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Pursuant to cali a Democratie State Convention was held at Lansing on the 16th inst., Friday last, to noininate candidates for Justice of the Supreme Court and Regents of the University. The convention was callad to order at 12 o'olock M., by Don M. Dickiuson chairuian of the State Committee, on whose nomination Col. Eldredgo, of Lenawee, was inade teinporary ohairman, who made a few pertinent retnarks on taking the chair. C. C. God win, of Kont, and Ilonry Starkey, of Wayne, were made toinporary secretarles, cominittees appointed on credentials, permanent organization, and resolutions, after which the convention adjourned to 2 o'clock i. m. AFTEENOON SB83I0N. Committee on Credeutials reponed list of delegates - 229 - in attendance, which was adopted. Committee on Permaueut Organization reported as officers : President- Col. Al. Shoemaker, Jaaksou. Vice-Presidents- Col. J. L. Burleigh, Waahtenaw : John M. Fletcher, Calhouu ; Soth K Shetterly, Macomb ; Lewis N. Dickens, Ontonagon ; K. P. Sinclair, Kent : Charles D Little of Saginaw ; Paul Gies, Wayue ; B. O. Williams, Shiawassee ; Maj. W. W. YanAntwerp, Jacksou. Secretarie- C. Chase Godwin, Heury Starkey. Report adopted. Col. Shoemaker briefly addressed the convention, returning thanks and pointing out the duties of the hour. Proceeding to the nomination oi a candidate for Justica of the Supreme Court, the names of Judgo Cooley, Hou. Henry F. Se vereng of Kalainazoo, Hon. A. L. Millard of Lenawee, and Hon. Sanford M. Green of Bay, were presented. After a full discussion, - all ooncedmg the eminent fitness, ability, and non-partisanship of Judge Cooley, it became evident that the tempor ol the convention was in favor of a straight political nomination, and Col. Burleigh withdrew Judge Cooley's name. A ballot resulted : For Henry F. Sevorens, - - 197 A. L. Millard, - - - 42 T. M. Cooley, - - 2ó Sanford M. Green, - 10 The nomination of Mr. Sevurns was made unanimous. The first ballot for Regent candidatos each candidate voting for two persous resulted : For Anaon E. Chadwick, of St. Clair, 16S John Lewis, ot Moutcalin, - - 14Í George L. Burrows, of Sagiuaw, - 10b J. W. Turner, of Shiawnsse, - - 9; J. M. Sterling, of Monroe, - - 2i Mossts. Chadwick and Lewis were unanimously deolared nominated. At this stage, of the proceedings Mr O. W. Powers, of Kalamazoo, anuouncec the reoeipt of a telegram trom Mr. Severeng, accepting the nomiuation for Justice of the Supreme Court. Don M. Dickinson then addressed the convention, couimentiug on tho labora of the recent campaign and their re8ults, especially upon the largely increased Democratie vote polled, auc upon the " counting out " of Tilden anc the partisan decisión of the Commission, and closed by tendering his resignation as chaiiman of the State Committee, - his own business demandiug his atteution. After remarks by several gentlemen Geo. P. Sanford, of the State Committee, offered the following resolution which was unanimously adopted : Resolved, That this Conveutiou hereby oxprowea lts high appreciation of the politica! zeal, uutiring industry and commauding abihtj Uisplayed by Hon. Don AI. Dickinson in his conduct ot the lüte earnest and exciting campain ub chuirman of the Democratie State Central Committe, and feeling that no eflbit was spared on his part to iusure success for our cause, we most earnestly request him to cuntmue to serve thü Democracy of this Statu ia the position ho has so tiighly hunored us chairincu of our State Committee. The Committee on Rasolutions subruittud the following declaration oi principies, which was enthusiastically and unanimously adopted : We, the representatives ot the Democratie party of the ölate ot Michigan, in couveutiou us.stMiibled, renewing our iidelity to the greal principies which wu have supported in the past- a sound currency rofurm, in all the orauches of the govtjrument a return to ways of houesty and peaco aud a ready acquiesceuce m the will of the people as expressad at the polls - do hereby pledge oursblves aud our party to constant and inure&siug efforta for their success and uuwaveriug loyalty to our candidatos this day uoiuiuated. We charge tue Kepublicau party with maladministration in office, with packiug courts aud disfranchistng vuters, with perverting the results at the polls, and with corruptly combining aud couspiring to st:it ii! the Fresideutial uhair a man wliu is nol elecled, and to deieat the man the voters chose and for whoui they gave a irajority ot the States, of all the electoral votes, aud a large uiajonty of all the votes ot the uation. We unhesitatingly declare that in view of the great frauds upou free governmeut that have been perpetrated, that no compromise shuuld bc aueepted trom those who wero placed in power ; that honeycd words and proinises caunot wipe out that stain of traud and corruption ; that the man who accepts an offloe to which he was not olected is unworihy ol' tíUíit aud coundtmee, aud no repeuiaut act of his citn atoue for the ciïme which he and his party ha cummittud against our institutloua aud the people. We declare it to be the duty of overy man who respects himself and loves his country to vote agaiuüt those caudidates who represent Bradley aud Wells, even though such candidates bu men of diameter aud reputation, and who do uut opcnly refuse to cousort with torgerera, perjurers and couspirators, or to accept the fruits of their crime. In view of tho justice of our cause, and the great wrong that has beeu done, we appeal from the frauds of ltepublican Iletunnng liuards to the votys of the people at the polls. We buiiuvo iu the innate sonso of justice of the American people, to tliem we submit our cause, confideut that in the end justicu will be done. We heartily approve the effors now being made in the Legislatuie of thU State to secure the passage of laws to purify politics by giving legal protection to the primary electious of politioa! parties, aud by prolnbiting tho corrupt use oí money by candidatos for otfice. After which the convention adjourn. ed siiie die. George Alfred Townsend says that the father of Fred Douglass " is auppoaed to have been a Muthodist oversoor, a oanny, Scotch sort of man, whose meauness Douglass has nat beeu spared." A Michigan Uuivursity student onco iutroduced himseh' to Mr. Douglass as " tho Bon of a United Statos Simator," aud Mr. Douglass retorted " and I am the son of a Senator." He was bom on the farm or plautution of Mr. Lloyd, ouco United States Sanator from Maryland, aud has claimed, or let it be uudorstood, that Senator Lloyd was his father. WlTU Fred Djugl.iss " luitster of ceremonies " at the White House will Hayes be likely to win tho affoctions of the " Southern chivalry " upon whoin ie relies to build up an Adiniaistratiou party in the South 'i But, perhaps the President will dispense with the services of a " master of ceremonies." Ex Gov. Bagley has gone to Now Orleans : report saya ou a mission from the President. He is to smoke the pipe of peace - tilled with gouuine Mayftower, we suppose. Jok BENNETT gt a soare on Friday last, - the Washington dispatches announciug that ono Heury Fink had been appointed Marshal for the Eastern District of Michigan. Aa soon as he learned that Wisconsin was what the telegraph should havo said, he feit botter. Joe don't relish such jokes. Postmaster-General Key gives it to be understood that in case of vacancies in Southern postoffices preference will be given to Republican applioants, olluir thiugs being equal, but if no satisfactory Kepublioan can be found in any individual case a Demoorat will bo appointed. Considérate and generous. We take it back,- the new Senator from Ohio - Stanley Matthows - ia u't full brother-in-law to President Hayes. According to the Oraphic this is his relationship : " The lister of Judge Matthews married Dr. Webb, a brother of Mrs. Hayos." Brother-in-law to the President's brother-in-law. " Great cry and little wool." The Eepublicana of the country howled terribly because a few Democratie Senators voted against confirming some of the membera of President Hayes' Cabinet. Will they sit up nights to censure the partisanship of a Republican Senate of New York for rejecting the nominations of Gov. Robinson. - especially that of Gen. McClellan. The Bar Aasociation of Washington protustod against the appointment of Fred Dougláss as Marshal of the District, alleging a lack of qualifications for the discharge of the duties of the office. Nevertholess he was confirined by a small majority, - several Democratie Senators voting for him. It is a $12,000 office. Nor iiaving succeeded in getting Christiaucy assigned to a seat on the bench of the Supreme Court it ia now understood that Zack Chandler'sfriends are trying to prevail upon Judge Emmong to resign or die. Are they sure that Hayea would give even that place to Christiancy, - in the Chandler interest ? Guess not. The Lanaing Reptiblican draws what it iuiaginea a satisfactory portrait of the Doinooratic candidates for Justicn of the Supreme Court and Regenta, and then captiou8ly adds : " This is not so strong a ticket as the Democracy nominated two years ago. Let us beat them again by 25,000, and rebuke their insulting and defiant platform." Did our Lansing cotemporary ever hear about " Satan rebuking sin "? - - -■+ -- -- - Mr. SEVEREXS, the Democratie candidato for Justice of the Supreme Court, ia one of the ablest lawyers in the western half of the State, with an excellent reputation as a citizen and gentleman of oulture. He is worthy the united party support. The candidates for Regent are both lawyers. Mr. Chadwick was the Democratie candidato for Congrees in the Seventh district last fall, and is a gentleman of well-known talent and business qualifications. Mr. Lewis is well spoken of by all who know him. " Tue ways of the world are devious and past finding out " is the wiso rein ai k of Represen tative Frye after reading that Morrill was appointed (collector) on the recommendation of Senator Blaine, Eugene Hale, and Mr. Reed," and that he (Frye) had nothing to do with it." Frye claims that Blaine, Hale, & Co. were for Marble until they learned that Morrill was to be appointed, and now claim the credit of what thoy couldn't prevent. Don't Frye recollect Butler's outburst : " For ways that aro dark and tricks that are vain, I name Speaker Blaine."


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