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April lOth, a concert will be giren at tbe Opera House, uu der the auspices of the Ladiei' Library Asaociation, by the boy soprano, Master Vicary, assisted by the following musicians : Mr. Tibbetts, director ; Mr. J. C. Eiliott. pianist ; Mrs. Cooper, contralto ; Mr. De Sale, tenor; Mr. Buffiugton, baritone tenor; Mr. Tibbetts, baritone basa. Several fine judges of music in this city hare heard Master Vicary and hare pronounced his singmg very remarkable. The favor with which he has been received in Petroit the following testimonial indicates : Dktboit, Feb. 20, 1877. Having heard Master Leiris Vicary, we wish to expresa the great pleasure we have derired trom Iub singing and to recommend him to the music-loving people of our city, feling assured tbat his rare talent will amply repay them for listening to him wheuever the opportunity is oftered. Sigued- H. P. Baldwin, D. Bethune Dutfield, Z. EJdy, Mr. and Mrs. Ueo. D. Baker, Mrs. J. W. Chittenden, Mrs. Jas. F. Joy, Mr. and Mrs. S. K. Stanton, Mr. and Mrs. D. Carter, Mrs. J. S. Farraud, Mrs. E. Y. Switt, Mrs. Col. Mansfield, Mrs. D. O. Karrand, Mr. and Mrs. Southall, Mr. and Mrs. K. S. Willis, Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Wetmore, Mr. and Mrs. L. B. ïrowbriige, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Farrand, Henry M. Wright. The fullowisg programme will be rendered: PAKT I. 1. Fantasia Impromptu - Chopin. Mr. J. G. Eiliott. 2. Angels Ever Bright and Fair - Handl. Master Vicary. 3. Cavatina from Ernani - Verdi. Mr. De Sale. 4. Likeneas of the Best of Mothers - Andre. Mrs. Cooper. 6. Wreek of the Hesperus- Santly. Mr. Bumngton. 6. " Parigi O Cara "-Duo from TraTiata. Master Vicary and Mr. DeSale. PAKT II. 1. Cavatina from Somnámbula - Bellinl. Mr. Tibbetts. 2. Polacca, " lo son Litania " - Mignon. Master Vicary. 3. Song (selected.) Mrs. Cooper. 4. Song. Mr. Buffington. 5. Last Rose of Summer - Martha. Master Vioary. 6. Quartet, " Di Zanti Eegi,"- Opera of Semiraimdo. Master Vicary, Mr. De Sale, Mr. Buffiugton, and Mr. Tibbets. Tickets for the body of the house are 50 cents ; for the gallery, 25 cents. They can be obtamed at the bookstores or at the door. We feel assured that this concert will prove to be a real treat, and trust a large number will avail themaolves of this opportunity to hear Hoe music, as well as to assist the Libraiy Associatie n.


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