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Webster On Farming

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■Yakhin-otox, March 18, 1822. . John T AYiiOii : I am glad to heat f rom yon again, and to lenm that you are all well, and that your teams nnd tools nre ready for spring' vork. wheneVer the weather will allow you to begin. I sometimes read books on famiing, and I remeniber that a sensible oíd nuthor advises f arrners ' ' to plow naked and to sow naked." By this he means that there is no use in begiiming spring's work till the weather is warm, that a farmer may throw nside his winter's olothes and roll up his sleeves. Yet he says we ought to begin as early in the yeai as possible. He wrote some very pretty versea on the subject, whioh, as fat as I remember, rnn Huis: White yel the spring ib yomig, while earth nnhinds Tli' frozen bosom to the western wlnds; While iiniiiiitinii Bnowa diuolve igainst the sim, And Btreaams, yot new, from precipices run - Sien in this i-u]y dawning of the yrar. Produce tlie plow and yoko the Btnrdy uteer, And goad hiiti till he smoke beheatta iiis toil, And the nriglit nhare i tmried in the oil. John " Taylor, when you read tliese linos, do you not sec the snow meltinc and the little stroams beginuing to win down the Southern slopes of your Punchbrook pasture, and Iho new grass" starting and growing in the trickling water, uil green, bright and beautiful? And do you not see your Diirham oxen smoking from heat and pcrspiration as they draw along your great break-up plow, cutting nnd turning over üie tough sward in your meadow in the great field ? The name of this sensible author is Virgil, and he givos farmers much other advice, some of whioh you have been following all tliis winter without even knowing that he hncl given it: Uut wheu cold weather, heavy BnotVB aud rain The laboring farmer iu hiH house restrain, Let hini forooMt liin work with timely care, Whioh elüe in hiuUllcd wheu the skú'í art1 iair ; 'l'licn let hlni mark the sheep, and whet the shilling hare, ()r hollow trees tor boato, or nuniber o'er His KiK-ks, or nifasurc hia incrcAdin Bture; Or Hii;a-ini HtakU] and n ■ -iti t icli nike and iork. Ho to bn ïviulv, in ííood time, to work ; Vi--i! hla erowded barna it tuis moru; Ijok to hiH granftry, and shU hin eorn ; Give a good breakfadt to hi nunieroim kin His sliivering poultry and Mis t'.tt'niug Bvrine. And Tilr. Virgil s:ivs some whioh you onderstand up at Franklin ae as well ns ever he did: In cbilling winter swains i'njov thrir store, I'orr-t hardships, and rcorüit for more; tiTnier 1:1 tul! ÍVjist inviten his friü&dH, And what lit' got with puitis, with pleAsure spends; Draws chaira around the tin-, and tells once more Stories which often aaye '" PP told ; Spreada a eleau tahle with thingn good to -Ml. And adds some luoistoniug to his fruit and meat. They praixe his lios])it.üity. mil fAel l In y -lililí sleep better after aiu-h a mea!. John Taylor, by the time you have got through this you will have read enougli. The stxm ól all in, bi' ready for your Bpring'a work as soon as tlie weather becomes wurm enougli, nnd then ptit ynur hand to the plow and look not burk.


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