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TöEflDAY, March 13.- Nenatk.- -Mr. Anthony su1)Miit.t''t a rcHolutJon that thr volume coutaining the ukwctfedinga ;f the Electoafcl Gommieslon and of Uu frwo housen of CongresH in regard to connting the electoral votfl bc poropftrtd ÍOT jniblÜNitiMi under the direetum ol the Coiuniitteo on Printing, and lh:it 2tJ0 copies be furnished to the Ju Uoea "f the Sopramc Court who were int mbèn of the Kioctoral CoininiHÍon. Iïcferrod. . . . Mr. Morton Hiibinitted an order that the telegrapbic difpatcbvs referred to in the letter of WfUiani Orion, Pre.nidf-nt of the Western Union Telegraph Company, roiwï on Satunlay last, ba depositad iu tlie oflice of the Soretazyof the Kenate, to be. by hini dHiverod to Mr. Orton upon hi giviiig a rccelpf fot thr samo. J,nU over. .. .The Siiiato ilion wont into cxe'Mitive sennion, and Hoon aftcr adjourDCd. Wi;iNii)Avt Mareh 14. - A comniittce, cousitiji' (tf foftHrn. Anthony and 'Whyto, wan appoiuted to wait upon PrOfeldent nd inforin him tli;it Qxc Srnato wu ready to ádjoQrn uiiIckh lic Jmd BOI&C t nrtlii t eoitniiuincatiuiin tri niakc. The COQ iniUcc jjerforiupd the duty u.ssii{iied to it,, oud wi : iuformed by the President that he would doirc to communicutc with the SfibajbB further before the iinal axljourninont took place, . . .The tQlfirinrpbjc dispatchOB exainined hy tlie Cinuuitt. ■ onTPrlvUMOe nd Elections duriug tu luvealgatíoii U to the OreRon elector wore ordorod to be reatored to the Westorn Uniou Telngraph (Joinpany .... A reolution wan laid over, authoriziug the Hiib-CüiiiDlltte ou Privileges and Kicctions to hü during va;utiou and mvt-wtigate tho chargon nrt'fcrn-d Oggiaat Senator Grover... Tho Henate the '.vint into executive t-OBflion, Thiksday, Mareh 15.- Proviöion wat made fur i.rinting the voliimo contaiuing the proccrlingw oí' the Elcctoml Oounni(íKÍon and the two hmine-i of Coxtgresa relatlng thercto, and tho matter of investigating the chargéa agafust Senator Grover was !aid over till to-morrmv, after which the Senate won( inio vxt-i utive BOMiQfi. . . .In executie .-c --hion the Kenate confirmed Georgë s. BoutwelL GonnmiBsiöner for tho purjxwe of preparing arul publishfng anew edition of the, nrnt ToÜDBDe n KeViftQd StatutoK Kngisterh of Laud i)ftïco, .Jithn S. OwenH, Taylor'rt Fall, Minn.. and (Jharlea B. 'l'ylei-, New Dim J Surveyer of ('untoms, líonben H. i Stephcusou, Oinrinin.ti. Fiudav, March 16. Tbü Sánate recoived a ■-■ frojn the l'reKident, sayiug he had no further coniruunication ti muko at thiH Bcpsion. AcoontpUfblfi tlie ïnccwage were about 100 noininations, moHÜy for minor offlcen. Without iruttaefting auy bOuH6B8 the Senate wont into executivr mpBlon, and booo aft r jtdjourned. SatüEDAï, Marcli 17. - Aftcr a luiig disciiKeiou, by h vote of yeas 39, najn 8, the rewolutiou was agreed to authorizing a flnb-eou:mittee ot threc of the Comznlttee on Privileges and ElectioDB to viHit Oregon durhij; the rect'a, if they deern it expedient, and examino the ch;trgen agaiiiht Senator Grover, of that State.'., I iigreed to print 10,000 extra coplee of the tfoaetarj CömmiaËion n opri Th-; CouunlWeea on Priñtíng and to control toe contipgeut expenses of tho Senate were aVithóiizcd to uit attring the re,ThJe thanKfl pï the Senate wöre yoted ïo Ice Pr öideul Wheëlcr, wjio ■- jiouded ln-i.ily. nt the cIopg of whích he declorcd tln Híñate adjóVrnod Wlthoul J;iy , ... In rvi-i-uüvi i-1'r.sii-n PrcdeïiCB i was confirmed i Mai tw! ol the Díátrict oi' iJüJuiubia, by u V"tft of ;i to 12... Qofpre the final idjourniiieni. Mr. Morton ïriu;:l]y dwU&Ad , the Oh&lrmapshjp of tjic OumuiuU'e on roreiaa Hc..n'i Mr, UamHii waa ntjgnkd u tppon-1


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