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Falae Impreulon. It Is generally supposed by a certain class of cit izeus, who are not practical or experienced, tha Dyspepsia cannot invariably be cared, but wc ar plcascd to say that Gbkkn's August Flowkr lias never, U our knowledge, failed to cure Dyspepsi and Liver Complaint in all its forras, such as Sou Stomach, Costiveuess, Sick Headache, palpitatio of the Heart, low spirits, &c., ie. Out of 30,000 dozen bottles sold last year, not a single failur was roported, but thousands of compliraentary let ters received froin Druggists of wonderful cures Three doses will relieve any case. Try it. Sarapl Bottles 10 cents. Regular Sue 75 cents. For sal by EBKnBACH & Uo. W. It. i:i.V, Organiat at the Presbyteria Church, will give i'nstruction upon the Piauo o Organ, or in vocal culture and harmouy. Lesson given at papila1 residence. Terras, $15.00 per cours of 20 lessons. Pianos tuned and repaired. Cali o address, 15 Bowery street. 1620yl NEW ADVERTISEMENTS THEHEALTHLIFT A THOROUGH GYMNASTIC SYSTKM FOP LADIlvS AND OUNTLIiMEN, IN TEN MINUTES ONCE A DAY. The Health Uit ia a Scientific System OF EXERCISE. For the attainraent and preservation of Health. It ia the best meaus of PHYSICAL CULTURE AND DEVELOPMENT. IT 18 THE SIMPLEST, SAFEST AND MOST EFFICIËNT MODE OF TAKING ALL NEEDED EXECItíE. In the brief apacc; of ten minutes all the musclea aro gradually. thoroughly, and symmetrically brought into action Concentrated exerciao for the buBy and sedentury. ANN ARBOR OFFICE AN'D PARL0R8, 11 Ent Hurón S South of Court House Commissioners' Notice. STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Waahtèn.'iw, 88. The undersigned having been appuinted by the Probate Court for said county, Commiaaioners to receive, examine, and adjust all claims and demande ot all persona aainst the es tate of Charlea Glenn, late of eaid county, deceused, hereby give notice that aix montha from dnteare allowed, by order of aaid Probate Court, for creditors to present their claims agaiuBt the estáte of said deceased, and that the y will meet at the late residence of aaid deceased in the townahip of Dexter, in said county on the 20lh day of June and on the 20th day of September, next, at ten o'clock a. m. of each of aaid days, to receive, examine, and adjuat said claims Dated, Match 30f A. D 1877. HENRY M. TWAMLEY. WILLIAM WATTS 1627w4 Commisbionera. IC iris( r;il ion Notice. NOTICE ia hereby given, that for the purpoae of new registration and correction of the registry try bookn, the Boarda of Kegistrafion of the aereral wards of the city of Ann Arbor, will be in ftCHsion on Wednesday, Mnrch 28th, instant, from nine o'olock x. m. to 7 o'clock v. m., at the following places: Firat Ward- F. Sr(f'apaint shop. Recond Ward- Tracy V. Koof office. Third Wavd- Sheriffs office in Court Houb Fourth Ward - M. ltof?erti sliop. Fifth Ward- The Enpine House. Sixth Ward - Building known aa McDonald's store. Dated, Ann Arbor, March 15, 1877. By order of City Boaid of Reislration. NELSON J. KYER, Ohairman. A. M. Doty, Secretary. Kstato of Gertrude B. Risdon. STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw, as. Notice ia hereby giventhat by an order of the Probute Court for the County of Washtenaw, male on the thirteenth day oí March, A. D. 1877, six months from that date weru allowed for creditors to pinsent their clüima against the evtate of Gertrude B. Uisdon,late of Baid county, deceased, and that all creditors of aaid deceaHed arerequired to present their olaims to said Probate Court, at the Probate Office, in the city of Ann Arbor, for exaraination and allowance, on or beforti the thirteenth day of Septembei next, and that auch clniniH will be heard Defore aaid Court, on the thirteenth dtty of June and on the thirteenth day of Süotember next, at ten o'clock in the t'orenoon of ettch oí those days. Dated Ann Arbor. Miirch 13, A. D. 1877 WILLIAM D HARIUMAN, 1(526 Judge of Probate. sawsbcTxT. TIIIS FAMOUS SIRE- though still extenaively advt:rt.Lsed by parties having hls last year's pigs - is owned by aa, and has been at the hcad of our lïorkshires the past six inonths. We own his t'ii[iri progeny si red since September last. The equally liuuous "CHARLES DICKEK8" and " CANADA NEGRO," lustrous for their mauy prizes won in England, Canada, and at the Centenoial, li;ive been at the head of our Esscx and Suffolks tl ie past six months. AU who üce our Poland Chinas say they are uuequaled. Maktng a specialty of swiue brocdiug, and hftTlDS lai'ije herds of each variuty, we ciiu Kcnerally iill onlors on short notice - suy 30 or 40 dayti. All chaigev prepaid to Juckson or Detroit, but nothiug shipped C. O. D. II ALL BUOS., 1 mile from R.R., March, 1S77. Ann Akbok, Mich. THEDhGEE&GONARDGO.'S HiMiTd'i'i, i:vi:it-HiMnii(; ROSES itrong Pot Planta, suitable for immediate flowerng, tuint Hiiffly by muil, postpaid. 5 splendid varieties. your choioe, all labeled, for l: 12 for $2; 19for$3; il for 4 ] 35 for $5. For o cents each, adüitional, one Magniflcent Premium Rose to every dollar'a worth oidered. Send for our iu (uide to ICose Culture, and hoost; Iromover 3O0ÜneHt eorts. We make Honen aCireat Spccinlty. and are the largest RoseIfrowers in Arncnca. Refer to 100,000 customeri in he United ötateu and Cauada. THE DINGKE Sc CONARD CO., Robe Growers, West Grove, CheaterCo., Pu. 162(Jw4 Mortgagö Foreclosure. DE F AU LT having been made in the conditions of i oertain moitgage, made and executed b John lÏKhMrT und Catbnrinc Hashley, hia wife, o Sim ron, 'cmtity of Washtenaw and State o Michigan, to Hotten Eaton, then of the name place, bnaring date the flfteeuth day of December, in the yt'ítr 1874, and r-corded in the office of the Keg ia iiTot Deed of W aanleun w County, in said Btate on the eightuenth day ot December, A. D. 1874, i liOer M of mortgnges, on page 437 , on which saf( moriige there im claimed to be due at the date o this notice, theHum of thitteen hundred and thii ty-nine dollars and twenty cents, and no proceed inga at law or in eqtiity In', m been inntituted to recover the debt tiecured ty said mortgage o nnv part thereof : Now therefore notice is horeb given thut on Satukdaï, tuk hixTKKNin day o June, A. O. IS77, at ten o'clock in the forenoon o i hui day, at the nouth door of the Court House, i the city of A nu Arbor (that Ix-mur the building in whieh the Circuit (Jourt for said Countyof Waan tfimw ia held;, by virtuc of the power therein cod tained, 1 ohall foreclOBe taid mortgage by sale, a public anadón to the high es l uidder, of the promise deffcribed in said rnurtgage, or so much thereof as tthall be ni'ci'Hry tonatisfy the nmount dueon sai mortgago with the Interest, costa and expenses a. lowed b v luw, and nlo thirty dollars as a reasona ble eolicitor or attorney ife asexpreesiy stipulate aud afreed to in ;ml mortgatfe, wbich said premia en are dettciibed iu eaid mort gage as follows, vis All the fullowing deschbed lands to wit: Th went half of the sou th west quarier and the Mouth east quarter of the southweBt quarter, and th aputheast qunrter of the northweut quarter of sec tion number tourteen f14), township number three (Á) south of range number three (3) east, count and Strtti' atoreaald, containing one hundred an sixty aeren of land according to the governmen uurvey, be ttie Bitine moreor lesa. Aun Arbor, March 15, 1877. 162" HOSEA EATON, Mortgagee. A. Fer,CH, Attorney for Mortgagee. Estáte of Abram Davenport. STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw ss. At a session ol' the Probate Court for th County of Washteuaw, holden at the Probate O fue in the city of Ann Arbor, on Monday, th nineteenth day of March, in the ycar one tliouand eight hundrt;d and seventy-seven. Present, William D. Harriman, Judge of Probate. In the mattter of the ostate of Abram Daven port, deceased. Or reading and filing the petition, duly verifie of Alfred Davenport, praying that he may be appoiuted administrator of the estáte of said deceaned. Thereupon it is ordered, that Monday, th ftixteenth day of April next, at ten o'cloc in the foreii(Xu, be assigued for the hearinj of said petition, and that the hoira at law ofsait deceased, and all other persons interested in sai( estáte, are required to appesir at a session ofsai court, then to be holden at the Probate Offlce, i the city of Ann Arbor, and show cause, i any thcre be, why the prayer of the petitione should not be granted. And It is furLher or dered that said petitioner give notico to the per sona interested in said estáte of the pondency o said petition and the hearing thereof, by causin a copy of this order to be published in the Mich gan Argus, a newspaper printed and cireulated i said county, three successive weeks previous t said day ol' hearing. WILLIAM IX HARRIMAN, f A truc copy.) Judge of Probate. Wm. G. Doty, Probate Register. 1627td Estáte of Silaa Day. STATE OF MICHIGAN, Countyof Washtenaw, ss. At a seasion of the Probate Court for the county of Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Office, in the city of Ann Arbor, on Thursday, the twenty-second day of March, in the yeurone thouaand eight hundred and seventy-seven. Present, William D. Harriman, Judge of Probate. In the matter of the estáte of Silas Day, decensed. Myron Wabb and Sarah Ann T)ay, administrators of aid estáte come iutu court and represent that they are now prepared to render their final acconnt as such adminitdratorB. Thereupon it is ordered, that Friday, the thirteenth dy of April next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, be assigned for examining and allowine Buch account, and that the heira at law of siud deceased, and uil other persons interested in said estáte, are required to appear at a session of said court, then to be holden at the Probate Office, in the city of Ann Arbor, in said county, and show cauae, if aay there be, why the said account should not be allowcd : And ib is further ordered that said adminístrate ra give notice to the persons intoreatcd in said estáte, of the pendency of said account, and the hearing tbereof, by causing a copy of thia order to be publiehed ip the Michigan Argus, a newspaper printed and circulating in said county, throe successive weeki previous to eaid day of hearing. WILLIAM D HARRIMAN, (A true copy.) Judge of Probate. Wm. Q. Doty, Probate Register. 1627 Chancery Sale. IN PURSUANCË and by virtue Of the decree of the Circuit Court for the County of Washtenaw, in chancery, made and enterca on the twenty-second day of March, A. 1). 1877, in a certain cause therein pendiug, wherein Samuel P. Jcwett is complainant, and William B. Dean and James C. MoGee ure defencIanU, the uudersigned, one of the Circuit Court Commissioners in aud for the said County of Washtenaw, will sell at public venduc to the highest bidder, at the south door of the Court House, in the city of Ann Arbor in said county, ou the fifth day of Muy, A. U. Ifi77, at ten o'clock in the forenoon of that day, the fbllowing described lands and premises namely : All those certaiu piceos or pareéis of land, sitúate and bciiig In the townsfalp of Sharon, ia the Couuty of Washtenaw and State of Michigan, and described as folio ws to wit: Being the east half of the southwest quarter, aud the west half of the south east quarter of -section number twenty-eight ; also, the west half of thesoutheast quarter ofthe southwest quarter of aection number tweuty, all in towuship three south of range three east, in said couuty, containing ouo hundred and cighty acres of land. AIbo, one acre of land in the southeast corner of the west half of the southwest quarter of section number twenty-eight in said townthip. Dated, March 22d, 1877. FRANK EMERICK, John N. Goxt, Circuit Court Commiasioner. Solicitor for Complainant. 1627 Cotnmissioners' Notice. STATE OF MICHIGAN, Countyof Washtenaw ss. The undursigned having been appointed b the Probate Court for said county, conituisMoner to receive, examine and adjust all claims and de inands ot' all pursous fttpünst the estáte of Frederifk Huaon, late of said county deceased, hereb; aive notice that six niontUs from date are allowci by order of said Probate Courtt for creditors to present their claims againstthc ustate of said deceased, and that they will meet at the office of Christian Eberbach, in the city of Ann Arbor, in said county, ou the tifth day of June and on the fifth day of September next, at ten o'clock a. m. of each of said days, to receive, examine and adjust said claims. Dated, March 5, A. D. 1877. 1625w4 WILLTAM BURKE, CHRISTIAN EBERBACH, Commissioners. Coínmis9Íonors Notice. UTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw, 5 as. The undersigned having been appointed by the Probate Oourt for said ccunty, commissioners to receive, examine and adjust all claims and demandB of atl persons against the estáte of Susan H, W'oJle, late of the City of Chicago, IlliuoiB, deceased, hereby give notice that bíx monthn from date are allowed, by order of said Probate Court, for creditors to present their claims agaiuat the trátate of auid deoeasöd, and they will meet ut the Firat National Bank, in the City of Ann Arbor, in Haid oounty,onthe "2Sth day of May and on the 2ith day of August, next, at ten o'clock a. m. of euch of said duyn , to receive, examine and adjust siiid claims. Ditted, February 28, A. D. 1877. 1024 JOHN W. HUNT, J. W. KNIUHT, Commissioners. Estáte of Sheldon Tomlinson. STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw, ss. Noücti is hereby giren, that by order of the Probate Court for the County of Washtenaw, made on the Ist day of Maich, A. D. 1877, six inonths trom that d;itc were allowed for creditors to preeent their claims agaiuat theestate of Sheldon Tomlinson, late of said county, deceased, and that all creditors of aaid decensed are required to present their elaltna to said Probate Court, at the Probate Office, in the City of Ann Arbor, for examination and allowance, on or before the first day of September nest, and that such claims will be heard before said Court on the firat day of June and on the first day of September next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon of oach of those days. Dated, Aun Arbor, March 1, A. D. 1877. 1624 WILLIAM D. HARRIMAN. Judge of Probate. Mortgage Sale. WHBREAB, James Öhaw and Sarah Shaw, of the City of Ann Arbor, County of Washtenuw and State of .Michigan, on the fourteenth dy of January, A. D. one thouwand eight hundred aud Beventy three, executed a mortgage to Andrew J. Shively, of the City of Brooklyn, County of Kings and State of New York, to wecure the payment of certain principal and interest money therein mentioned, which mortfge was recordcd in theoiticoof the Register of peeda of Wivshienaw County and Ötfite of Michigan, on the 14th day of January, A. D. eighteen huudred and aeveuty-three, at four o'clock flve mimi te v. m. of Haid lay, in liber 49 of mortgngcg, on page three hundred and forty (340) and ; whereus, default has been made for moro tluin thirty (:i0) daya in tlie paymentuf an iutttallmeut of uaid interest monty, wliich bocame dus on the flrst (lst) (]iy oí' January, A. D. eighteen hundred and aeventy-seven C1H77), by reaaon whereof and pursuant to the ierms of said morsgage. siid morígagee electa that bo muoh of aid principal aa remiiimt unpaul, with all arrearages of iiiterest thereon. slmll becomc due and payuble immediately ; an 1, whereas, there is clairned to be due and unpuid at the dute ol thU notice, the turn of flve hundred and üfty-nine dol lurs and aixteen cunta ($559.16}, for principal and interest, ulo fifty dollars Cí11) a a' reusonable 80licitor or iittorney's fee, in addition toall other legal costs as otton us any prooeedings ure taken to aaid mortgue, and no ,-ui: or pro :ediiigs ha ving boon iimtituted, either in uw or eqtïity, to recover the name or any mrt tliertol : Notice is hereby given, that on SfitunUy, the Iwenty-sixth day of May next, at two o'oloek in the afteruoon of suid day, at the south loor of the Court House, in the City of Ann Vrbor (that being the building in which the Circuit Court of said county is held), and by virtue of he powor of tuile contained in said raortgne, I huil nell at publio veudue, to the hitfhest bidder, he premises dettcribed in said Mortgage, to Biitisfy he amount of principul and interest elaimed io bo lue, with the aitorney's fee of fifty dollars and harges of sale, to wit : Being lots numbers eleven lljandtwelve (12) in block number four(4) in )rmsby & Page's additiou to the City of A nu Arbor, in the State of Michigan, being the same ots sold and conveyed by Luke Coyle tu the pary of the lirst part. March let, 1877. 1624 ANDREW J. sniVKLY, Mortgagee. John N. Uott, Attomey for Mortgagee. ELECTION NOTICE. Ofkick of Shkkiff of Washtenaw County. 7 n Arbor, March 12, 1877. ƒ 'o the Electors of Washtenaw County : Yon are hereby notifiod that at the election to be ohl on Iho tirst Monday of April next, iu the tateof Michigan, th? followlDg oifieers are to be ectcd, Ti : Two Regcnts of the University and ne Justice of Mie öuprcine Court, whoae ternis of fflee will begin on the flrst day of January, . D. 1878. JOSIAH 8. CASE, Sheriff. By MlnüKl. Fl.KMIS, ('uderHherlft'. 1020 Election Iffotice. THE COURT HOUSE LOAN. To the Kiertors of the Counly of Vashteuaw : Notice is hereby giren that at the annual election to be held on Mouday, April 2, a proptmtx loan of $40.000 for the building of & new Court House, wilt be submitted for your considerutioc and decisión, pursuant to the terms of the following resolutions adopted the Board of Supervisors of said county, at a seesion held on the twentieth duy oí December, 1876: Wherkas, The present Court House oí Washtenaw County, havingbecome by age and use dilapidated, iuconvenient, unc om for La ble, unhealthy, and unsafe for use ; Whkbeas, The iecords and documents of the several county offices, e special ly those of the oöioe of the Register of Deeds, ara now exposed unl liable at any time to be removed by theft or detroyeil by Üre, complicating the title of the real estáte of the county, to replace which in full would be utterly imposhible, and to replace in part by abstracta would probably coat the county more than the expense of building a new Court House, with offices and tlre-proof vaults attached ; Whereas, The compiled lawa (paee 225, seotion 446) explicitly declare that each organized county shall, at iis ovn proper expense, provide a suitable Court House, aud a suitable and sumcient jail, and flre proof offices, and all other necestmry public buildings, and keep the sanie in good repair ; Wherbas, The City of Ann Arbor has generoualy voted to dónate $20 000, in addition to its proportionate tax to the eounty, for the purpose of building a new Court House, upon the coudition that the couuty f urnish $10,000 for the same purpose; W]u;hear, The levying of the said $40,000, payable in five annual idhí alimenta with interest, would not exceod the triüiiig gum of eight cents iinnually on each oue hundred dollars oí the present assessed valuution of the taxüble properiy of said county ; thor fore Resolved, By the Buard of Supervisors of "Wushti.'imw County, that the public interest and salety, and permanent preservatiou ol the important records and documents of the several couuty offices, (iemands the ettrly erection ot a new Court House, wilh flre-proof vaults attached to the offices of Couuty i.'l.-rk, Reurister of Deed, Judge of Probate, and County Treasurer. Resolved, That for the erection ot suid new Court House und otlices, the sum of fort y thousand dollars is hereby appropriated, Bubject to the approval of the electors of the County of Wnshtenaw, and that the wild $40,000 shall be raised by a loan on the bonds of the County of Washtenaw, piiyable within tíve years from th first day of FeDruary, 1877, pnyable in Üve annual instullmenta of eight thouKnud dollarB, at a rate of interest not to exoeed eight per cent. per annum, puyable annually on tbe flrst duy of Fubruary. Resolved, That if a mttjority of the electors of said couuty voting on said loan shall authorize the same, it shall bethcduty of the Board of Supervisors of said county to make the loan as abore provided, and to order from year to year the levyintr und roliecting a tax sufficient to pny the several installments thereof as they may become due, with interest. Rexohedt l'dut the queBtlon of authorizing aid loan of $40,000. for the erection of u uew Court Koufte be submitted to the electora of the County of Washtenaw at the spring eleotiou, held on the first Monday of April, and that the County 'lcrk of mud couuty be and ïh hereby authorized [o furnish the iusptctors of election of the several ,ownship9 and waidt of aaid conuty with proper ullots, und Kkt tuspectors bhall provide ballot oxes for thö reoeption of ballots for or against said loun ; and thoue electors votiug for snid] loMl shall liu w printed or written on their butlots the words " For the loan," and thotie eltctors votiug igainat aaid loan shiill have printed or written on ;fapir ballotti the words M Agninst the loun," and hu L due cnnvnss and return shall be rande of such vote, as required by section 486, compiled lawa of 871. Resolved, Thivt a building commlttee, consisting of five memhers, be elccted by this board, who huil proceed immcdiately, in case the elector of Washtenaw County shall vote for suid loan of $40,MK), to udopt such plnns and Bpecitlcations for a iew Court House at they may deern best, provided he coat of said new Court House shall not excued he sum of $40,000 to the County of Washtenaw, exclusivo of the .JO,oou donated by the City of Ann Arbor; and said committe ahull, before they commence the eiection of BHid house, socure to the unty the $20,000 donated by the City of Aun Arir ; and sid committee shull huve wwer, and are ïereby authorized, to advertise for, roceive, and accept propináis for building said Court House, tnd in uil thingti pertaining thereto act for and in ehulf of the Board of Superviso. Resolved. That the County Clerk and chairmun )f the Board of Supervisors, are hereby inatructod. n case the electora of the county shall vote for snid oan of $40,000, to iHBue the bonds of the county rom time to time fcr such amounts as the building ommittee shall doem necessary and proper for the onstruction of baid Court House, provided that nder no circumstancea shnll the uonds ifsued xceed the sum of $40,000, nor in any way conñict with the conditioo expressed in the aecoud rosoluion ui ka i'. Resolved, That the Sheriff of Waphtenaw County hall give notice to the electors of the county of :ie submis-sion of the question of authoriziug unid oan, as required by aectionB 484 and 48f of the ompiled laws of 1871, and said notioe shnll inude the precedlng resolutions. Dated, Ann Arbor, Februory 24, 1877. JO8IAH 8. CAÖK, Sheriff. M. Fleming, Undersherilf. lt25 1JISS IÜANTIE M; u II,MU, Teacher of the Piano. InstruotloQ given at the residence of the pupil if eslred. For tcniH inqulrc at residence, No. 48 South State reet. lO14m3 Sewing Machines .THE SXXTGEH, HE W SOMESTZC, And th.e HOWE, And several good Second-Haud Machines at the SHWING MACHINE OFFICE, Ann Arbor. Alsu Needles for all Machines The very best that are made, and at f acimienta and parts for nearly atl machines. S1NGER MACHINES Rspaired bettcr. therc than anywhere else in America. If your machine don't work well, trade it for une that doet, or have lt repaired. All machines sold on easy payments at the office. Sccond door east of Pont Office, Ann Arbor. l ic-li. (1556) 1. 1.. .ium;i,i,, Agent. A DOLLAR SAVED IS A DOLLAR EARNED ! NEW GOODS! And priees LOWER THAN KVKE, I have purchiiMed in New York, for enah, and I atn now duily receivini one of the larpest aud most uelect stocks of Grocerics in Waahtenaw County, ooDsistintf of a full and well select ed LINE OF TEAS, All of the new erop - including Guupowden, Impertáis, Vounf II y , H j-sous, Japans, OolouKt, lorius;i, I uiicous, Soucnong-s, and Twankays, Touetber with full line ofCOFFEKS, eonsistïng of the following branda: MOCHA, OLD GOV'T JAVA.MAKACAIBO, LAGUAYRE.8ANTOS and KIO, both roasted and ground ; a íull and well aelected stock of SUCARS, SYRUPS AND MOLASSES, Together with everythinp in the line cf Pure 3picüs,Cunned fi uit h nud Vegetables. We have a full aod complete line of BOOTS & SHOES, j HATS, CAPS, GLOVES And Hiisirry. Alaot n choice asnortment of Ladies' ' and Geiitlemeii's Underwü&r. Cali and examine ; (rood and rricüö and we will intturetmtisfaction. i EDWARD DUFPT. " Maynard's Biock(' cor. Main and Ann streets , Ann Arbor. Mich. BïiTJliliebt cash price paid for all farm produce, "TB8 (D f f 0( ant De made by every agent every e L MNMth in the business we furninh, bul íll ti il i tli vsc willing to work can earu a doMD W J J wdoltars a day in theru own localitieH. llave uo room to explain here. lïusitiesü pteasant and honorable. Wonirn, and boys luid girla do a well na men. We will furnish you a complete outfit free. The business pays better than anything else. We wil! bear expense of starting you. Particular ' free. Wrlte aud see. Farmers and mechanie, tlieir sons and daughters, and all classes in nced of 3 payiug work at home, should wrjte to usand learn A all about the work at once. Now is the time. Don't delay. Addresa, Trus a Co., Augusta, Main.-. 1620 -I RAILROADS. MICHIGAN CENTRAL HAn.Kim, NO . !0, 1876. opimo wit. M'l i j iiuËP Detroit, leve, 7 00 9' lo 14 ÍS Q.T.Junction, T 15 9 25 4u S 2 W ! Wayne Junction 7 40 9 50 5 ',, 2" 10 1 Yp.ilanti, 8 15 10 tT 540 ?L! Ann Arbor, 8 36 10 35 („ 11 a Delhi, 850 651 8W'Ht sas. jad !sfe, 947- ?- Jackson.Lv., 110 20112 00 iiM!, 'u. Albion, 11 04 12 45 UZ ' 1 ti Marshall, 11 60 l3o:„- 1 4, r. m. i ■'". Si BattleCreek, 12 20 1 57 4 ,, ,J Oaleburg, 12 65 : ; !? A H ' Kalamaïoo, 1 15 2 J8 4 o f.1,1?: Lawton, 168 :441 ■ , U riccotur, 2 15 ico - DowaglBO, S 41 ; 5 26 i ' ■- Nües, 3 11 4 07 6 101 ;ï?- Buchanan, 3 25 t 21, í, ! ThreeOakB S 56 4 48 7 04 íí- - New Buffnlo, 4 13 M 66 7 21 í 5 c B Michigan City, 4 40! S 20 7 50 Ï - ■ Lake, 5 2S6 59I8 36 í }{ Kenaington, 6 20' 6 40, 9 40! c }Í ' Ohicago, arriTe, 7 061 í S510 se' OPIMO EA8T. M 5 . j ff pL ir ? A.H. i.H. p.u. TT Chicago, leare, 5 00 8 30 3 50, Siir Kensington, ! 6 45 9 12 4 :t;, í !. ': Lake, 6 40 9 54' 6 23 eiv,!11 Michigan City, i 7 3210 40' 6 25l I M NewBuffalo, 7 56 11 00: 6 511 '1 Three Oaka, 8 na 11 15 7 09' Buchanan, ' 8 41 7 5o' ■ Niles, 9 Os'! 11 55 8 S0 TT r Dowagiac, 1 27 ' 8 4s! Un Decatur, I 9 52: 9 15j ; 'I Lawton, lio IO!P. m.' 9 85' Z lf Kulamazoo, 1 10 60' 1 15 10 10 wTölT" Oalesburg, 11 12 1 Battle Creek, 11 7 1 67j m TTü ;i; ManihaU, 12 45 2 40 P llinT Albion, 1 lu 3 02; 'Z j Jackson, Lv., 2 15 45 'j'afj1!;,, Ora8Lake, ! 45 7 53 M? Chelea, S10 ÍCÍ ? Deiter, S 26 8 '-_ . Ï Delhi, 3 37! 1 8 ÍO: '' Ann Arbor, 3 62' 4 55 9 (15 5 i T" YpíiUnti, 4 15' 5 10 9 27 2 B ,' Wayne June, 4 43 i 5 29 l( 00! i ís !í G.T.Junc, 5 JO! 6 00 1046 Jm!! Detroit, Ar., I 5 46 6 15 ! di Ool 52 18"urday snd bimdí"1H. B. I,KDYARD,Gen'181ipt.,Dttoj, H. C. Wentwokth. Uen. Paas. Agt., Chicago Comer Main aud UurooStiK, IF YOU WANT A GOOD OVERCQAI AND WANT TO BUY IT CHEAP, GO TO WM. WAGHEE? For He ia Selling Overcoats at Cosí. IF YOUR BOY WANTS A BOX OF COLLARS 8END HIM TO WM. WAGNER'S' FORTHERE HK CAN GET THE BEST FOB TUE LEAST MONFA'. IF YOU WANT AGOODSUIT MADE TO ORDER, go to WM. WACNER'S 21 South Main Sr. Ann Arbor. THE ENEMY OF DISEASE! THE FOE OF PAIN TO MAN AND BEAST. In tbe Grand Olii MU8TANG LINIMENT Whioh ha tood the lest of fortr ye"There Is no Sore lt will not heal, no LameW' will not cure, no Ache, no Pain that aSM' Y Human Body, or the Body ol a Horae or ,"'■"'''. meatic animal, that does not yield to it touch. A bottle costina 25c, 50c, or #1.00. W"( ten sftved the life of a human being, anaKêlwto life and uset ulnesi man} a valuable li IllIliAM CÜMPAM Capital, - - $3.OQO,00ft Asaets Jan 1, 1876, $6,792,649.9& Loases Paid in 55 Years, $44,760,391.71. Surplus over all Liabilities, inclaW Ke-Insurance Reserve, $4, 735, 092. SSNet Surplus over Liabilities, inclndmí Ko-lnsuranuu and Capital Stocti $1,735,092.86. C. MACK, Agent AunArh"r' pEOUGE W. GEOPSEY, Lsteof the firm of Clark 4 Cbopskï. "' ;,; Kkaknkï, lat of Teias, under tbc n" ' KEARNEY & CKOPSK' Haye cstal.llshed themselves at No. 33 W Main St., Aun Arbor, aud propw ■ xener&l Grocerv Business They will algo keep CROCKERY, LAÍ.sÍk' WOODKN WWK, and a full line f j 1 and KOREIGMtKÜITS. Tliey have "uw furnished f tt A First-Jfiss Eating öPan ment, . Whero Meáis can be liad at all houw, or W the weck. Canh pald for Rutirr, UW"',' álf Ie ir) produce. Gomia Prl.""'',eulsred in any part of the city. Romeiolxr i S3 Soutli Itlnln Street. KEVRJÍEY JtCBOP Aun Arbor, April 20, 1S76. __, vor' SEND 86c. toO.P, ROWBL.L CO.. .íí',i,B for pamphlet of 10U pa?es, contuiniu? . KW newpaper, and entúnate hommf"" kertUing. __-


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