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"go In And Holler, Then."

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At a recent meeting of the Detroit ! Temperance Beform Club, one of the speakers explained tlic Oftuse of his presenoe by lelating the following incident : When l'iiil. Sherktan was ridiug down the ShenándoaL valfëy to check the progrrss of Eurly and his men lic met a soldier on thé rétféat nml askea him why ! I Ue was goinj io the re: ir. The private ! answered i'aat ia miisket would not go off. " Öo in and holler, then," said f lic (icnriil. At thÏK junctnro some one in the rom' of the hall ncar tlio door did l "holler" " Fire !" In an instant the vast avulicncc wcrc upen t.heir ícet and i a rush tor the door waa ïnstiuiied! 3evéral genÜemi b ufton the sfege tried to qtliet the l'eius of the people, but withont avaiL and i'or a fewsecondsitfleemad : as thOTigh it terrible stnmpede Avnuld ensue. At tíaáe cnitiaJ pcriód JPresideiit I Mlfiicld li-iiped fi-oni t.iic pi'ivnii' box in which he was seated to tne Btage, mul, with u noil to the, ehoii' and Órgddist, asked them to leal the audiciice in singing ' Hola the .Kort." Witbout pivhulc iind hardly waiting for the kty note tbc choirbegaii, and Üie udiènce joined in ! loud yoioes Mngingthe glorioui iivnm. The tirst strñin Dad H"( been finish il be foM the t ri:_.?ii l aed persona pauseu, and wion all evidence oi alftirn had subeidetl in an appareui general deslié ta join, (.■art mikI Boni, in tbc singiitg. In iliix way ffne iuiit restored :nid the exerciKep pFOoeedeo. i ui'iiH"iitK in the atacópabf ; i:.,nr. ai. rKÜumtcd ut 7,000r000,


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