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The Township Elections--officers

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As {ar as w have been able to gather in the returns írom th elections held in th seTeral towoships on Monday, the following oflicers were elected. ANN ARBOR. At a late liour a " Citizeus' ticket " was put In the field, bat the Republicana carne off winnen as usual, electiag their f 11 ticket, as folio : SuperTisor, Helden W. Shurtleff. Clerk, Lorenzo Daris. Treaaurer, N'elson Edmunds. Jus tices of the Peace, Jolin (ieddea ; to fill vacancy, John O. Bird. Gommisaioner of Highways, Warren N. Millard. Superintendent of Schools, Emil Bauer. FREEÜOM. As usual the Demócrata of Freedom played a " lone hand," and are responsible for the election of the following officerj : SuperTisor, Jacob Breining. Clerk, J. Frederisk Vogel. Treaaurer, John F. Koebbe. Justice, William Beuerle. Highway Commissioner, Frederick Brittenwiaher. Dram Commissioner, Jacob Braun. Superintendent of Schools, Thomas S, F.inu. School Inspector, John H. Koebbe. Constables, Frederick Niehous, Jacob Johns, Peter Neis, Paul Kress. LIMA. The Demócrata of this town come out anead for tiia fint time in a number of years, electing their f uü ticket by ruajorities ranging from 1 to 20. The followiug are the offlcers elect : Supervisor, Charles Whitaker. Glerk, William Corert. Treasurer, Eugene B. Freer. Justice, Qeorge R. Williams. Commissioner of Highways, Charles O. Kaercher. Superintendent of Schools, Uarcus S. Cook. School Inspector, Leonard C. Rodman. Constables, Eugene B. Freer, Lloy 1 Freer, Samaon Parker, William Stockford. LODI. In this town the Demócrata had 110 opposition and eloctad their tioket as folluvrs : Supervisor, Egbart P. Harper. Clerk, James Sage. Treasurer, (rottheb Schaible. Justices, Comstock F, Hill ; to fill yacaucy, OUeton C. Sweetland. Commissioner ol Highways, Jacob Jedele. Superintendent of Schools, Frank II. Sweetland. School Inspector, Augustine Sage. Constables, Frederick Segur, John S Schaible, Michael Greening, George Burrows. LYNDON. But one ticket in the field, and that Democratie. Full vota polled but 127. The officen alect are : Suparrisor, Thomas Young. Clerk, Andrew J. Boyce. Treasurer, Parmenius W. Watts. Justica, W alter Webb. Commissioner uf Highways, Stephen O. Hadley. Superintendent of Schools, John Clark. Schoot Inspector, Henry tïorton. Constables, William Stanfiold, Levris Hadlay. NORTHFIBLD. Tlie Demócrata of thii towa haring compromited their differences, the Bepublicaus did n't venturo to pat a ticket in the field. The followmg officers, all Demócrata of course, ware alected : Supervisor, Nathan E. Sutton. Clark, Vfilliam Walsh. Treasurer, Daniel W. Barry. Justica, Patrick S. Purtell. Commissioner of Highways, Christian F. Lutz. Superintendent of Schools, Eugene CKbuey. School Inspector, Joseph Cummiskay. Constables, (reorge Kempf, George Harr, James Kenuedy, Peter McNatton. PITTSFIELD. The Dumocrucj of Pittsfield wen unable to break the rank of tbeir opponent, and the officen elected on Mouday ars all Republicana, as follows : Supervisor, Morton F. Cua. Clerk, William K. Childs. Treasurer, H. H. Webt. Justices, J. S. Wheelock ; to till vacan cy, Nathan Wabb. C'om. of Highways, Frederick Hutzel. Superintendent of Schools, Bobeit Campbell. School Inspector, Peter Cook. Constables, E. M. Lytle, Charlea Roberts. SALINE. It was no 8 to 7 oontest in this town, for the Demócrata scooped the Republicana, eleetiug erery man on the ticket by majorities raaging trom 21 to 114, Berdan going under to the tune of 114. The winning candidatos were : Supervisor, Myron Webb, 114 maj. Clerk, Charles N. How, 31 ma). Treasurer, John (ieorge Gross, 21 maj. Justice, Aaron H. Groes, 42 maj. C'ommissioner of Highways, John Gordon, 49 maj. Superintendent of Schools, Eugene A. Reynolds, 107 maj. School Inspector, Marshall LeBaron, 38 maj. Drain Cfommissioner, Daniel Klein, 38 ma. (No Drain Commissioner to be elected uuless there was a vacancy). Constables, Edwin W. Wallace, 61 ; William J. Jacksou, dl ; Nathan Berdine, 31 ; Hiram Lamb, 30. SALEM. The entir Republican ticket elected, bj majorities ranging f rom 5 to 45, as f ollowa : Supervisor, Gcorge S. Wheeler, 43. Clerk, Silas Fratt, 40. Treasurer, Charlea P. Walker, 54. Justices, S. Macomber, 5 ; to till Tacancy, J. B. Herrick, 45. Commissioner of Highways, W. B. Thompon, 46. Superintendent of Schools, (Jeorge S, Wheeler, 126. School Inspector, Stephen B. Winans, 119. Gooley, Collier, and Maltz had each 52 majority ; and there were 163 rotes for the Court House loan and 26 against it. SCIO. In thii town the Democraoy carne near making a clean sweep. There was a little fnctioii in the Bepublican camp, with two candidatos for Supervisor entered (Johnson and Smith, the Jatter, however, withdrawing before eleotion), making a breach which evidently was not healeci. The successful candidates and office rs elect are, all being Democratie unless otherwise noted : Supervisor, Patriot McQuiness, maj. 233. Clerk, Volney H. Potter, maj. 45. Treasurer, Jacob J edele, Jr., maj. 80. Justice, Frank W. UooJale, Rep , maj. 9. Commissiouer of Highways, James Osborne, Kbp., 36 maj. Superintendent of Schools, John Lee. School Inspector, Wm. F. Busi. Constables, C. W. Ouest, C. Henry, Michael Weimer, A. Darls. SHARON. The f uil Democratie ticket elected after a oontested day's work, by majorities as folio ws . Supervisor, O. Edwin States, 5 maj. Clerk. Albsrt H. Perry, 30 majority. Treasurer, James L. Wade, 11 maj. Justices, O. Edwin States, 13 maj ; to fill raoancy, John H. Schlicht, 16 maj. Cora. OÍ Highways, Lambert Uieske, 13 majority. Drain Commissioner, John O. Selfe, 6 maj. Superintendent of Schools, Matthew J. Flynn, 30 maonty. School Inspector, Ashley Farks, Jr., 17 maj. Constables, James L. Wade, 11; Lambert Cool, 17; Daniel M. Buren, 17; Charles Lemm, 19. For Democratie Judge and Regent candidates the majority was 14 eacb, and for the court house loau 168 majority. SYLVAN. Two tickets in the field, a large vote (606) polled, and the following officen elected, - all Republicans unless noted : Supervisor, Willinm F. Haten, 7 maj. Clerk, Frederick Vogel, 12 maj. Treasurer, William J. Knapp, 29 maj. Justices, Horace A. Smith. 45 maj ; to fill vacaucy, Benjamin F. Tuttle, Dora., 23 maj. C'om. of Highways, John Cook, Dem., 12 maj. Superintendent of Schools, William E. Depw, 34 maj. School Inspector, Daniel H. Fuller, Dem., 12 maj. Drain Commissioner, Joseph H. Durand, 3 maj. Constables, John Oregg, Olliver N. Allyn, Franklin D. Cuminga, James Hudler, Dm. MANCitïlSTËR. Ia Manchester but ons town ticket was run and the Democratie oandidates received f rom 243 to 278 Totee, while the vote fer the Democratie caddidate tor J ustice ot the Supreme Court was 249, for one Regent candidato 250, and for the other 259. The Repubhcan candidates received: Cooley, 117; Collier, 117; Maltz, 116. The new townshtp oflicers are: Supervisor, Horatio Burch. Cterk, Muuson Goodysar. Treasurer, Elijah G. Carr. Justice, Munson Goodyear. Com. of Highways, William N. Clark. Superintendent of Schools, Charles F. Field. School Inspector, Clarence W. Case. Constables, Joseph S. Vreeland, Harvey L. Rose, John Burtlesa, Jr., Elijah G. Carr. The vote on the Court House loan was ; for it 73 ; against ït, 274. WEB8TEK By way of rariety two tickets were in the field thia year ia Webster, and two Demócrata weae elcted as noted belovr : Supervisor, Lorenzo D. Ball, 59. Clerk, William H. Weston, 29., George W. Phelps, 35. Comtnlssioner of Highwaya, John9on Backus, Dom., 31. Superintendent of Schools, George W. Merrill, Dem., 33. Constables, Cyrus M. Stark, Willis A. Ball, Honry H. Wilson, James B. Arms, Jr. YPSILANTI. Our reporter has not yet arrired from this town, but it ii safa to record the election of the fallowing officers, all Bepublicans : Superuisor, W. Irring Yeckley. Clerk, Albert K. Graves. Treasurer, Henry L. Boutell. Ju8tice, J. Evarta Smith. Commissioner of Highways, Orriu B. Hinman. Superintendent of Schools, William H. Lay. School Inspector, Alonzo E. Ford. Constables, George Olow, Hirarn M. E iton , William E Bell, Elisha J. Gortou.


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