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Grasshopper Oil

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Prof. J. H. Fowler writes iis iollows to the Dea Moines State Register : One barrel of grasshoppers contoins trom three to f our gallons of a fine grade of machine oil. There is none bettor for sewing machines, printing-presses, reapers, etc It will pay to propágate them ior the oil that is in them. A rendering apparutns, the same as packmg houses use will be all that is needed, and the manufacturer onn fiord to pay 75 ceuts to $1 ppr barrel for hoppers, and there will be plenty of men and boys and girls that will contrive to secure the hopper. He says also that, if eaught wheii young and put in good salt briue and lof t in for uiteen days, then taken out iiul smoked and boxed the same as herring, they eould be shipped East and used ïor hopper soup, wliich has a flne flavor, aun would sell as readily as shrimps or oysters. They feeJ on puro vegetable matter, and nó impure thing pnsses into their composition, and, if you only thmK so they are splendid for digestión. Also one spooiüul of the oil before gomg to bed at night will cure the most cases oi indigestión. Tiie Colorado Legislatura had ! ished the gfítad jury system in that Stftte, provicüiig in üeu tbercof tliut the Ju'l"e ot the Oouuty Court añil two Jiwtices oí the íeace oí' Üic oonnty símil Bit as a court of indictmont to hear testimony on ltli des of any easá bwnhi Ix'i'o'i'ü Ui-'mi. In indiotments nnder the granel jury system, the testii.M ■ the proseoution 'ouly is veoeiveil,


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