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Somnambulistic Capers

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One of the most reniarkable exhibitions of somnambulism ever given in this city took place about 1 o'clock Saturday moming near the comer of High and SiLth steetn. The principal actor in the serio-comic di'aiim at nn 18-year-okl miss, named Annie Barfcoil, afld abe was first discovered by C. W. Hedgefi. He was on his way home when his attentiou was attracted by a queer-looking object seated upon the top of a grapevine arbor just over the fence. Stopping, Mr. Hedges looked at the figure until he saw it move, when he spoke to it, but receied üo answer. Át this juncture, Capt. 6. Ö. S'tarkweattier, of the Trumbull Avenue Poíice Ötatioti, came along Sixth street on hij way hotee. He was stopped by Mr. Hedge3, -whö pointcd out the queer figure, and they were tiot long in doubt as to the nature of the apparition. "It'sa woman," said Capt. Starkweather, and "she must be a sleep !" continued Mr. Hedges. Arriving at that conclusión, the men opened the gate, and, walking to the arbor, called to the sleeping girl, but received no reply. Capt. Starkweather then begatt climbing up the arbor, at which the girl started on a lively run, and, goiög the whole length of the arbor roof, made a jump, clearing a space of about eight f eet, alighting on the roof of a woodshed. Tilia maneuver astonished the men, whö aWaíseiied Mi1. Thompson and his family áíld tcrld ílieffl that there was a sleep-walker uptm fheir wöodshed, öoon Mr. Thompson, his wife and Sön joiiled Mr. Hedges and the Captain in Uk; chase. What was their surprise to find Miss Barton had clambered from thé shed to the wing, and thence to the apex of the roof of the main building, where sné ntood quietly leaning against the chimney. Filially a ladder was procured and young Thompson climbed to tb e side of the roof, but, getting thefe, found it so covered with snow and ice that ié wiis impossible for him to reach the girl. So down he carne, and the ladder was carried to the front of the house, where it was put in position, with one end against the roof peak. This time Capt. Starkweather took off his boots and climbed up. The girl stood quietly until he was within a few feet of her, when she ran toward the wiug, and sliding went from one roof to the other ; thence she jumped back to the grape arbor, and, befofe aiiy Of the iflen cotild get to her, jumped to the grottad, and, dashing through a back gate, ran up High Street. The chase iraSjcttntinnedtothe Crawford Street Park, where she was captnred. Then it was found that she was completely dressed, with the eXceptiou of a hat and shawl, and that during all of her hazardous midnight ramble slie had not received the slightest injury. She was taken to the Trumbull Street Pólice Station until her relatives, being notifled, put in an appearance and took her in charge. This is the second escapade, her friends assett, of the kind in which Miss Barton has talien pari.


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