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The Wonders Of Blue Glass

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la Detroit Üie gamiii8discu88tliebl(u, glasé cure with all the philosophy of veteran college profeesore. Accor'dii, to the Free Press of that city wlnr?, "Bijali" dwells, "Haïky," the appi boy who feeds the lawyerS, niay lie heanj at the head of a fligkt of gtailB cliiutIr, away on ) The1 Northern Xpien doliht tkc met But blue gUw (e the tiiz ; We've got a wlndor full at heme To cure our rbeumatiz. Jack Bhepard looks as wickol as ever but his voice is gentle as he waliblcs ' The oíd womau, her bonos (lid athe JFor nwny and muny u yeart But blue glima carne, with al] its famr And now BheV tougll aa a beu. Little Stonewall Jackson sings ag le puts the sbine on a boot, and he sings as I follows : She Bat VélMê a IHue-glase pane To cure her ;llTi-tatton ; The san carne lo 3Wi burned hor ear, And now shc1 all s'V-a-tion. While Tilomas Henrv Jackson g Boj eutirely skeptical as t th? enre, he nj be heard any afteruoon 8in'5iüg, as lie parades Griswold street : Oh, the blueBt thing that I do ïnow Is a big blue bag of indigo ; Around niy neck I'll hang one, uure, And beat you folkn on a blue-glaeg -ure.


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