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D Cc?1 Those Who Look For "the Story" . In This Pnper, May R...

D Cc?1 Those Who Look For "the Story" . In This Pnper, May R... image
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d CC?1 Those who look for "the story" . in this pnper, may read ihe sketch of 1 Louis Piiüippe, by Abbott. Hls life is . a princely romance, inslruciive and in! iteresting to all. Mr. Abbott is a pleasf ingand accomplished wrifer. We have . more of his pruductions laid by. (CLnst week we mentioncd the exertions ■ oflGOO ladies of BufHilo to induce the voters oflhat city to forbid the granting ■ oflicenses. Wementioned Mrs.(nol Mr. as our typo printrd it) Millard Fillmore as onc of the prominent movers of the enterprise. We are happy to say thr Iridie." were successful. Tiio vote s!ood. tbr License 1,131: for No License 1.358: innj-jrity, 2"7. ÏJ The piuciTcJüitrs 1 CotigrurH are not o ■ -;t ii! irienst. }{■ rti Ifoiiscs linvc bec.i occdiied wiih a ütile of cvcry ilung - ;!ie .Military AciJemy. iiiincrnl Linds. foreigu coi'i, Frcncli sp.iIiutioiH, land buiialies. sieam war'sliip-?, Prof !';■ 's silniy. rcirofpssion of Alc.xanarin, Colrs riil'-s. Orejón, íand clajtnsj n monarch y for Mcx ico. tJL e Sc. IJ' Tlie vu'e lor No License prevailjj in a va! imijoriiy r,[ Uie towna and ciiies of New i Y.rk. Orly jiisi pnotVri towns vol pil "License" u preyérii ilie reaiiU umnimous. fX We liave received ihe iiist ninnber of tle "Liberty Baxxeu," publishrd at Rock liiiand, Ulinois, by C. Waite, woekly, at $1,00 a year. It will be a a Liberty paper. The specimen mimber prosents a fair appcarance. Success , to it.