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Stephen S. Jones, tne editor oi tüe Beliqio-Philosophical Journal, who wa s f lately killed in' Chicago, lias been heard from in tlie spirit land. Jones' name . still stands at the head of the editorial , column of the paper as editor aöd , prietor. His son-in-law,John C. Bnndy, announees, over his own name as actmg . editor and bttsiness manager, that the courSe of the paper and its tone will be unchanged, and ihat Mr. Jones, bemg i'reed from the trommels of ílie flesh,will be able to do more for the paper íhfhe has done heretofore. To unbelievitíg ears an editorial and proprietary interest ín an earthly journal by one of the.heoyenly host sounds queer. If Spirituahsm is what it is cïaimed to be this is certamly a rafe öfianoe to show its power. Mr. Jones is a thororigh epünení of the doctrine, one who has given Lis Me to its unfoldment, and, now that he hs rcadied that land, sends back word that his teachings were all true and that he will be " able to do twice, if not thnce, as much " as Svhen in flie fleSh. The following Communications are given as coming from the great editor ; Dkaii Fkancis : Thw is kind of you to aUow no a wora, so soon after leaving my mortal body, vou aud I having been o long and so mtimateïy acquamted. I need not teU you how wicliedlv the presa han traduced and vi 1ied my life domgs for you Mfiá have road it. But, thank Cxod my f-iend vou know bettor thau they do the bjcct a'i.d im, of my lttfe AVhile I J&S po imuiaculate. vet if 1 knöw my own heart, and I thoucht I dia, it ivas to bctter my fcllow-man, and o man living knew that f act bettcr tliaii vou did. frieud and brotlier, H. S. Jones. The following communication was theu sent him, the object being to find out j ust how it seems to be transported to paradise : My Dkak Brotheb Jokes : What wero your sensations when flrst awakening m spn-it lif e i In response he said : As to that. FranciB, it was very hke what 1 communicfttedtkiBinormng. NV lien awateneu to conaciousnoss I looked abont me and asked mysclf, "Whereanil?" At that moment my son George was standing by me, probably to catch the first word spoken by me. I reeognizod my son, and lio advanced and we embraced as no one but a loving father and son could. I said to George, " Where am I, and what does this mean?" He replied, "latncr, you are a spirit !" " Yes," said I; " yes ; I now realizo it." I looked about me and said to Georse " All that has been told me of the sunimer land is tnie, " Yottt f riend, S. S. Jones. ïhen folloivs ! i.:.,. Öear BeotHer Jones : Have you fonnd the statements yoü made ín yoxtr arteles, Well, What af It?" realized in spint hfe In response he said : Every word and idea veriSed to a dot. Thefollowing-was sent: Tiwn -Rrothek Jones : What celcbrihes have visitod you since your entrancc to Bpint hie I To whioh th editor replied : Mï Dkar Frangís : A to that I havc not been ablo to meet mauy besides my oto dear ones vet. I have been caUed upon by Theodore Parker. John Pierpont, Josliua Giddings and Bobert Owen, but above a passing salute nottong was aaid. I wan too weak to talk mth any one. By the by, I recoenized a spirit that I met m niv èarly life. He "iived in my native town m Yrmont- Ira Day . S. S. Jones. The following inquiry was forwajded : Deak Brothek : Can yon do as mucli for Uie Journal and reform in spirit Ufe as you could in this? . In response he said : Yes, dear Francia, I shallbe able to do twice, if not thrice, as mueh as whon with you in tne office, if I can have the proper medium througn whom to advise. I do not want the paper changed in tone, size or price.


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