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- Juaior exhibition at the high school this eseniug. -Now is the time to get ready for your Spring work : by payiug for the Abous. _ (i. Bodney Palmer, Esq., is president of the Manchester Red Ribbon Reform Club. _ Yesterday Prof. W. P. Wells gave the last lecture of the course in the law departmeut. - Where is the man who dare swear that ne sna'n't have " six weeks sleighing in Maren. - Medical Cominenceinent next Wednesday forenoon. Law Commencerneut ,Wednesday aitemoon. - The Winter term of the public schools cloBes to-day. The Spring term will commence on Mouday, April 2. -Charles H. Richmoud, Esq., has been confiued to his house for some four weeks and 13 uow confiued to his bed. - Our nianufacturiug establishments of all kinds should advertise in the Aeous. Now is the time to bid for the Spriug trade. - Elias Haire, of Fresdom, recently planted 25,000 white fish fry in Lake Pleasant. They carne from the State Fish Commitsioner, - Dr. llaclean gave the closing lecture to the modical class, on Fnday laat, and since that examinations have been progressing. - ü. W. Palmer, Esq., of Bridgewater, has deposited 20,000 white fish fry in the lake at the center of the town. Last year's planting was a success. - Dr. Oocker tipped himself out of his cutteron Suuday moruing last, just after having deposited Mrs. C. safely ou the walk. No damage done. -Sunday eveuing next President Fairchild, of Oberlin, Ohio, will deliver the annual sermon betors the Studeuts' Christian Association in University Hall. - On Saturday morning last the mercury marked below zero, aud at the hour of " high noon" itwas only 14 degrees above, How will that do for St. Patrick's day. - The Reform Club at Ypsilanti is f umishing three üne rooms on the second fioor of Hewitt's block, and propcses to make them more attractive thau tha saloous. - " Brick Pomeroy " has some admirera in Ypailanti, aud noxt Alonday evening, in Union School Hall, he proposea to enlighten them ou "Poverty aud how to reach it." - The pupila in the High and Grammar iAools got a half holiday on JAonday. "Why : . lírozen and burst steam pipe. Damage was replaced and steam up again at noon. - The case oi the City of Ann Arbor vs. Michael Weiumann- the test slaughter-home case- was heard before Judge Huntington on Vednesday. Decisión not yet reudered. - We understand that D. Cramer, Esq., of this city, will dehver the addresa at the celebration of the Ö8th anniversary of the I. O. O. F. to be held at Eatou Rapids, April 26th. - The anuual re-union of the Law Alumni Association is to be held on Tuesday eveuing next, at the Gregory House. Literary exercises at 7 1-2 o'clock, f olio wed by a banquei. - Mr. and Mra. F. M. Palmer, of Biver Eaisiu (Bridgewater) celebrated their " China Weddiug" on the evening of the 5th inst, aad had a gay time : heaps of presenta and good things. - Slierift Case is -in atteudance upon the Circuit Court, aud iuteuda to remove to thia city, taking possession of tlie jail, as soon as is liealth ahall permxt. He ia not looking iery rugged. - Prof. S. S. Jones, Dean of the Homeopathical Medical College, will give the address to the first graduating class, at the Commenceinent exercises in University Hall on. Wednesday evening next. - The Eed Ribbon campaigu is to be opened in this city on Sunday aiternoon in the Opera House. Elsewheie a good work ia beiug done, ndthereia certaiuly a good field for labor e. See notice in another column. - Ii you have a dosire to vote at the coming charter election, April 2, see to it that your me is properly regiated on Wednesday next. I' you have come iuto the city, chauged warda, or become of age aince the last election you mast register. -Luther James took "the sober aecond tkought," paid the taxes assessed against him, nd had the suit discontmued. IE a trial tonld have really settled the disputed pointa- tis place of resideuce- a trial would have been to'ter than a settleinent. - A Republican City Oonvention, to nomi0to a candidato for Mayor, Eecorder, and two Justices of the Peace, has been called for Hursday eveniug, March 29, at the Court House. Ward Caucuses are to be held on lveduesday evening. - There carne near being a tragedy in our c% on Mouday afternoon last. One iudig"wt husbaud was on the look out lor his wife "d " a handsomer man," pistol in hand, but "M persuaded by frieud to tliiuk better of it. We withhold namea. - Peter Snuiters has removed to a farm " Milford, üakland Co., -which leavea a vancy in the " board of trade." Applicants wthe vacated situation must apply the firat bnght, sun-shiny atternnun at the office of the uard, Savings Bank corner- outside sofa. Isaac N. Johuson, of Salem, son of the at Clinton Johnsou, committed suicide on unday evening last, by cuttin hia throat mth a razor. He had been in the insaue asy"iu at Kalamazoo, but since his release his leuda hal hoped tor his permanent recovery. Owing to the sovore storm of Tueaday 'veiling Prof. Tyler did not read from Tenuy'0"'s Haroid for the benefit of the Ladies' Ii. rilry. He haa consented to give the readinga 011 Tuesday eveniug next. Tha place will be mounced at the Librury room on Saturday "teriiooa. -John Allen, alias " Galvanized Jack" oolored), was arrested in thi3 city on Saturday "i by Marshal Cook, in response to a tele8rm, and taken to Jackson, where he was Kauted to answer to a charge oí assault with '"tent to kill. The Jackson sheriff carne down a"d claimed his man in the eveuing. - The students of the Medical Department ave issued an adciress or memorial to the gialature, touohing the character of the dePMtmeot and ïts ao-called conuection with the haiiopathso college, which is températe in a% though severa ou tha " regulara " who 6siie tho destruction ot the departmeut. - The Univerity Calendar for 1876-7 is out, and makes a good showing for the several departments. Total number of students, 1110, classified as follows: Literary Department, 369; Pharmacy School, 61; Medical Department, 285 ; Law Departmont, 309 ; Homeopathie Medical College, 61 ; Dental College, 33. - It is not our castora, either as an editor or an official, to respond to the attacks of anonymous scribnlers, but if " Celus " will give the public his name or any responsible person will repeat the charges he makes in the lastf Register, we shall be pleased to dispose o them to the eutire satisfaction of the public. - Can the oldest inhabitant fix the date of such a thunder storm as that of Tuesdny evening and night ? The lightning and thumler was like that of mid-summer but the rain carne down in snow, covering up aud bliuding the pedestrian, and blockiug up walks and roads. Full olie foot of snow feil during the night. - The ITniversity Olee Club will give a concert in Whitney's Opera House, Detroit, on Tuesday evening next, March 27th. The programme will include the popular college aongs, and we have no doubt that even a dull audience (and Detroit audiences ought not to be dall) would be roused to a high pitch of appreciation. - W. D. Williams, Judge of the Twelfth Circuit, and Dan H. Ball, Esq., a prominent lawyer at Marquette, both former residents of th's county, - perhaps bom in it,- have been in the city this week, arguing a chancery case befoie Judge Huntington - a case in which Judge Williams was attorney before going upon the bench. Many old friends gave them a cordial greoting. - According to the almanac (we ara careful now, Bro. Wynkup) the eun entered Aries at 6 o'clock and 37 miuutes A. M. on Tuesday last and Spring begun. Yet at 7 A. M. the mercury stood at only 6 degrees above zero. A glorious day followed, whioh we hope presaged " Spring, lovely Spring." P. S. That celestial ram (aries) punished old Sol for trespassing on his dominions before night set in. - When the reporters made haste to teil that Charles Kitson had been charged with stealing a house he laughed at it as a good joke ; but when one of them acquitted him on a charge of stealing a horse he was mad " clean through " and threatened vengeance. Could n't stand the insinuation that he had eveu been suspected of being a horse-thief. One letter makes a vast difference some timea. - The suit brought against the Michigan Central Bailroad Company by J. G. Schairer, administrator of the estáte ot John Schairer, deceased, and which was on the calendar for trial at the present term of court, was settled last week, the company paying l,600. The Aeous readers will rernember that Mr. Schairer was killed some months ago while Crossing the track near the Dexter depot. His horses were also killed. - Either intentionally or uuintentionally the testimony of Dr. Douglas aj published in the Courier is not full and complete. There are numerous important omissions, - omissious which might or might not give new light to the readar upon some points, and relieve Dr. Douglaa, Dr. Angelí, and others, from sonin invidious criticism. Our cotemporary owes it both to himself and the public to givo the evidenoe in full or to state that it is an abstract. - Judge Huntington oponed the regular term of the Circuit Court on Tuesday, at 1 1-2 o'clock p. ie., having given the Bar the use of the court room in the lorenoon. The first cali of the calendar sent over all the jury cases save some half a dozen, which were put ou cali tor Wednesday. Wednesiay morning no cases were ready and the jury were discharged until Tueaday next, when the criminal calendar will be taken up. Judge H. is disposing of the Court and Chancery cases. - Luther James, Esq., has exocuted and deposited with Philip Bach, a boud obligatiug himself and his heirs, to give to the county of Washtenaw $1,000, for the puipoe of purchasiag a clock to be placed iu a uew Court House, providing tbat tUe pending loan is voted by the electors at the coming elcction, and a Court House costing $60,000 built within three years from the date of the bond. We understand that Mr. James when the last Court House proposition was submitted told his friends that he should give $1,000 for a clock, but the measure haTiug been voted down his offer was not made public. The offer is a geuerous oue and the voters will do well not to let Mr. James off without forking over. A letter trom Capt. W. V. Richards, 16th XJ. S. Iniantry, now statioued at the Custom House, New Orleans, who with his wife, formerly Miss Mary F. James, were long-time residents here, records the death of their infant son, on the 16th inst., and sketches his brief life : " The little fellow was bom in Nashville, Tenn., on the 28th of M&y last; wheu less than two mouths old was moved to Louisville ; wheu less than three mouths old to Newport, Ky.; before he was five months old to Mt. Vernon, Alabama ; and at six montha of age to New Orleans, where he closed his campaign by falling a victim to an epidemie of small pox which ia raging here.1' A short bat stirring campaign for William Vigor Richards, Jr. - On Tuesday last J. M. Wheeler, Esq., and his daughter Mary, left for San Francisco, and it is understood that Mr. Wheeler will return alone. In Sao Francisco Miss Wheeler will meet Mr. Eobert Lillie, a Scotch gentleman whom she met in Europe, now en route from Yokohama, Japan, and af ter the performance of a wedding ceremony bridegroom and bride will immediately take the steanier for their eastern island home. Mr. Lillie ia in the employ of the Scotch Missionary Society, ngaged in translatmg the Bible into the Japaneae language, and in superintending the work of the Society in Japau. Misa Wheeler has a large circle of friends here whoae best wishes follow her, and who will gladly welcome her on her expected return two years henee.


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