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A Screw In The Lungs

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We carne into possession a few days since of some facts illustrating a most wonderful and remarkable case, and one that has few if any parallels in this region of the State, and wliich we give to our readers, vouching for its correctness. In the Smith's Grove región there lives the family of Mr. W. J. Dickerson, a gentleman well and favorably known in che cotmty. In the family there is a bright little boy 9 years old, named James. Last August he and his inother were paring apples for drying purposes with an ordinary machine used for that purpose. A three-eighths inch screw dropped from the machine, and James, child-like, put the screw in his mouth and accidentally sucked it down his windpipe. Violent coughing followed without ejecting the screw. On Sopt. 1 the little boy was taken to his bed, first with chills and fever. This was followed by intermittent fever, which in turn was Succeeded by pneumonía, and constant coughing, with expectoration from the fight ltlng. The sufferer continued to grow worse, until in spite of the best medical treatment and. appliances he wasted away to almost a skeleton fr Dm what he had been. Death aeemedt 'evitable and near at hand. Suddenlyi lere ensued a violent jerking cough, and the iron screw was ejected from the right lung, where it had been since he swallowed it, over flve months ago. Proper restoratives were given, and the little fellow has been steadily improving and growing rapidly. He is now well, and fat as a pig, and keeps the screw as a memento, while his father and mother are the happiest two people about. The eircumstance is certainly a very singular one, and is substantially as we have


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