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Hope For The Future

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A discouraged oorrespondent inquire9 whether in our opinión it willeveragain be worth while for the demócrata to contest a national campaign. Wo reply in rrief for the present, that the reault of the presiden tial controversy is morally certain to induce Ropublican demoralization, and not Democratie. The Deiuocracy have proved their strength ; the country bïlieves that they fairly elected their presidont, and have been defrauded of their rightful victory. Uuder these circumstances we bolieve that popular sentiment will now more than evor favor our side ; whilo every one of the crimes and outrages perpetrated by tho Republican party against popular rights furuishes a new incentive to Demócrata to keep up the struggle. The great issue for the next four years to come will be : Shall fraud be condemned or indorsed P Shall the Democratie ballot box be subverted by the Republican Roturning Board? We cannot doubt for a moment what the response of the people will be.


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