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A Remarkable Story

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Mr. William Wbitehead, wlio resMed uear Claysvillc, Ky., died in Juno, 1870. Early in thát year lie made a will, and bequeathed tbe sum of $2,800 for the purpose of moving t,he bodies of the deceased members of his family, and to iniprove the grounds, to i burying-ground near thc inouth of Beaver creek. The executor, Mr. N. R. Whitehead, proceeded to discharge bis duties by employing Mr. John B. Hnmilton to remove them, ünprove the grounds, and erect head and foot stones at their graves. Among those to be removed was a cbilfl i of Dr. Will Curran, of Claysville. Mr. H. disinterred the ohild, whioh wis buried in a metallic cuse on the (th day of i Jnly, 1855, in the Wliitehoad Imryinggroundin Claysville, and beiag unnble j to remove the screws in the faee-plftte of the oase was nompclled to saw it off. Upon removiug tbe face-plate a sight was ; rcvealedthat struok them dumb with i tonishment. Instead of finding, as they expected, a few bones as the remains of their liousehold pet, they beheld, as it were, a sleeping infant. The cbild ! looked as natural as life, and was in a I perfect state of preservation, with the Í exception of the nose, which was gone. The doctor, being present, immediately carried it to his home. Tliis was, indeed, a great curiosity, and niany of tho citizens of Claysvillo and viciuity carne to the doctor 's office to nee the boly. But the strangest part is not toïd. The ehild, which was 2 i years oíd wheu it (Sed, was very fond of flowers, and more especially ojt the damask rose, and when taken ly its grandmother, witli wliom it was a great pet, it ' would go to this rose bush. When the child was dying its grandinotber pulled i two dámaak rosebuds, not yot bursted, ! gave them to the uhild, and it died with them in its band. After preparing tli( body liuriiil the roselmds were placed upon its bre&si and bnriea with it. When the face-plate wan removed from the case the rosen wei-e not only in a perfect ! slute, but the leaves were as green as ! ccv, and, instead of being buds, as they i were when placed upon the child's breast, had beoome full-blown roses. -


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