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Col. Mulberry Sellers' Weakness

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Matehing coin in the favorite diversión of John T. Baymond, aocording to the Dramatic News, which saya that Üe will go out with a eonple of hundred dollars in Iiík pocket iu fcfie morning and return iu the afteruoon tor more. Laat fall, when iu Sun FcMtcuKOt Rayaaand met Miturice Qttta on the street, and they went together into tlic bnr-room of the Palace Hotel. Rayinond proposed matehing. They matched two $10pieces, Grau wm. They doubled it. (irmi won. Krom tons and twenties f ixv went up to huutlreds, a streak of Iüok aocüiapóhying Gran throughout. Fxom LtmdredB ihcy oon got to thouS.1111 Is. Iu les thau half an hour RayiaiXbd had lost Sf{'2,()0Ü. So the story runs, at liast. Il was on honor, oí' coTtrse, ik uölther had that amount of raoney. Kaymond wasexoited andnen-öüs, and projfósed matoning fiie whöle {32,000 on oiie i'usl;. Grau consented, and put, down heml. liavmoml D]atohed liim and won. The new Chureh Property Tnx ln 0Í Muine exwnplH iruni twxdtion churok propertj woph oi ocñre üum (5,00Öi


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