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Dishonored Banks

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- Tho notos ofthe Lewis County Bank are not redeemed at the Albany agency. Tbis is a safelv fund bank, uhich wus in dishonor some years ago, but was brouglu info credit agniiii The Whire Plains Bank doe? not pav, and its notes are only bought by ihe brokers at 75 and 80 cents on tbc dollar. The Farmers' and D rovers' Dank of Erie County must a!?o be adJud lo the list of d'jlinqucnts. The notos are 10 per cent. discount. - [Jour. of Com. To the above, we learn from the Detroit Advertiser of yestcrday : "The Fort Plain, DanviÜe, Essex County, Pl.iin field and Hall Banks are all said to be down. Oiïver Lee & Co's, and ihe Paichin of Erie Co. banks, are nl?o regarded as tloubtful. Wt shall not be surprised to hear of stil! further fuilures in consequence of the )cnv prire of wheal and the lössea on operativa n thnt artic!e.'' - Argxi3. We learn that the insmance offices in Baitinioro issue their pulicies with the war risk, and that many sailors have refused, in the present aspect of nffairs, to I go to sea io the merchant ervice, apprehensive of being captwred by privateers and bKcnners under jhe Medican flng. .