers, is unknown. Such information as was obtained tlicu is all that is available at the present time. In 1870, the States having a population of foreign birth munbering over 200,000 were as follows : California 209,831 IllinoiR 515,198 New York 1,183,358 Iowa 204,602 MaKSiicuunetts 363,819 Michigan 288,010 Missouri 222,071) Oliio 37'2,4!12 Pennsylvania B45.309 Wisconsin 064,491) In all, these States have over 3,000,000. As to Germans and Irisli, thero are several States having over 100,000 of one or the other or both of these nationalities, as follows : siar. ïrish. Gertvan. Illinoin , 120,162 208,T58 MasHaclmsetts 210,120 13,072 MiBSOUii 54,083 113.018 New York 528,806 818,982 Ohio 82,674 182,897 Peunsyivania 235,798 160,140 Wincondn 48,479 162,314 Froin this statement it will be seen that the Irish predomínate in Massaehusetts, New York and Peimsylvania ; and the Germans in IlliiioJB, Wisconsin, Missouri and Ohio. In Jllinois tliere are, or were in 1870, nearly twice is many (Iermans as Irish, while in Wisconsin the former outnumber the latter nearly four to one. Since the census was taken in 1870, the ratio of the two nationalities has not greatly ehanged. Among botü immigration has fallen off largely, and, if there be any diiïerence, it is in i'uvor of trie Germans. Not only lias immigration fallen oíf from Germany, but t. re haa been a very respecfeible emigi'ation thither from the United States. - -- ( 7iiocigo 'iiincx. 'I'kh ditimonds of the Freudi crown, whiolt beloag to the iintion, "(vill be ] of L878i


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