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Destructive Fire At Dexter

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At an early hour last Huuday töotnng a fire was discovered in the milinory store of Mra. Üenn, on the north ide of Main etreet in the rillage of )exter, and before anything ooald be one to check the ravages of the fire ive stores were burned. A large porion of the contenta, except in tha uilding where the fire broko out, were emoved. The local correspondent of rhe Free Prent reporta the loases at $30,00. The owners of stores and their oases are : V. Warner, - - $1,500 Wilham Stevens, - 1,500 bmith, ... 1,500 ohn Costello, (insurance $2,000) 2,000 D. Warner, - . 3,000 The occupants of the stores lote as bllows : 1. J. Langdon, tailor, . f 1,500 W. Etchel, . - 800 Ira. Denn, millinery, - $1,500 '. Costello, furniture (instirance tl, 500) 1,500 ,. D. Allen, dry goods, (insurance $2,800) 6,600 lurdock, jeweler, - - 1,500 1. Alley, boots and shoes, 500 Ball fc Hoyt, dry (joods, - - 1,000 8. C. Alley, clothing, (insuranc $2,000) 2,000 The alarm was sounded in tbis city and the firemen promptly responded, ut no ward being struck by the bellringer the firemen were oonfused and ost so much time learning what was wanted that the Huron, of the Fifth ward, though sent up on a freight train, failed to reach Dexter in time to givo any aid. It wou ld be well if the fire department would adopt a depot signal to be used in response to calis of this kind. - The freight train which took np the engine and firemen made the run to Dexter in 25 minutes, though a long and heavy train. The President's Cominission sent to Louisiana, to contrive some way to mviatain Fackard and his carpet bag crew in power, and so relieve the President from hts troubles growing out of the pledges made in his behalf by Matthews and Foster, are expected to reaoh New Orleane to-day. The members of the Cominission are Hon. Chas. B. Lawrenoe, of 111., who, aftar Logan, was the late Republican oandidate for U. H_ Senator ; Joseph K. Hawley, of Conn., a sort of independent Republican in his own party oonteits, but who alwayg finds for himself first, and party seoond; John M. Harían, of Ky., a Republioan of the Bristow typa ; er-Gov. John C. Brown, of Tenn., the one graia of oonservative salt ; and Wayne MoVeigh, of Penn., ron-in-law of Siuion C&meron No 8 to 7 arrangement in that Commission, and wa don't think that Nicholls will make any oompromise of his rights with it. Dow at Grand Rápida, as elsewhere , the electors hare the habit of roting just as they please, - judging by the reports of last Monday's electien, Thayer, Democrat, had 209 majority for Mayor ; Werrell, Republioan, (beating brother Clark of the Democrat, 936), for Clerk ; Randall, Democrat, 21 for Treasurer. Van Stein, Demoorat, 16 for Controller ; Kenning, Republioan, 89 for Marshal ; Hilton, Democrat, 429 for Director of the Poor, - a range of 1,336. Richard McCoemick, Secretary of the Republican National Committee, has his reward, haring been appointod Assistant Seoretary of the Treasury. He is undcrstood to know lesa about finanoe thau Secretary Sherman, an assertion whioh may, however, eeem improbable. The Hillsdale Standard makes its rooster crow over a Republioan victory in that city, just aa if it wure an unheard of thing.


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