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- Rev. Dr. Cooker will preach in the Presbyterian Church next Sunday mormng. - Coufirmation at Zion Church on Sunday next, at the morning service, 10 1-2 o'clock. - President Fairchild, of Oberlin, O., will preach in the Congregational Churoh next Suuday, at 10.30 A. M. - At the church next Friday evening, March 30, the youug ladiea of the M. E. Church will offer the articles they are preparing for sale. Refreshments will be served. - Rev. Mr. Brighara will read to the student's class, at the Unitarian Church, on next Sunday morning at 9.30, the closing essay of the course on the B iok of Job, and will preach at 10.30 on " Brotherly Love." There will be no lecture in the evening. - The following is the programma for the annual meeting of the State Conference of the Uuitarian Church, to be held in thii city April 3, 4, and 5 : Oponing sermón on Tuesday evening at 7:30, by Kev. J. T. tíunderland, ot Chicago, 111. Devotional meeting on Wednesday morning at 9 o'clock, to last oue hour, conducted by Rev. J. L. Jones, of Janesvüie, Wis. Regular meeting of the Conference at 10 A. M. for trausaction of business, reports ot ofticers and committees. At 11 A. M., essay by Rev. Calvin Stebbina, of Detroit, on " Atheism," to be followad by discuBson. Recess from 12 30 to 2 p. H. At 2 p. M., essay by Rev. Charlea Cravens, of Toledo, Ohio, on " Retributiou," to be followed by discussion. Adjournment at 5 p. M. At 7 P. M., religious service in the church. Sermón by Rev. G-eorg W. Cutter, of Buffalo, N. Y. Immediately after service in the church, there will be a social gathenug of tlis sociuty and their guests lu the lower room of the church. On Thursday morning, devotional moeting at 9 o'clock, to be couduotod by Rev. M. G. Parrot, ot Jockson. At 10 A. M., essay by Rev. C. G. Howland, of Kiüamazoo, on " The Religión of Common Senae," with discussion following. Final adjournment at 12 30 p. M. A meeting of the Bar of t.his county was held at the Court House on Tuesday forenoon, c.ulled at the request of Representatv Allen and Sawyar to consider the bill passed by the Sonata and now peudiug in the House for orgamzing the twenty-second judical oircuit, to be conetituted of the counties of Monree and Washtenaw. The attendanco was large. Ron. C. Joshn presided, and Hon. A. J. Sawyer officiated as secretaiy. Messrs. Gibson and Parkinson, of Jacksoa, were present and representad that the calendar oi that county was luinbered up, that the Uourt was unable to olear it, and the objuct sought by the bill was Niiiiilv such a reduction of the duties of the Judge us to euable t.liu Jiickaou Bar to get their cases diaposed of. A lengthy discussion was had involving the questiou of salarie, the relations of couuties, other methods of relief - such as giviug additional jurisdiction to the Probate Court, the probabihties of getting a satisíactory Judge in the proposed circuí t, etc. After which the following resolutions were uearly unanimously adopted ; Resolved, That it is the of this meeting that the bill now pending in the Legulature, fonning a new judicial circuit, coniposed ol the countius of Washteuaw and Monroe, ought not to pass. Resolved, That it is the sense of the Bar of Washteuaw county that no chango be made ín the Fourth judicial district. We incline to the opiuiou that the meeting decided wisely.


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