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Bismarck's Troubles

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Bimniirck is hiiviiif? m unhappy experiénce as Olmuoellor of the Germán empire, and he compluins thut his i ík KiillVriiig under the worry and trouble thut hé is subjeefced to by his politica! adversaries, and ilso in oonsequénce 4 tho lukewarm support he reüives from sume oí the Oabinet Ministers. In a reoent. Bpeeoh in the Beichstng he citej the oase of Gen. Von Stosch, Ciiiet' of Admirulty, who forcea upon the l'rcniuT n yast amount of lal)or in prep;ïriiii? the doriTspoiidence to show tlie neoesKity of Hiei'c.luction in the Admirilty OHtimat: s whioh Bismarck idvomitcd, and tlicn, wlicn the matter oame ni for ((iscusMiim in the RetóhBtag, Von Stosch . !■. iiiHci)t(;il to the desireel ï-ediic!:■■ lüimd being, made by the .ala. Wbiii ae wdulil iiot dofoïjiiè I (!lii)'-"llii i. WOUld '!" '"!' ■h-iui of the latter, and when Bismarck narrated the circumstances in liis speech Von Stosch at once tendcred lus resignation. The Emperor, however, declines to accept it, and the iinfriendly Minister remltiiiB to harnss his chief.


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