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A Boy's Composition

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Girls are the most unaccountable tliings iu the world - except women. Like tlio wieked iiea, when you have thcm they ain't thore. 1 can eipher clean over to iinproper fractions, and the teacher says T oan do it iirst-rate, but I r.m't cipTier out a girl, proper or iinpróper, and you can't either. The only rulo in aritlnnotic that bita tlioir Cèfee is the doublé rule of two. They are as full of old Nïck as their skin can hold, and they wonlcl die if they couldn't torment somebody. When they try to be mean j they are as mean as paisley, though they ! ain't as mean a they let on, except j times, and then they are a good deal t meimer. The only way to get along with ' a K'i'l when she gets at you with her : ïioiisriiHe i to give her tit for tat, and that will flvunmux her ; and when you get a girl flunnnuxed Klie ïh as nice as a : new pin. A girl eau sow more wild oats in a day than o boy can sow in a year, but girís get tlioir wild oat-s Howcd after :i wliilc, wliioh boys do, and then they settle down as oalin md plaeid as a DM puddle. Bnt I like girls first-rate, and I "jiic 'ss the boys all do. I dou't care how many tricks they play on me, and they dou't care either. The hoity-toitiest girl in the world ean't always boíl i over like a glass of soda. By-and-by they will get into tlie traoëa with l)ody üi(y like, and pull as steady ns an old stayc horse. That is the beauty of them. So lot them wave, I say ; they will p;iy for it some day, sêwing on biuV , toiié and trying to mako a decent man of the feller they havo spliced on to, and ten chances to one if they don't get the worst of it.


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