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The Board Of Supervisors

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As the result of last Monday'g eleotiOU lle Board of Supervisors of this county br the coming year will be as follows. 'hose marked wit h a ware inembers of be Board last year : Democrats. .ugusta, Eassell. íridgewater, Daniel L. Baron. reedom, Jacob Breining. jiraa, Charles Whitaker. jodi, Bgbert P. Harper. jyndon, Thomas Young. Manchester, Horatio Burch. Northfield, Nathan E. Sutton. laline, Myron Webb. ,haron, O. Edwin States. öcio, Patrick Mcöuiness Ypsilanti City, 2d dist., M. L. Shutts. Republicans. f Conrad Krapp. Ann Arbor City, 1 Alonzo A. Gregory. ( Bandall Schnyler. Ann Arbor Town, Selden W. Shurtleff. Dexter Isaac N. Coleman. Pittsfield, Morton F. Case. Salem, George S. Wheeler. Superior, Freeman P. Galpin. Sylvan, William F. Hatoh. Webster, L. Dow Ball. York, John W. BlakeBlee. Ypsilanti City, 2d dist. Lee Yost. Ypsilanti Town, W. Irving Yeokley Demócrata, 12;Republican, 13, - olatsing Schuyler, Republican, who was on both tickets, and don't care a continentaf about politics. Last year the Board stood : Detnocrats, 9 ; Republicans, 16. The Democrat gained in Agusta, Lima, Saline, and Sharon, and lost in York. Of the members not ed Messru. LeBaron, Webb, and Yost hare served on the Board in former years, so that there will really be but four new men on the Board. And now comes Gov. Chamberlain so-called, and proposes a Commission to settle tbe South Carolina matter. He would have it composed of five membere o be appointed by the President ; of two to be selected by each political party, and the Chief-Ju9tioe to couatitute the if th and preside ; or of five ïucmbern, the "our to be seleoted as in the preoeding clause, and to select the fifth by lot Does Gov. Chamberlain remember the apt saying, " If a man cheati me once it is his fault, it he cheats me a seoond time it is my fault" ; and so romembering does he expoct that Gov. Hampton, or any other Demociat negotiating in his interest, will bite at any Commission bate. If so he must be wearing green goggles instead of blue glass oues. Tuis is how i'residout Hayes renders it : He that provideth not for bis makers is worse thau an infidel, and so he sends McLin, a Florida, canvasser to don the judcial robes in New Mexico ; appoints Humphroy, the ineligible Florida eleotor, Collector of Customs at Pensacola]; throws a aop t Gov. Stearns, pal of McLin and H'imphrey, in the shape of a commissionership to examine into squatter land claims at Little Rock, Arkansas. Having squatted in the White Honse one would think that the President would feel a little delicate about pursuing land squatters, and perhaps will expeot Stearns, Cragin, and Coburn to let 'em down easy. Zaoh. Chandler, J. Madison Wells, and the rest of the machinery manipulators will reap their reward in due time. TUIS is what Cari Sohurz was pleased to say in 1874 of the carpet bag and negro ruléis of the South : " The thieves control the negroes, and it was under their influence that they have been arrayed against the whites. The negroes are under the influence of the most villainous scoundrels that were ever allowed to di8grace a great and noble oountry. The Republican party is responsible for the present condition of the South. I will not be a Republican to deliver the Southern people over to the worst set of scoundrels that ever obtained political power." Does Secretary Schurz hold the same views as Cari Schurz ? If so he cannot give aid and comfort to Chamberlain and Packard, representativos of those "thieves" and "scoundrels" who now as then "control the negroes" in the interest of bad government. Forney, one of the high priests of the Republican party in Pennsylvania, is not exactly pleased with the agility and ease with whioh Simón Cameron's son and heir, Don, vaulted into Simon's vacant seat in the Sonate. He puts it thiiBly : " No United States Senator has ever got a largor vote in the Legislatura of Pennsylvania, and none has ever gone iuto that, the highest, brnch of the National Legislature with a smaller conatituency. We do not use these words for any want of respect to Mr. Cameron, but simply as a historical statement. Pennsylvauia will have to borrow patriotism from other States." Will Forney never forgive the tribe of Cameron for old Simon's sin (if it be a sin, politically,) in buying his way into the Senate at a time when he (Forney) feit 8ure of the election, - having reoeived the nomination by a Democratie oaucus of a Democratio Logiglattire. In TUE Detroit Tribttae's report of the procoedings of the Board of Regenta at their recent session, Regent Collier is made to say : " It was told him that the accounts of the treasuror in the hands of Mr. Mr. Knight were in connection with his own private accounts, and were not the property of the University. Mr. Collier said he wauted nothing of the kind any longer." We take it that either Mr. Collier was misunderstood or had been misinformed. The accounts of Mr. Knight as acting treasurer are kept upon a set of books belonging to the Univeisity, and in a biisiness-like manner. The moneys are not mixed with his own, but are deposited in the bank to his official account as treasurer, and every oent received or paid out by him goes through the bank and into the bank books. This statement ought to satisfy an uneasy publio. The President, through the Secrotary of War, has directed Gen. Sherinan to "cali off the dogs war," or in other words to remove the troops from the State House at Columbia, to theii fortuor barracks or encampment. The lOth inst. ia set down as the date of their withdraw all, and after that day the paople ut South Carolina hope lo be peers 111stead of rasgáis.


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