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Ovving to the rapidly increasing freight business on the Chicago anc Northeastorn Railroad, fivenew enginoa have been put on during the past week. The roadbed is firialy settled now, and it is reported to be one of the smoothest running roads in the State. The case of Burgett vs. Doctors Stillwell and Hitchcook, for inalpraotice, terininated at Kalamazoo, March 9, the jury returning a verdict for the plaiutiff; dauiagos $2,000. The trial lasted a week, and the best experts of Detroit have testified on both sides. Tho Marquette & Pacific rolling mili furnace has been blown out, after haviug made 2ü,4ö2 tons of iron on the preseut heartii, which is still beliered to be iu good condition. The Marquette Mining Journal pays W. W. Wheaton, the superintendent of tue abovo nained mili, a high compliment on his efficiënt management of tho concern. Rats and rabbits have nimio havoc in orchards about Niles during the past winter. James Lambert haa lost over feix hundred trees and E. LaRiio over one hundred. The animáis gnaw the bark off from tho ground up sixteen or eighteen inchcs. Scarcely an orohard hus escapedthcir ravugos. Very few trees will live after having been girdled by them. Workmen making excavations in the old Presbyterian cburch lot at Pontiac nave unearthed the bodies of persons ourierl 55 and 65 yeara ago, whcn Pon;iac had the only cemetery north of Detroit. The pionor society took charge of the Unies and had thum removad to Oak Hill cemetery.


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