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Revenge Of Rain-in-the-face

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Iu that desolate land anti lono, Wbsre the Mg Horn and Ycllowatonc Roar down their mountain patli, By tlieir fires the Sioux chiefs Muttcred their woes and griefs, And the nienace of üieir wrath. " Revcngc I" cried Bainin'thel'j" " Revengo UpBfi all UiO tace Of ie White Phief vfitïï yellow hair I" And the rnouaUins-, -dark and high, From their cragB re-eciioed tho cry Of his angcr and despaif . Iu the mcadow, sproadiug vride By woodland and river Bide Tke Indüiu vülage ütoixl ; AU as Bilfnt as a dreata-. Save the rua&ing of tile stroani And to l'Wc-Jay iu the wooi. In hie war-paint and hi8 bead, Liko a bison among the reeds. In arnbush the Sitting UuU Lay with thrco thousand li-aves Crouched in the cleftn and OBW, Ravage, uiimercif ui ! Tuto tlie fatal maro ■ The Miire Chief with yellow hair And his thrco lumtlred men Dashcd hcadlúilg, sword in hand ; But of tïlat galtent na Not one reUirüed aêafn. THo eftaden darkueBs 6f dèath OTerwnclmed fflem, like tne breath And muoko of a fnrnaee hre( Bv tho river's bank, and botwecn The roc'ka of tfee iavine, ïhey )y in their bloody attire. But the foemán fted in the lüght, And Rain-in-the-Boe, in his fiiglit, TJplifted high in aiï Ab a ghaetly trophy . The bravo lïerrt. tit' no more, Of e WSU6 uhief with yeUow hair. Whoee was the right and the wrong 7 Sing it, oh f uneral song, With a voicc that is full of tears, And Bay that our broken faith Wrought all this ruin and Bcathe, In the Ycar of a Hundred Years. -Yovth's Companim.


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